Unhappy Wenger still has hopes we can make Top Four

It was a nightmare day for Arsenal fans today, and the cancelation of St Totteringhams Day is now fully official. The Spuds are now an incredible 17 points ahead of us in the table, and Wenger was asked to comment about the size of the gap after the game. “Look, the points are the points. They do not come from heaven, you earn them on the pitch. That’s it.

“Look, whether I believe or not, the gap is there. That is often in the final part of the season, that can go one way or the other without really reflecting the difference between the teams. But I know it’s a good subject for the media.”

Well I think the difference was quite clearly displayed today at White Hart Lane, but Wenger has still not given up on our chances of getting into the Champions League places. “It will be very difficult now, but we have to fight.” he continued. “We have a cup final, we have still a chance to get into the top four and we have to recover from today and prepare for our next games.”

And our next game is against Wenger’s nemesis Jose Mourinho, who is currently on a run of 25 games unbeaten with his Man United side. I doubt very much that Le prof will still have hopes of Top Four after that game!

Darren N


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    So sick of his British core….

    Ozil doesnt even defend or press whereas Chelsea has 11 players defending and pressing

  2. adi says:

    I think its time for a big change on the top management, we clearly need abig dose of money to rebuild this squad top to bottom. If Mancity can build a brand of a club of nobody to their current status, Arsenal dont have that much work to do.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      How do u change the top.management when fans only just protest on wenger out every season?

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    At least 15 players should be release immediately

















    They are just crap and waste of space and wages

  4. Geekaybee says:

    The management is responsible for the decline. Wenger is slowly killing our team. He should be renamed “Arsenic Wenger” !

  5. Benny the Genius says:

    I think Wenger has lost his plot. He is simply bereft of ideas. Arsenal’s problems are psychological and managerial. Even Wenger’s body language on the sideline does nothing to encourage the boys. Arguably, most of our players are at least on an average level and with this it’ll take a coach to imbibe a sense of tactical discipline, creativity and the zeal to fight for the club.

    We’ve seen coaches like Allegri, Pochettino, Ranieri (with Southampton), Simeone & Eddie Howe make a difference relatively average teams.

  6. Twig says:

    It’s too late for that I’m afraid

  7. GoonerKev84 says:

    Look Arsene its time to stop deluding yourself us fans aren’t stupid we see this club has a weak mentality and is clearly going backwards, Top 4?? He’s never recorded a win over mourinho then there’s trips to Southampton and Stoke our recent league record at the saints is bad and our record at Stoke is beyond pathetic I don’t think we’ve actually won there since 2010 keep in mind this is Stoke City lol Wenger is smashing all sorts of records. Hopefully someone at this club can man up and tell Wenger his time is up but wont hold my breath. Depressing times ahead.

  8. Benny the Genius says:

    We’ve all seen how managerial changes have brought about remarkable returns this season. For instance, Chelsea (compared to last season), Leicester City, Hull City and Crystal Palace have all changed their attitude and mentality towards games & this has yielded significant progress. We need a coach with new life, foresight, ambition, zeal and vision to push our team in the right direction (I hate to say this but just take a look at Spurs now).

    So for me it’s Wenger out!!! Enough of the arrogance, excuses, lack of ambition, unwarranted risks, unnecessary explanations, stubbornness and easily predictable pattern of play. How long can we Arsenal fans bear this? This can’t be tolerated in any of the top teams in Europe. I think Wenger’s cup is full & the board should do the needful …. Wexit !!!

  9. Benny the Genius says:

    Fellow Arsenal fans brace yourselves & embrace the Europa Cup. Our Thursdays will never be the same again … That’s the truth fellas, let’s accept it coz that’s where we are heading to.
    Gosh!!! Quel dommage. Can’t believe that’s where Arsenal has condescended to. Well it’ll be an interesting Summer nevertheless. The doings & undoings of the board during the summer will determine our ambition.
    The Europa cup is more involving & rugged as compared to the UCL. It’ll involve effective planning & fitness challenges. We need a large & fit side to survive.

  10. Benny the Genius says:

    We seem to be going backwards year in, year out and worse of all is that we keep doing the same things & expect to win the league. … We honestly need a transformation.
    I believe last season was our chance to win the league coz all our rivals/contenders (Man U, Man City, Chelsea & Liverpool) had issues with managers through the season … We came second alright & it was joy galore … it’s unfortunate, I’ll sadly admit Arsenal now embraces mediocrity with top four finishes and second round UCL exits as the norm whereas the Spuds keep improving. We definitely don’t deserve this.

  11. gooner4life says:

    I think Arsene is living in a fantasy land we are just not good enough.We should boycott the remaining games,withold season ticket money hurt the board in their pockets.

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