Unpopular Opinion: Paying Ozil off would be a loss to Arsenal long term

The latest report on the future of Mesut Ozil says that the German is on the verge of leaving Arsenal with the club looking to pay him off (The Star).

He hasn’t played football for us since March, and the more we keep him in our team, the more bad press he attracts.

The club will have hoped that he would have some shame and leave because he isn’t playing regularly for them, but that hasn’t been the case as he looks prepared to remain with us until his current runs out.

Arsenal wants to get rid of him for good and it seems that they would be willing to hand him a payoff to pack his bags.

While this looks like the sensible thing to do, it seems that Arsenal is showing just too much desperation. All Ozil ever wanted was to ensure that he wins the battle between him and the club.

The German has been cool while we struggle and have to answer to the media over his future and non-participation in games.

If we agree to pay him off now, it plays right into his hands, and it means we are losing to him yet again.

There is truly no best way to end this Ozil saga, but we have to accept that we are taking a loss in this situation and that will help us better deal with things in the future.

I am already afraid of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang giving us a similar situation, and it wouldn’t appear smart to repeat the same mistake with Alex Lacazette.

Arsenal should play hardball with Ozil and set a precedent for the future.

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    1. For what? No longer needing or wanting him. I guess no player has even been unwanted/needed and the club try to sell that player. Its different when its mustfi or kola etc when they dont have the fan boys, everyone is happy to see them leave. But Ozil situation is different some how 🤔 its called favoritism

    2. Some people are so naïve it is not even funny.

      You have 2 legal options: Pay him now or pay him later. All while he names his price.

  1. It would depend on the amount of lump sum payment. Arsenal could also pay him in installments if it would be better for their finance, as long as Ozil’s presence wouldn’t disrupt the dressing room

    1. Yeah it should be. But we are all guilty of jumping on the ozil posts, me included. The soon its over the better. A much more united arsenal fan base.

      Anyway the game showed us clearly who should be starting in the prem and who shouldnt. Hope MA saw it too.
      KT MOTM

      1. Agree all
        Just don’t get constant Articles that are going to split fan base and cause stupid arguments all the time .

  2. I dont think Arsenal want to pay him off.

    He can rot on the reserves for another 6 months if he doesn’t budge. Its all the same for Arsenal.

    1. His recents tweets show the kind of toxic personality he carries on the inside. His situation is miles different from Kolasinac, why tweet about him to slight my club? Childish adult. He should just leave, my club will recoup the money one way or the other, sooner or later. His presence has divided the dressing room, which is even costing us more than the 350k weekly on every match day. Good riddance to greedy selfish rubbish.

      1. ToluCOYG – excellent comment. Yes Ozil is toxic and that cost us more than his bloody wages.
        Once he is gone- it will be end of his saga.
        Arsenal will be great again and we ALL will be Arsenal fans,NOT Ozil fans etc.

    2. AFC should pay him off or pay the deficit of wages with his new club, we save 8 million, enough to get a decent GK from the championsip or Europe. Leno cannot play each and every match, he too is human.
      Maybe we offer Runar as a buy one get one free offer.

  3. We’ve just won an important game and yet another fricking Ozil article pops up! Are you writers bloody obsessed?
    And Ime, you just don’t get it, if we pay him off now it could cost us less than if he leaves at the end of the season and also the articles then end NOW, unless of course you come up with another one titled “How’s Ozil doing at Galatasanikos” or wherever he ends up. Sheesh !

  4. Smith Rowe has created more chances than Ozil in a year before being frozen out

    What a waste of money
    None of the top clubs want him

  5. Why do we pay him off
    He’s moving to another club anyway
    Can anyone explain to me why we need to pay him off

    1. He has a contract that pays him until it ends on 30th June. On 1st July the Club need not pay him. What would you do PAL? Walk away from £350k a week for that time? If the Club want him gone they pay up the contract early. If not, the player stays and collects the money at the end of the month like everyone else.

    2. No team wants him now. The negotiations are after expiry of his current contract. He’s free to speak to any club.

      If Arsenal terminates his contract now it will have to buy the remaining of contract amount.

      If they keep him till the end of the season, it will pay him Loyalty bonus at the end of the contract.

      The ball is in Arsenal’s court, how it does with it depends on the board!

      1. His contract expires in June 2021 so till then arsenal have to pay him 350k a week which will cost around 8.75 million so if they pay him up now they might be able to save some money either way ozil is still getting money no matter what cause he has a contract thats the rule..

  6. YESTERDAY I PREDICTED JUST FIVE OZIL ARTICLES TODAY. Anyone keeping count, as I have now lost count? Hard to keep up with them all unless you treat it as a full time job.

    Ironically that is something the man himself has never done with his Arsenal career. Part time at best! But he is being loyal to our club so we are told, eh! So thats alright then!

  7. What a conundrum…this should have been resolved in the off-season, especially since he never featured after we returned to play last year…it’s clear the club tried to “Sanchez” him following the whole pay cut issue in the hopes of winning the PR war…I’m not even sure how I would have played this simply because I don’t know dirty things have actually gotten behind the scenes…the biggest problem is that our only legitimate trading partner is a MLS squad due to their flexibility when it comes to salary cap exemptions for particular players(like with Beckham, Keene, Ibra, Kaka, Nani etc…) there’s no way we can functionally do a deal with a Turkish club because they can’t afford to give him a multi-year deal and we would only be supplementing it for the remainder of this season…it’s too bad for all involved, with one caveat, Ozil is the only one ultimately benefitting from the whole debacle because he’s getting paid regardless

    1. Why even comment on this Article mate , surely you have wasted you’re time writing what you have ,we have gone over this crap none stop for the last 6 months .
      We played tonight and won again maybe put you’re effort into that match report ,don’t feed the trolls buddy .honestly not worth it unless you wanna spend the next 12 hours arguing about it.

      1. Even you must see the irony of your response…if you don’t, please don’t offer me any “advice” in the future

        1. Ok Mr loud
          Thanks for that reply , you have put me
          In my place , I will go to sleep thinking how I wish I was as cool as you .

          1. I would explain the significance of the name if I thought you had the mental capacity to understand, but based on your grade school responses that seems highly unlikely…as for my response that you couldn’t quite comprehend, you said you were going to go to bed wishing you were as cool as me and I was simply letting you know that you shouldn’t waste your time because the chances of that are slim to none…you would be wise to just drop it, you’re clearly out of your depth

          2. It’ s clear you think you’re a Roman, but in reality you’re just a Tom…good luck with that clown

    2. TRVL, Both parties to this contract saga, once OZIL finally leaves, will be far smaller people all round for the way in which the whole saga was conducted. It has provd a new low in class for our one time classy club.
      I can no longer, in essence, ever think of AFC, the club rather than the team,as a classy organistaion. Any claim to class went out of the WINDOW BACK IN2007, WHEN THE DIRECTORS AT THAT TIME DISGRACEFULLY BETRAYED THE CLUB FOR PERSONAL GAIN AND FORCED THE MAGNIFICENT DAVID DEIN OUT.
      From theat moment Wenger was cut adrift of his right hand man , It was then Wise, which he was(wise) , though also incredibly stubborn, but without Morecambe. And the double act that brought all our success was no more. Not content with traducing the club , we fans and DD, those directors then sold out to Kroenke and the devil entered to poison all that remained, as events have proved.

      More prescient fans will look back to 2007 as the day our club went into a decade plus long coma in which we still lie. There are classy people a plenty within the club still, esp in the so called “lower reaches”( a horrible expression but which is widely understood). In my view, MA has great class and is our great hope for team success but for real and lasting club success we need this owner gone, completely, and an honourable owner(s)to take over.

      We also have a mixture of classy and non classy MEN among the playing squad. I refer to their character or lack of it, not playing ability, which is a separate matter.

  8. Although i agree with your sentiments about paying Ozil off the truth is he will stay unless there is a pay off as his contract not only states he is to be paid his rediculous wage til june BUT that he is also entltled to wait for it…….. A LOYALTY BONUS of over 7 million ponds.
    What a joke but true and Ozil wants that or he will not leave,this guy has undermined Afc with twitter comments and commitment on the field and he gets a Loyalty bonus.
    The sooner he goes the better and Gazitas who agreed this contract should be shot.
    One last comment Auba is not at all like Ozil his commitment and attitude is impecable he is a world class player and we are lucky to have him.

  9. How can a new club signs a player without paying the player for six months, i think the best way to go should be arsenal and the new club to agree on sharing ozil’s weekly wages.

  10. Ozil was and perhaps still possess above average talent. A good manager should have made the best of him instead of hiring new players and spending more money.

    1. Rana, have you been watching Arsenal over the last few seasons, when Ozil has played? He is a shadow of the player he was. He is not offering much when Arsenal has the ball and nothing when defending or winning the ball back is required.

  11. If Ozil is paid to leave the Club six months before his contact ends, he should be asked to repay the club any amount he earns from another club during the same period. This should be part of the termination agreement. If he does agree to do so, then he should be prepared to sit and wait until his contract ends. This is fair. What’s the point of paying him off upfront and giving him to the chance to earn extra income at our expense.

    1. 😂😂😂RFRANCIS
      You cannot insert new clauses into the contract. The best Arsenal can do is to cut losses. Either to buy out his contract or leave it to expire.

      If his contract is terminated now and get paid, then Arsenal has no power his contract with other clubs.

      1. I’m not a lawyer but can assure you that essentially all professional player contracts include this point. If any member of the board signs-off on this contract without this basic stipulation, they deserve to be fired on the spot for gross incompetence.

        1. I really don’t know why Ozil situation should be treated differently, if a player or anyone for that matter is under a contract with another party or entity the party that terminates the contract bears the cost as indicated unless its under mutual consent. Wenger refused to go was paid off, unai the same. What the club is trying to do is force Özil to quit at his cost only a fool would do so.

        2. RFrancis , while much agreeing with you, it seems to me that KROENKE, who failed to fire the dreadfully incompetent Gazidis for all those damaging years, should also be fired, in fact shot, as Stan(in a post above) says. I would be glad to fire both bullets personally, IF I were given exception from jail.

  12. Ozil’s complete lack of ambition, pride, dedication and desire is like a “cancer” that has infected Arsenal Football Club for several years now. Arteta has tried in vain to cure and cut this cancer out of the football club. However, the cancer that is Ozil is Terminal.

    The “Ozil Syndrome” should be taught in schools to educate and teach children a vast array of essential life skills for their own personality development and resilience ; what is talent without ambition, self respect, abuse of power, laziness, leadership, role modelling, money before integrity …….etc etc etc

    Arteta has demonstrated very strong concise leadership in attempting to address and eradicate the “Ozil Syndrome”. The word’s Exclusion and Isolation immediately come to mind. The isolation and exclusion would cause the majority of persons to have a degree of self-respect to ignite a drastic and dramatic change to alter their predicament. However, I truly believe that Arteta completely underestimated Ozil, and the actual extent to what little self-respect he has. Ozil’s situation has been labeled as “Sad”. I am so very SAD for Ozil, not as the player, but who he is as a Man. To have such a profound lack of self-respect and self-esteem, you actually become submissive, subservient and a “slave” your predicament. To accept your situation without having the character or will to change. To finger point, to blame, to question loyalty, is so very immature and child like.

    Ozil screams desperation, emotional fragility and insecurity. He will use any method available to deceive and deflect attention away from his own pathetic personality disorder’s. We have all witnessed Ozil’s lack of character in football games, which is sport, entertainment, fun. What’s way more concerning and so very SAD, we have witnessed his lack of character in ‘‘LIFE” ( we have also witnessed his lack of character in that unfortunate car-jacking incident when he “ran off”, “ran away”, “hid” !!……..unlike the “Tank” who squared up to the enemy.)

    1. You should see somebody about your condition…try rereading your comment and think about how this reflects on your character or lack thereof…the most horrifying aspect of your message is that it appears that you’re both sober and somewhat educated, yet somehow you felt it necessary to write in such a hateful manner about a MAN you know jackshit about…I’m by no means an Ozil apologist, in fact I find the whole situation embarrassing for all parties involved, but this pathetic tirade says far more about you than him…please put your thesaurus away and go the f to bed

      1. @RUSSELL, your comment shows that you lack self respect too. Grow up and stop hating. Hate is all over your comment!

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