Unhappy at Arsenal? NO! Alexis loving EPL and Wenger!!

I think it must be just another example of the anti-Arsenal stance often adopted by the football media in England, where they love to knock anything Gunners related and especially love to have a go at our French manager Arsene Wenger.

So even though Man City, Liverpool and Man United are all doing just as badly as Arsenal and a lot worse if you consider how much more money they have spent, it seems to be Wenger who is always in the press, on the verge of being sacked and with players and staff supposedly disagreeing with every decision the Prof makes.

Even Alexis Sanchez has been reported as being unhappy at his new club, despite being the star of the show so far, scoring goals, winning Man of the Match and Player of the Season awards by the bucketful and generally earning rave reviews.

But now the Chilean has spoken out about how his transfer from La Liga and Barcelona has gone in his own eyes. And surprise, surprise, Alexis has declared that he loves working with Wenger and leartning the nuances of the way that the Gunners play as well as the differences between football in England and the Premier League and the way it is played in Spain and elsewhere, as reported by the Daily Express.

The 25-year old forward said, “English football is hard, it’s difficult so you have to adapt.

“It’s the most complicated football and it’s not easy. Even small teams will cause problems, but it keeps me guessing and I love it.

“The goal? At the moment I’m just gaining confidence in myself and working with Wenger.”

And you can already see the Chilean’s passing, possession and decision making improving game by game. At the same time, Alexis is showing the talented but sometimes lightweight Arsenal players the value of putting yourself about and pressing the opposing players. So is this a match made in heaven?

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    1. Wow!!! As if Alexis will come forward at this time to say, “Yo, I’m damn sad. I don’t like the way we’ve been playing. I really dislike Wenger’s tactics, and if things continue this way, I must reconsider my future.”

      I really don’t know the aim of this article and the writer just sounds childish whe he/she said ” And surprise, surprise, Alexis has declared that he loves working with Wenger and learning the nuances of the way
      that the Gunners play.” THE WAY THE GUNNERS PLAY is sh*t at the moment, completely amoebic.

      One thing you must know— something we realists already know— is that great minds thrive on criticism, it brings out the best in them. But Wenger has made himself immune to criticisms, he won’t accept any other opinion other than his.

      Wenger should just leave now or any moment from now.

      1. I’m sure his aim is to give a little balance to all the Anti- Wenger tripe that gets spouted out of a lot of miserable peoples mouths

      2. Wenger leaves now, OK. Who replaces him? What great manager is available RIGHT NOW? What happens to the team having a managerial change mid way through the season. We drop way down to mid table, that’s what. Wenger may have us gunning for 4th, but I’ll take that rather than drop all the way down the table, You’re just an idiot if you honestly think swapping out Wenger RIGHT NOW will improve anything

        1. Save your breath. He does not deserve any answer. The best thing to answer him is the fact that Wenger still has 2 yrs on his contract.

    1. sum1 here, is a real wenger lover…seems to thumb down every1 that talks shit bout him…Mancini, didn’t do much wrong but was sacked…..Wenger enjoys the fact that he chooses if he wants to leave, no1 will fire him!!!!

  1. Just rhetoric, careful spin from our press guys.
    Do you think Sanchez likes to lose?
    Did you see his face after the Swansea and Anderlecht games?
    He was furious and disappointed, how long do you think he will live with that?

    Wenger needs to go so we can keep players like Sanchez!

    1. Sanchez turned down Liverpool to pay for Arsenal. Obviously he would rather be managed by Wenger over Rodgers. People go on about the bad players Wenger buys. But Who bought Sanchez?

  2. In public Nasri RVP Fabregas
    Cole Toure Song Sanga Adebayor
    all swore they “loved” everything
    about Wenger and Arsenal.
    Last season Vermaelen Sanga Ozil +Podolski
    when interviewed always said they loved Arsenal.
    Sagna and Vermaelen have gone and Podolski and Ozil
    admitt to being unsettled.
    Thankfully none of the UK players Rambo Wilshere Ox
    Gibbs Chambers Wellbeck or Walcott have voiced any dissatisfaction…yet.

  3. if we had Listened carefully to sanchez, wen he 1st joined us, u’d reaLize he said “i want to win trophies” …. D boy’s a winner….. He won’t hang around 4 a very long time with a losing Team ….(God forbid! I don’t wanna refer to Arsenal as Losers but we gotta prove we aren’t)

    1. Every one says they wanna win trophies.
      Players Managers CEO’s Owners fans.
      Bendtner Park Chamakh Santos Arshavin Squilacci
      all said they wanted to win trophies 🙂

  4. Alexis FC.
    Love that guy like I love food. But as well as he has played, the fact remains that our form has reached Oscar the Grouch kind of standards –> garbage.

    I want us to win trophies too. But we have to win games in order to win trophies. And that just isn’t happening.

  5. But I must admit. I’d rather us work our way up from 6th than to make our way down from 1st like last season. So let’s go team. First place is the sun’s length away, but we can reach it. Optimism.

  6. Excellent point. To be honest I knew that last year was our best opportunity for a title while Jose’s around as in my opinion they will never again have such an under par season like that while hes at the che helm. We are all going to have to raise our standards or it will be like the last time jose arrived when two or three losses meant runners up or worse.

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