Fabrizio Romano insists Bukayo Saka is “Untouchable” – Would Arsenal sell for 100 million?

Fabrizio Romano has claimed that a number of clubs are asking about Bukayo Saka, but his current club Arsenal have no interest in selling.

The 20 year-old is a key player for both club and country, despite his relatively little experience, and has become somewhat of a leader in north London.

His performances have certainly not gone unnoticed with him being voted as the Gunners Player of the Year for last season, and swiftly became a fans favourite amongst the England fans also when starring at this summer’s Euro 2020, helping his side to reach the final.

Romano has now taken it upon himself to discuss how the summer played out regarding any interest in his signature, and claims that teams are asking all sorts of questions as they try to gauge if or when he will become available.

“I am happy for Arsenal, they’re back winning because the start of their season was terrible,” Fabrizio said on his Here We Go Podcast. “I want to talk about Bukayo Saka, because some clubs are starting to approach Bukayo Saka, to watch Saka as one of the best players in his position for the future. Some clubs, they are not making bids or anything, but they are asking about the contract and everything.”

Fab goes on to insist that Arsenal are not entertaining any idea of losing Little Chilli however, and deem him ‘untouchable’, which will come as music to our ears.

“Arsenal consider this player untouchable. He is a player for the present and the future, and Arsenal are planning on building on Saka for the future.”

Would Arsenal have to take an offer of £100 Million seriously if it came in for Saka? Does every player still have their price?


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  1. The probleme with these youth “projects” is that they risk (for players who comes good enough) to depart as long as you don’t give them the opportunities to play for the bigger trophies….Déjà vu ….Wenger was idealistic if not dogmatic believing that he could keep the young teams he had especially the Nasri’s and Fabregas together only to end up loosing his best talents because of lack of silverware

  2. If we in relegation battle all year long, he’ll ask to leave, play CL as supposed to.

    Most worrying is Saliba who as Gendouzi will make it to World cup if they keep this form all season.

    Marseille has option to snatch Gendouzi for 9M.

    Saliba contract ends in 2023, if correct this will leave him with a year or 2. Way his treated, certainly wont motivante him to extend unless a top new comes in.

    Either ways, big chance to see a top club snatch him next Season; he’s curently top 3 CB in French League

    Real, Bayern, Chelsea, Barça will all be on him in few minutes; we may not ever see him in AFC shirt; won’t surprise me with Arteta.

  3. This is where we struggle as a club. We usually only have 1 or 2 really fantastic players at a time (like Sanchez or Van Persie) and we tend to be so desperate to keep them that is backfires on us. Our desperation has stunk for years!

    If I suggested we sell Saka I’d be absolutely murdered by 98% of the fans on here.

    Look at Liverpool, sold Coutinho and Suarez at their absolute prime and what happened? They won the EPL a couple of years later but people thought they were insane at the time. No player is bigger than the club, but we often let them become that.

    I’m not saying we should sell Saka at all, I’m just saying we can’t have it both ways. We moan when anyone wants to buy our stand out player and refuse to sell but we also moan that we rarely sell players for a decent price….we cannot have it both ways.

    What has often happened it the “star” player just runs there contract down and we end up getting peanuts.

  4. Personally I would pay 25mill max for Saka.
    PSG, Man City, + Chelsea, have totally distorted the transfer market. Ajax rarely spend over 15m on a top player and usually only because they see an on sell profit opportunity. Potuguese clubs sell players for 50mill but rarely pay above 12 mill themselves. They are just rip off merchants. Arsenal should set a 15 mill max transfer fee otherwise tell selling club to jog on.
    They would quickly drop their prices.
    The only 2 players in the world I would pay more than 25 mill for would be Haarland and Mbappe and I would only pay 45m for Haarland and 27mill for Mbappe.
    I would offer them 75k p/w base salary and the rest up to 200k p/w on performance bonuses.

  5. Here begins the crumble.. Especially for those that believe in a so called “trust the process”,… Next player to be baited will be Esr… Edu and arteta arent for top teams… No team sits idle and watches you rebuilding.. Even Aston villa has rebuilt better and are bravely poaching our best players…

    You rebuild buy buying big stars and youngesters.. Allowing the young ones learn and emulate the big stars.. Not vice versa.. We all saw the diff partey and esr made when they came 9n against Norwich… Its clear for all to see arsenal are lacking in the midfield… Its also easy to see if we bought bisouma, there’s no way absolutely no way, we could have lost 3 games already this season..

    Arsenals too big foe arteta, unfortunately hes such a big club for learning purposes, he sticks to one keeper what ever the comp, he switched now, Amn has been crying for a midfield role, arteta budged,.. So many others, hes not the man for arsenal at this period… That being said, only way arsenal finds its way to top6 of via counter attacks… You have speedersters in pepe, auba, tavares.. Why not play to their strengths, no you want to build a project.. Unfortunately artetas arsenal is a lower end of a midtable club… He needs to go and arsenal need that villas number 9..what his name again.. A tireless runner.

  6. Depends. Currently Saka is not a world beater, but that could also hinder on inexperienced manager.

    As PJSA mentioned, Pool did the same thing already, twice. I think it all depends on:

    A) How much we make from the sale?
    B) How will the sale-money be spent?
    C) Do we have a replacement?

    C is important as we have very talented youngsters coming up. Kido and Hutchinson, both wingers look great and we still have Martinelli who plays the same position as Saka. So will one of them make it or do we have to buy a replacement?`

    Mayn things to consider. I wouldn’t be opposed to selling Saka, but questions for ABC needs to have answers before that.

  7. It depends mainly on what Saka thinks of the Arsenal project. We are a team in rebuild mode, we are out of Europe and would likely struggle to make it to the top 6, considering the form of WestHam, Everton, Leicester and the damned Spuds. If Saka is willing to stick to the team irrespective of European football, which I think is quite likely, since he is Arsenal through and through, than probably he will be with us in the long term. However, if he is ambitious and feels his talent merits both silverware and CL football, he could be tempted to move to a Club that assures him both playing time and trophies, although I would hate to lose such a generational talent.

  8. Too much hype surrounding this young player I’m afraid.He is far from the finished article and quite frankly, he may never become a truly “World Class” player.There are areas where he needs to improve, notably his first touch and his ability to retain possession in tight areas. Like other young players such as Foden and Mount ,they have yet to establish just what is their true position in what is a team game, and until Saka and the others do this there is a danger that they may never fulfil their true potential.In the case of Saka ,I personally feel he is most comfortable playing on the left wing where he can skin defenders and cross on the run before the opposition can regroup.Played on the right, he and for that matter Pepe, become far more predictable as they invariably look to cut back to their stronger left foot to shoot as neither can cross a decent ball with their weaker foot.That is my personal opinion, but I would be interested to learn how others on JA feel we can maximise the talent of young Saka and from what position.

  9. Maybe 150 million and lets talk? Also throw in another 100 million and take ESR? There our one season Summer rebuild spread for top 4 as said by Noel Whelan.

  10. As i always say,i have not seen anything so special in saka yet to warrant all the hype…sell him now if any bid of £60m is received

  11. If we get an offer of over 100 mil, then Arsenal should consider it, easily as good as Sancho, so very comparable. Hopefully next summer, if we got that for him, the people in charge then could spend it better than the present.

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