Unpopular opinion – Eddie Nketiah is set to star for Arsenal this season

There is lots of talk about our young striker, who is believed to have had a move away from Arsenal fall through because of his wage demands, but Eddie Nketiah is primed for an impressive season.

The 22 year-old was our standout performed in pre-season, and in my opinion he would have been a big plus to our team in the absence of both Lacazette and Aubameyang in our opening fixtures, but fell foul of injury.

Even in training, Nketiah appears to be focused and working hard, and I believe this is all going to pay off this season for him, as he will earn his way into the manager’s thinking.

Whether Eddie is primed to smash his way onto the senior scene because he is trying to build interest in his signature for when he becomes available on a free next summer, or because he has been told to earn his place in the team to show he is worthy a key role which could see him sign a new deal, I’m sure that he is gearing up for a big year, and his rise to prominence could well soften the blow of losing Lacazette for free next summer.

Can anyone else see the signs that this will be Nketiah’s breakthrough season?


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  1. No he is too weak and doesn’t offer any sort of hold up play. I cannot see him starting ahead of any of our other strikers.

  2. Well, if Eddie comes off the bench every now and then and in league cup games, that might entice another club not to wait to get him for a free next Summer but to send a few millions our way in January?

    He’ll be gone either way very soon so it’s not like it’ll affect Balogun’s long term development anyway.
    Might as well try to get SOMETHING for him instead of nothing.
    It sucks that he was too greedy with his terms request with Palace as 10m would have been nice enough to have in this market! On top of not losing out on the Edouard option as a double whammy. Oh well!

  3. I agree with GoonerP. I have been a big critic of Nketiah over the last 2 seasons but for me in pre-season he was superb, and was certainly head and shoulders above any of our other strikers. I have no idea why he has suddenly moved up a level and is playing with so much more confidence, or whether it will last, but at this precise moment I would give him a few games.

    1. @guy
      RealTalk Gooner… Fans are all too easy to dismiss a player as being “not good enough”. Yet fail to take into account we’re bottom of the table…

    2. It looked like he built up a bit physically – definitely something he needed to do. I was all for him leaving before the summer but now I want to see if he can make an impact in the league. I think his holdup play was promising in previous seasons but he was quite easily shoved aside, which limited him – maybe that has changed now?
      The other issue I’ve had with him is his finishing – he needs to start putting away 1v1s otherwise I think someone else needs to be prioritised

  4. How can Eddie star for Arsenal?
    He is not the kind of players that we need to climb the table. Let’s talk about better issues in the team. I need other stuff on the articles here.

  5. Hi guys…………please remember this team is very young…….youngsters don’t all peak at the same time…….some young players start to show a bit later and retire at a older age………….I think we should judge Nketiah at the next transfer window…he did well in pre-season………..!

  6. There’s a whole host of reasons why it’s an unpopular opinion and if you’re oblivious to said reasons you likely know very little about the requirements of that position in the PL, especially if it’s to be believed that we’re actually trying to raise our standards moving forward

  7. I don’t know how anyone could say Nketiah is a star in the making and a plus for arsenal. He’s flipping worse than useless!

    With some players that are good but just don’t make the cut, you can give them some credit. But Nketiah is not good at all. Years a go we had a young guy called Carlos Vela, excellent little player but didn’t make the cut because of the competition ahead of him and there were others like Vela. Nketiah is nowhere near some of the young talent we’ve had in the past.

    He lacks bothe the footballing qualities and the temperament to be a top striker l, especially in the premiership and even moreso at Arsenal !

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