Unless Arsenal suddenly improve, we are heading for 6th place…

We might miss the top 4 this year, despite FA cup progress. by Konstantin Mitov

So we got past Sutton, because well, they are amateur footballers. Still We didn’t play a particularly good game and some people, including Arsene Wenger seem to think that we will get away with it every time, but as all the games against better sides in the last 3 months have shown, it isn’t going to work.

I’m really fearing for the season. The whole atmosphere around the club is bad. Fans outside the Sutton ground were singing “Wenger out”! It will get much worse with every defeat that comes our way. Arsene just sits on the bench. He doesn’t influence the game! All he tries to do is moan to the ref when we concede. He not once took responsibility for a defeat. Things won’t change for the better unless he goes.

You could see players who seem unwilling to play for this club. Reports say Lucas Perez will leave in the summer and I would leave too on his place. The guys record is incredible for the limited time he gets, still though Arsene would play other players in front of him because of sentiment. He’d play Iwobi and with all my respect and I do like him he is not ready to carry Arsenal on his shoulders.

Actually sentiment is why we are still stuck with Arsene in the first place. What saved him so many years was the fact that other teams weren’t that good. With the emergence of City and the fact that Liverpool and Tottenham are now on a much better level, we are going to face the toughest top 4 scrap battle we’ve seen so far. And unless our form against bigger clubs miraculously turns up, we’re heading for 6th place.

Top players don’t wanna sign new contracts, the players who actually put in a shift like Danny and Lucas don’t play, the Ox is moved around, despite playing good in the middle. We keep players like Ramsey and Walcott because of sentiment rather than quality, we have Mesut Ozil, who despite putting pictures with the Arsenal crest over his face, still don’t turn up for a big game and the manager not once dares to drop him even from games where everyone knows he won’t deliver.

The manager is playing the game of “I won’t tell you that I’ll sign”, but I’m 99% certain he will and then what? If he misses the top 4 which is bound to happen if our abysmal performances continue, can he handle it? Will he handle another transition like the one that happened when Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie left? I don’t think so.

Bayern was the real test and we got walked over. Beating amateur footballers is not enough to convince me that we are good enough. If the fans don’t react, nobody will. We are the only people that actually care about anything other than money. If we don’t do it, we’re only hoping Usmanov will make a move for the club, but even if he does Kroenke won’t sell. We need change, more than ever before!



  1. hecmanx says:

    I am just hoping we win the fa cup then wenger leaves on a high, am frustrated with wenger as our manager

  2. Ks-Gunner says:

    We need apsolute failuare, in the sense of us losing on money. Bec right now, Wenger and board are still doing very good.

    1. twinny says:

      @ks-gunner, what are u even saying? lolz

    2. Nebsy says:

      M8 trust me, once we reach top five and once the board does the math of what level of players we need for achieving that year in year out and then compare that with what they’re spending and getting back for staying in the top four, they’ll sell Ozil and Sanchez in a blink of an eye and buy 15-25 mil replacements and never look back.
      If Kroenke the spiteful snake and his atrocious family of greedy scumbags keep their fangs deep in Arsenal’s flesh, it will only get worse, with or without Wenger.

  3. Remember Hafiz? says:

    Wenger out!!

    The House of Rahman has spoken and so has that of Konstantin Mitov

  4. twinny says:

    Wenger wanna perhaps emulate the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson before he leaves Arsenal. He wanna lift up a major trophy( the champion league trophy) like Sir Alex so he could leave on a very high profile… He simply doesn’t want to leave shamefully without a major trophy, the EPL or CL trophy is what keeping Wenger all these years. If he wins the FA Cup, he will still want to sign a new deal to stay because to him, the FA Cup is too small after all these years in the club… Since protest from fans is not producing results, i suggest we should take his name to God to remove him!

  5. Jansen says:

    It is time Wenger leaves. It has been time for years. He has done a good job for the club during the first half of his reign, there is little doubt about that IMO. The second half of his stint at Arsenal is open for more debate. Either way, the man is a class act and I pray he has the good sense to leave before a fan revolt. It would be a shame for him to depart on an all time low.

    An FA cup this season would put back a little bit of shine on his faded tenure and provide an ideal opportunity to leave on a positive note.

    The final nails in his coffin as far as I am concerned were the last two transfer summers. In the summer of 2015 Wenger could not find a single outfield player to improve our squad which was badly in need of improvement. This showed me he was either out of touch with reality or out of ideas.

    The resulting season showed his error as Leicester put him out of the PL race by February.

    Then the summer of 2016 comes along and Wenger blows 35 million on a DM position which was already double covered by Coq and Elneny and 17 million on Lucas who Wenger clearly doesn’t rate. That’s 52 million spent without a real competitive impact this season. It also ignored our biggest need which was a top striker or winger to add quality to our forward line. Draxler? Ibra?

    Sure Sanchez was converted to central striker with success but it meant we lost a world class winger. That 52 million could have a had a major impact on our attacking threat had it been spent wisely.

    I won’t even touch on the fact that Kante, Wanayama and even Gundogan were less expensive more obvious targts than Xhaka.

    I think Wenger could succeed at another club. In fact, I would be happy for him if he could win a CL with PSG. A CL trophy would put him back where he belongs. But he will never win it with Arsenal. The board or owner doesn’t push him enough. How I miss David Dean.

    But as it stands he needs a new blank canvas and so does our club. We need new fresh ideas, we need an ambitious manager not too concerned with the pockets of the owner but more with the quality of his squad. A manager willing to make the tough decisions, a manager willing to go for the obvious solutions rather than one that prefers to convert players to roles that are not natural to them. Ox on the wing is not an obvious solution Ramsey on the wing or as DM is not an obvious solution. Leaving Sanchez on the wing and bringing in Ibra or a top striker is more obvious than converting Sanchez and bringing in Iwobi and a Walcott who has shown little in recent years. Net-net that didn’t yield much.

    No shame for Wenger to leave, other than SAF I can not think of too many legendary managers of any sports team who served for 20 plus years with one team and remained competitive.

    But it would be a shame if Wenger stayed because it would expose him to ridicule and questions about his motives.

    Time for Arsenal to start the painful and lengthy rebuilding process and time for Wenger to show the world he can succeed at an other club.

    1. CONAFC says:

      Most sensible thing anyone has ever said on this website!!!

      Couldn’t agree more, its run its course. The lack of pressure filters through the club from top to bottom. Performances against the biggest teams by enlarge this season haven’t been good enough and even some against the so called smaller teams, no one seems to take responsibility.

      Wish Wenger all the best but its time to say goodbye.

  6. Ramterta says:

    Wenger should be very worried and do the right thing before its too late.
    Nobody holds trust in him as manager anymore.
    It will be very bad for him if we get run over by liverpool then bayern again.
    he has is and never will be ferguson.
    Nobody will take anything away from his success as manager but if we continue like this there will be more voices against him

    1. bran99 says:

      That’s what will happen, we won’t win against Liverpool and even Bayern will repeat the obvious, fans be prepared to be on the headlines for a long time.. we are doomed

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It’s so sad considering Alexis is currently the best striker in the league with 17 goals and 8 assists. This is his best season so far

    Reminds me of RVP last season with us. I think he won the PL golden boot with most pl goals and we lost 8-2 to United

  8. Jofree007 says:

    Let face reality here, those of us fans wishing for us to finish outside d top 4 slots r only dreaming bcus wit MR KNOW ALL as our manager it wont happen, though DAT shldnt b our target but 1 tin dat is sure is DAT Wenger n silent Stan wont b at arsenal for ever.

  9. arsenalfan1 says:

    Victory over Sutton….all is now sorted in Arsene’s mind….he’ll be carrying his favourite fountain pen around in his top pocket to sign his contract extension at the first opportunity.

    Meanwhile any player with real ambition, like Sanchez, will be eyeing the exit door.

  10. Vlad says:

    What game were you watching, Konstantin? ‘Cause I don’t recall fans calling for Wenger’s head. I do remember, however, a banner that said “Arsene still knows more than you do”. Once again, you sound like a broken record while keep repeating the same ridiculous statements. You’re afraid we won’t get top 4 this season, yet that’s exactly what Wenger has done for the last 20 years. But at the same time you don’t Wenger in charge. So which is it? Do you want him gone? Then you’ll have to accept the fact that we may miss out on Champions League football for some time, like ManU after Fergie left. Bottom line is that you, just like many of others here, are something that I would call a fickle fan. Nothing is good enough for you. I bet if you were a Barca or Bayern fan, you’d still find something to complain about. You’re trying to blame Arsene for everything bad that’s happened to the club, but you keep on barking up the wrong tree here. You don’t see the big picture, and my worry is that you never will. The owner and the board are happy with Wenger, that’s why he’s still with the club. The new manager (when one arrives) will be tasked with the same objectives: top 4, CL knockout stages, which translates into MORE MONEY. They don’t care about winning trophies. So until they stop treating Arsenal as business, and starting treating it as a football club, everything will stay the same, with or without Wenger.

    1. everything will stay the same with or without Wenger……….I choose WITHOUT WENGER time for a change and take chances no CL so be it

  11. Onochie says:

    Arsenal is really in a deep shit,Wenger leaving at the end of this season would be the beginning of exposure of what’s really going on at the club. Even if Stan Kroenke would still be in charge,let them get us a manager that can do the needed things,at least motivate this players,drop those who doesn’t perform,shout at the players during matches.

  12. marty53 says:

    Just watched a program on Sky about Tony Adams, that’s what we are missing on the field, someone with fight and passion like that, a real leader. It’s a shame Wenger couldn’t find a role for him at the club. I remember at the time thinking I was glad he’s on our side not against us. He wouldn’t have stood for some of our insipid performances lately. We are heading for 6th place unless we get some passion back into our game.

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