Is United’s derby win good or bad news for Arsenal?

Arsenal fans will not want to talk about the ‘other’ result this afternoon, although I will just say that I am very cheesed off with the limp way that Bournemouth allowed the spuds to blow them away in the first half, including an opening goal for Kane in the first minute.

There is still time for them and Leicester City to slip up and all Arsenal can do is keep winning our own games to keep the pressure on and hope. More interesting perhaps is what the result in the Manchester derby could mean, with Man United scoring the only goal of the game against a below par Man City.

Of course it will all depend on how the two clubs do from now on and if the Gunners win the remaining eight games then neither of them can catch us.

However I do think that United winning will spur them on to greater efforts in the fight for the fourth champions League spot and they are just five points behind us now. On the other hand you could say that City’s lingering title hopes are gone and they will focus on the Champions League to some extent.

I would suggest that the biggest effect these two EPL rivals can have on Arsenal’s season is in the games they still have left against us. United go to Spurs in two games and then they host Leicester on May 1st and they could do us a big favour in both of them.

Man City do not play either team but they do face us in the penultimate league game. And if they get past PSG that game will be just days after a UCL semi-final second leg and that could make things very interesting indeed, especially if they are pretty sure of fourth place by then.

How do you think this derby result might affect us?

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  1. as long as we win our remaining games,we can be in the top two coz our local rivals will definetly drop some good points…they hav to play lpool,manure, chelshe,soton

  2. We just have to focus on winning every game!! Two difficult away games at West Ham and Man City, but we beat both away last season.
    We can certainly catch the Spuds, but if Leicester win title good luck to them. We must qualify for ECL and buy big in summer

      1. Or 2nd. Not sure we can actually win it. The feeling for too little too late is still around this season. If we don’t win against Watford then everything would have been in vain.

  3. Leicester will need to lose 2 games and draw one for Arsenal to stand any chance. While keeping in mind that Spurs will need to lose a game as well. Keep in mind that both teams have a much superior goal difference than we do. Good luck Arsenal!

    1. Correction : that’s make Spurs have to suffer one lost and one draw to be overlap by us. Finger crossed.

  4. We got alot of catching up to do (Leicester and spuds) ……..and we aren’t exactly going ahead faster (manure and citeh)

    so actually, we make our own “News”

  5. I think it means we are in the running for a Champions league place next season. With the erratic form of everyone including us this season I don’t think you could say anything else.

    1. Leicester’s form isn’t erratic, it’s just annoying (not that i hate em, just envious)


      1. I agree, I was talking about our usual rivals. This sounds bad, but tbh Leicester deserve to win the EPL, and I think they will unless CR can’t control his teams nerves as the title gets really close and they blow it.

  6. I don’t bloody care about this site season anymore.
    Ruined by an over the hill manager and profit oriontated owner. Disappointed to put it mild.
    Roll on next season.

    1. i really dunno what a fresh start means anymore……..

      Here’s to hoping it won’t be another “Rinse & Repeat” episode

  7. some of you still belive we can win title, cmon guys, you will end up disipointed, there is nothing wrong in beliving, just check statistics from previous seasons, did anyone win title in similar position?

  8. we have got this boys Leicester has alot of big teams to face now coming to the end of the season and so do spuds go have a look at there fixtures the only teams that worry me in our remaining games are west ham and man city and i reckon we will beat both of them wenger wont let west ham do the double over us and man city are not the team they once was and cazorla wilshere are nearly back with us having a game in handdddd!!!!!!

  9. Personally, I don’t think we have the mental strength to do it even if Leicester slips, not with Wenger in charge!

  10. The annoying stuff is that we all know Leicester will be ripped apart next season when they will have to play Europe and all cup competitions. They can buy as big as they want, we know how that goes. Look at every team playing Europe, all struggled.
    Anyway, good for them should they win it. Can’t fault them for anything.

    1. Depends who’s saying it. As it stands, Alexis and Ozil enter their last 2 years of contract. That’s the only solid piece of info everyone has.

    2. Unfortunately Paul the octopus was died, he was the only our trustworthy source when you asking about the “truth”.

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