Unpopular opinion: I’d take Danny Ings over Alexandre Lacazette at the moment

Alexandre Lacazette is one of my favourite Arsenal players. I love the Frenchman’s close control and how he controls the ball when he scores.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores lots of goals, but when Lacazette scores, you can see that he is a classy finisher.

The Frenchman has been an important part of the Arsenal team since he joined us, and he would probably play an important role in the team going forward under Mikel Arteta.

However, I have been worried about his lack of goals on a consistent basis, and to be honest, a part of me wants us to part ways with him and sign a replacement.

I don’t want just any replacement. The striker that I think would satisfy my test for more goals from another striker at the Emirates, is Danny Ings.

The former Liverpool man has become a monster in front of goal since he left the Reds to revive his career.

Ings’ goal-scoring ability was never in doubt, however, injuries had caused problems for him for so long that it felt like he would never reach his potential.

In 36 league games this season, Ings has scored 20 goals while Lacazette has 10 league goals from 28 league games.

I think that we need to catch up with our rivals as soon as we can and Ings is so proven that I think if we sell Lacazette to sign him, we would bring success back to the Emirates faster than we think.

I know the timing of this piece is not great after the immense performances that Lacazette has put in this week but he has not been consistent enough and a couple of great games does not make up for how many times he has been found wanting in an Arsenal shirt.

Right now, this may be an unpopular opinion but I honestly do feel that Ings would give us more.

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  1. ???
    Ings is so proven? Are you thinking of Kane maybe? Certainly not Danny Ings!

    Get a grip. Lacazette has been consistently very good in an Arsenal shirt for 3 yrs. And was out of this world at Lyon. Ings has been excellent this season and has been injury prone or patchy elsewhere.

    He’s not a bad player. But if he was 24 and hadnt had the serious injuries, he would still be at least one stellar season from even being in the same conversation as Lacazette.

    Oh the facile obsession with shiny new things. There are some better options than Lacazette, class player that he is. But you would be talking 100m players and 22-26 yrs old if you really wanted to upgrade Lacazette.

    Ings is having season of his life and turns 28 soon. Good player, but insane to even consider replacing Lacazette with him…unless we got 30m or more extra for laca than we pay for Ings.

    Otherwise it’s a nonsense. Lacazette is a very good player.

    1. You are so right I begin to wonder some Arsenal are not looking at the game itself Lacca’s work rate is second to none he is Brilliant so some of you want to get off his back and get a life

  2. Danny ings failed at a big club already, it’s alright knocking in goals for a smaller team/club with less pressure on your shoulders, look at Eden Hazard scoring goals for fun at a small club like Chelsea.. moves to a big big club like Real Madrid and he’s been out of his depth.. Laca will show his quality under Arteta 😉

    1. he didn’t fail in the way you seem to be hinting. he was injured for the majority of the time there and when he came back Liverpool already had an amazing front 3

      1. Southampton would quote a ridiculous amount of money for Danny Ings , and there’s no way Arsenal is gonna pay it and I don’t think the club is even interested in him to begin with. If Lacazette was sold I’d replace him with Moussa Dembele or Odsonne Édouard.

        1. OMG Breaking news – Michael Owen is actually backing us to win 2-1 tonight 😱😱😱😂

  3. Sorry buddy, I will simply classify this opinion as pure rubbish. Lac does more than scoring on the field. We need Lac’s presence for many many more years.

  4. Now this is also an unpopular opinion
    If i have to choose between auba and laca,i will choose laca

    Auba is a genuine goalscorer,top quality but laca simply offers more than just goals.Auba knows how to attack the box eventhough laca is not like him he knows how to use someone else to attack the box.Lacas link ups,hold ups,how he draw fouls,touches and game reading are all way way beter than than auba.

    Auba will make you the runs and will get you goals and his workrate is incredible but i prefer laca .Do i want auba to stay?Of course why not,simply saying who is better.

    And for those who think laca have missed easy chances then please check aubas tooo,he has missed some big chances as well.Auba is consistent when and only team plays well but laca is different,he may not be the most consistent player but he will deliver something in every game.

    I want both of em to stay but laca stands upfront for me.


    1. I have always rated Laca higher than Auba.
      I just enjoy Laca’s all round game. He has so many facets to his game.
      But on the other side Auba does what he was bought to do, score goals.
      I woulf keep both of them as they provide different aspects to our team.

    2. I would take ings as in our third striker
      Only problem with football these days is valuation
      Southampton would ask a silly amount for a player who would sit on our bench

  5. There’s no comparison between Lacazette and Ings. Lacazette is miles ahead of Ings. Please don’t waste our time with this kind of articles

  6. Ings is on fire yes but I’d rather have Laca… hes silky smooth and Danny works hard and it pays off with the goals this year but its alot easier when your the only outlet for goals in your team (Southampton).

    Though if him or Auba would leave this summer then why not have a crack at the lad if we can get him cheap enough. Dont want to stop the rise of Nketiah or Martinelli either who I believe the latter is already a star and hes 19.

  7. Well I’ll take him over lacca too, everything lacazet do, he did better this season, so, on current form, he is ahead, however some players are meant for small club and will never perform at big clubs, one of the reason i didn’t want arsenal to buy Zaha, because I feel he and the likes of Ings, may not transfer their lower club form into the big team because the pressure and demand of big team is huge for them

    1. OT: it will be totally unacceptable if we loose another final to cfc. They denied us of UCL last season and we are on the familiar terrain now, as another loss to them doesn’t only mean we lost the cup but another European participation. The boys better get ready for the revenge mission. It’s cup or nothing

    2. How does one gather the information in order to conclude that some players are only meant for smaller clubs while others are good enough to make it at a big club?

  8. When I hear of or see Danny Ings,the expression”Big fish in a small pond ,small fish in a big pond..”comes to mind!some good even very good players just can’t handle the pressure,scrutiny or even the competition that come with playing for a “big”club! we’ve had few of them ourselves over the years who ended up having decent careers after leaving Arsenal!

  9. only if Laca is considering leaving us and we will get good cash. Otherwise, he is doing well and we need him for the future.

  10. You just wanna draw unpopular attention to yaself.
    Wait ’til Got-an-idea’ gives you stats on both..

    Lacazette gives me Joy.

  11. LOL, I find some of these comments hilarious. Ime has put forward a good article and has not been swayed by recent events. I actually checked previous comments from some of you and I will not name names or anything like that but quite a few of you have smashed Laca previously and some of you have called for him to be sold. Now, he is the second coming. Who said fans are fickle?

    1. A lot of fair weather fans around ,as we have seen with Arteta recently and probably agiain when we lose a couple of games .

    2. Well said, Martin. This was not the opinion of Lacazette just a few weeks ago. Everyone love Bellerin, David Luiz now too i bet.

  12. Two games ago this would not be the overwhelming opinion, lmao. Ings has blown Lacazette out the water this season. We talk about needing a conssitent striker. An argument is presented for one and suddenly Lacazette is the hottest thing since sliced bread. If he misses a sitter in the FA Cup Final, watch everyone go back to saying he’s not good enough, which I still hold the opinion of. If Juve want him, please take him. Is Ings the solution, I dont think so, but many ppl underrating him just because he plays for Southampton.

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