Unvaccinated Xhaka catches Covid with Switzerland

Arsenal have had quite a few problems with Covid that has completely disrupted the beginning of our season, and now we are hearing that Granit Xhaka has had to pull out of Switzerland’s international fixtures after catching the dreaded virus.

This means that Switzerland are likely to be without their captain for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers with Italy and Northern Ireland, which could make things more difficult as Xhaka was the star of the side during the Euros.

It seems that Xhaka’s infection could possibly been avoided as the Swiss FA’s head of communications Adrian Arnold has revealed that the Arsenal man is the only member of the squad that has refused the vaccine so far: “Granit Xhaka was not vaccinated.” he said in Blick.

“He’s a player who isn’t vaccinated. We left this up to each player, it’s a personal decision of each player – just like any other person in Switzerland.

“We have issued a recommendation that everyone vaccinate. But he decided for himself personally. And it is also his right not to be vaccinated.”

He added: “All the other players in the team have been vaccinated or have recovered [from Covid] – so they are more or less safe, at least from a medical point of view. One is never quite sure.

“Accordingly, we have a very high vaccination rate. Now, unfortunately, Granit got caught. From a sporting point of view, it is a shame for us at this important moment.”

Luckily for Arsenal this is unlikely to affect us as he is going to be banned from our next few games anyway and is likely to be completely recovered by the time comes to play…

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  1. You can still get covid even if you are vaccinated.
    But the illness should be less severe.
    Xhaka and Arsenal are very lucky as he
    has 6 weeks recovery before Brighton and will isolate away from the Arsenal squad.
    Coming on the back of the red card won’t help Xhakas reputation with Arsenal fans right now.

        1. Watching Xhaka play reminds me of just on thing – Tail wagging the dog.

          His left foot is just wagging Xhaka the human. Before Pepe, I’ve never seen an able-bodied person too reliant on one foot.

  2. Who can be surprised- not me for sure- at the stupidly macho Xhakas refusal to get vacced!

    It is a blessing, as ANY game that this OAF misses of ours, even though sadly not nearly enough(like ALL of them!!), is a blessing and enhances our chance of winning.

    I do not feel sorry for him in the slightest, just glad for our team and delighted this oaf will miss at least SOME games , mainly through his oafishly stupid red card, (yet welcome,since it gets rid of him at least temporarily!!) rather than Covid.

    The sooner this catastrophe of a “so called “footballer” is gone from our club, the better! God alone knows why three of our managers have chosen him as a regular. More fool all three of them!

    1. I really respect Xhaka for not getting vaccinated.

      He has shown he has the ability to think himself, and not listen to the absolute junk the media and government spews out on an hourly basis. He’s knows he is fit, and seemingly understands what a healthy immune system’s function actually is.

      Secondly, fully vaccinated Arsenal players have been catching the virus anyway, so there is no reason to mention his vaccination status. In fact, he may have caught the virus off one of his fully vaccinated Arsenal teammates.

      I do agree though, that his absence will be a blessing! More Sambi please!!

      1. I’m with you on that TMJW. Vaccination is not preventing a person passing Covid onto others. It is not stopping people catching it. All “experts” are now claiming it to do is make the symptoms less severe if you catch it and you already had underlying problems.
        Therefore refusing to take the vaccine does not make you a mass murderer.
        I have not had the vaccine, along with 35% of other Brits, 40% of Germans and French, almost 50% of Americans, but I always wear a mask in public places, which is far more protective of other people than any of the various vaccines out there..

      2. not surprised whatsoever that you’re spewing more rubbish, considering your rabbit hole-loving, misinformed, conspiratorial leanings…take off your tin foil hat for a second and think about someone else for once…the fact that you have garnered the support of one of the most waffling individuals on this site, should be a bit of a wake-up call…maybe you should have a bit of a rethink or, at the very least, keep such nonsense to yourself

          1. Well said TRVL
            Obviously I can’t bring the words out as good as you can ,but like always thumbs up from me buddy .
            Glad your mum didn’t put that pillow over you now mate 😂

          2. Cheers DK…figured you were in the JA sin bin, glad you’re back on the prowl…based on some of the postings here, some others might have been on the receiving end of that very same pillow “treatment” for a tad too long…a lack of oxygen does funny things to the brain, so I hear

          3. TRVL
            I was posting 2 weeks back and every post was saying “waiting for Approval “
            Got pissed off thinking I had been like you said sin binned ,but have seen other posters with the same problem so have come back .
            Been on here long enough to get cold turkey if I don’t spread my negative thoughts for more than a day .

          4. ADMIN COMMENT

            This is JustArsenal, not JustVaxvantivax.

            Why bother writing about this when I will just delete it?

        1. Not sure what you saying Pat as it was
          Awaiting approval ,I wasn’t abusing anyone when this happened ,I did call some one a D1ckhead but he deserved it and on the same article you called someone a tw5t so ……
          I was p1ssed Pat because I’ve been on here quite a few years and to be put on a lease was annoying .
          I thought I was a glitch in your system but seems after your post Pat it wasn’t .

  3. Un-vaccinated??? I beg Mr Granit Xhaka to reconsider his stance for the sake of his family and himself. And I pray you have a complete, speedy recovery. Half the world’s population is deprived of the vaccine privilege at the moment and please don’t discard it if you have that privilege.

      1. Couldn’t disagree more. It’s a trial vaccine and not enough research has been done.

        He probably is considering his family or may have religious beliefs why he is not vaccinated. it is a choice and I hope people respect it

        1. Pfizer is no longer a trial vaccine but I accept it’s his choice not to. Hope for his sake that he recovers quickly

        2. @Shortboygooner
          Always good to read “facts” from internet epidemiologists…Yes, it is the choice of you and others to refuse vaccination. Real fact is, that a deadly virus is really killing people and your choice not to be vaccinated puts others at risk. I’m sure you’re well aware of this fact. Because, there is more than enough research as well as documented proof of this. Or does this not fit your narrative?

          1. I am not against anyone getting vaccinated.. Should be ones choice.
            “your choice not to be vaccinated puts others at risk”
            This makes no sense. Vaccinated people can get covid and still infect others..putting them at risk.
            Peole should not be pressured into getting vaccinated.. Its ok to have doubts and take the vaccine when you are more convinced..Thalidomide and DDT were deemed safe too by the scientist…..

          2. The facts are that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting covid. Actually there is evidence to support that this may be detrimental long term. Without going into things we don’t know what it does long ter. So people shouldn’t be upset or rude to individuals who don’t want to take it.

          3. once again, nice cherry-picked comparisons Mark…doesn’t that tin foil make your head itch???

          4. @ The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever.. I didnt cherry pick .. These are facts that you haven’t and cannot dispute.. Both of these substances were deemed safe at the time and had devastated peoples lives by the time the long term side effects became known. It is understandable that people would have questions about vaccines developed at record speed… As i said, I am not against anyone taking the corvid vaccine.. its ones choice…

            And question… do you always resort to aggressive name calling when someone disagrees with you? It may be Dunning-Kruger..

          5. talk about the pot calling the kettle black…it might be wise to quickly erase your search history just in case those who’re monitoring you find out that you’re doing a deep dive into the realm of illusory superiority…btw no one with more than a double digit IQ would attempt to compare such obvious tainted apples with the oranges in question nowadays

          6. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever

            Anger issues and Dunning Kruger .. I pity those with no choice but to be around you..that must be tough..

            You cannot dispute what i wrote so the two cannot be compared…talk about double digit IQ

          7. so according to your “infinite wisdom” the fact that you’ve identified two wildly unrelated examples that fit your particular juvenile narrative, all medically-related discoveries should be discounted and/or disregarded…I pray that others don’t rely on you to disseminate information about the world around them, which I’m pretty sure isn’t an issue unless there’s others living in the basement with you presently…please don’t respond further as it’s clear this isn’t a debate-worthy subject matter and you’re just getting unjustifiably and overtly abusive (lol)

          8. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever

            Never said ” all medically-related discoveries should be discounted and/or disregarded”…but it is ok to question and do proper research.. but I understand. You were brought up to just accept and researching can be tough for some…Cant anyone help you out?

          9. I can only hope the irony of your statements aren’t lost on anyone who’s unfortunate enough to read your rather well-written yet disturbing posts…it’s always sad when someone appears to exhibit the qualities of a well-reasoned individual yet continually proves otherwise at seemingly every turn….enough said

  4. I find the tone of this post a bit un tasteful. Not a pop shot at admin. However, I do feel the heading is provocative and could have been worded different.

    As a medical professional who works for a company who provides diagnostic tests for covid as well as being someone who has working in both microbiology and virology labs. I also have a degree in biomedical science and other clinically recognised qualifications. I feel I have a little more experience and knowledge than your average joe

    I am also someone who is pro choice and freedom.

    Anyway I say all this to say as a medical professional the long and short of it is the facts aether is not alot of research on these trial vaccines. Therefore I think to condem a player based on his vaccine status is wrong. Alot of people in general are not vaccinated as they know that there is not enough research as well as religious reasons. We do not question others on the status of their MMR vaccines or ask them if they are on prep to prevent the spread of HIV which is still a bigger killer than covid.

    I think we should try and stick to our opinions about football rather than politics on here. It’s really not nice to be judged on very personal decisions. Taking or not taking the vaccine is a political choice. Once more one that should be made with all facts and figures available to make an informed choice.

    Just a bit of extra reading for anyone who is interested on further educating them selves about the current vaccines and potential pitfuls below etc.


    1. @Shortboygooner
      On the up, for a so called “medical professional”, you are grossly spreading skewered information to fit your “freedom/choice” narrative.
      4,548,939 is the number of deaths from CV-19. As opposed to 6,340 attributed to adverse reactions to the vaccine, according to VAERS…As a “medical professional” you should be aware of such outliers…

      1. You have not bothered to either comprehend his post properly nor open the very credible link that he provided but rather respond by providing generalized figures that doesn’t say much..

      2. good on you NYG…as someone who has studied this quite extensively, as a learned professional, and who’s significant other has spent most of this pandemic in the local Critical Care Ward, it’s astonishing that someone who professes to work within the field would actually ignore the larger imperative for the sole purpose of mudding the already problematic waters…such a disappointing and incredibly selfish post, especially when they have the nerve to later request that we should keep the conversation squarely on issues football-related

      3. @NY_Gunner

        I’m not against vaccines. However, I do beleive there is a misconception of information out there. I think everyone should have the choice to either take or not take this vaccine. There is a ton of research I could point you in the direction of that is interesting.

        One thing is within that figure you stated how many are covid related and how many are actual covid deaths? Again another question is how many of those people are over weight? I tbink you will find the number of over weight ppl dying from covid is huge but why is no one talking about this? There is alot of questions that are not being asked and as a society we are taking the easy option and persecuting those who are willing to not go with the flow.

        I go back to my statement saying this article is provocative and perhaps we should stick to football. I love all of my fellow gooners and wish them the best and hope that the vaccine keeps us all safe of and when we decide.to take it. I also respect those who wish not to take it for what ever reason

        1. Whatever anti vacsers come up with, there are more people dying of covid than dying of the vaccine, there is no argument to that. If you decide not to have the vaccine, then as everyone states, its a free country but i see no reason why people wouldn’t want to try and slow the spread and slow the dying process by having a vaccine. When you have more chance by some millions to die of covid than the vaccine, whatever your reasoning. Whatever, i hope we all get over this shit and get back to normal life, the best way for that is to have a more open mind to what may stop it without killing or long term affecting people.

  5. Aside from my previous comment. I dint rate xaka whondoesnt love our club. We have seen him play for Switzerland and frankly he was 10x better than he plays for us. Why because he loves his country and not his club

  6. My previous comment wasn’t approved lol. We really shouldn’t be judging people on if they are or not vaccinated. It’s a personal choice and discussions about it cause unnecessary tension tbh.

  7. Get well soon Xhaka and please get yourself vaccinated. I dont understand how some fans can wish ill of a fellow human being, forget being an Arsenal player or not, forget whether you like him or hate him, one should never wish bad on others. O what the world has come to…

    1. Well said GFL, although to be fair I think most comments were in jest based on the fact that it was apparently a secondary test that detected it, and he’s shown no symptoms, so it should be just precautionary.
      But as vaccination is voluntary and about 35% of the uk (when I last checked) were not fully vaccinated, I do find the condemnation he has received both in the article and comments to be unfair and distasteful, as he is risking harm to nobody but himself by refusing it. And that is admitted by all parties.
      Maybe those individuals should do a follow up on the risks of smoking, alcohol, etc?

      1. Hey @Guy…

        Show me just one line of my article that condemned Xhaka.

        I just related the facts with no opinion one way or the other!

  8. Nketiah stock, clubs as Brighton beating us on transfer target, Xhaka Covid; only bad Arsenal news here & everywere.

    Amazon has a hit drama serie Indeed…

    World mocking us live, Arteta as lead character.

  9. Am shocked he is not vaccinated. Not for his sake but for all those around him. And to think we just extended his contract. What a liability we now have to put up with four 4 years.

  10. a bad example to set the young players at the club, and as the skipper his incompetency never ceases to amaze me, but he seems to be Artetas idea of someone we cannot do with out.

  11. i suppose mr.xhaka can now use the excuse of him having covid when he was sent off for that assault on that player.sounds like he could do with a good excuse as opposed to the one claiming his innocence. nothing shocks me at the arsenal anymore.he can say his mind was altered because of covid, hence he tackled the player into, almost, oblivion.

  12. Anyone who doesn’t have the vaccine and gets covid deserves everything this disease can throw at them. Xhaka is a fool on the pitch and obviously is a fool in life. And for the record i have had the vaccine and so has all my family, i work with people who have had covid and my wife is a nurse who works with people who have had covid. None of my family have caught covid yet but many of my friends and colleagues have, two have died and four have long covid so im happy with my position in life. It is a freedom choice but protect your loved ones and dont be an idiot.

    1. Well he cannot be that foolish if he is a millionaire while you are wallowing behind a keyboard on minimum wage…

      1. once again, shows how little you know…btw what a childish retort, albeit it definitely answers a lot of questions about your clearly troubling world perspective

        1. Your world perspective is more troubling than mine. The most dangerously group of people are the “sheep”. Those who believe everything dumped on them by those in power without question.
          Wars, genocide and every evil can be traced back to these people..for without their gullible support these evils cannot be carried out..

          1. @Mark
            The most dangerous people are those that believe in conspiracy theories.
            People that are stooped in paranoia about everything.

            Rational, reasonable, Critical thinkers and those that deal in Logic are the ones that are more trusted.

            Paranoid Conspiracy theorist are those that go against evidence, logic and reason. The same people that rely on the same medications and vaccines that others have volunteered to be tested on.
            And I call them cowards some times. They trust approved vaccines and medicines that other humans have volunteered themselves to be tested on.

            Wait until others man up and accept for the new medications and vaccines to be tested on them in order for the likes of @Mark to benefit from them once they fall ill and need medication to cure them.

            It reminds me of soldiers, they are willing to go out there, fight and die for the good of their families and fellow citizens.

            All of us taking these vaccines are not being ignorant naive sheep. We look at the bigger picture. To protect our families, friends and fellow country men and women etc..
            Use rationality rather than pessimism, paranoia and conspiracies.

      2. @Mark.
        There is a difference between being naturally talented in one thing and being an idiot outside of your own talent.
        General Common sense is not very common.
        That’s why you have brilliant minds like Sir Issac Newton believing in absurdities like Alchemy etc.

        Just because you are good at kicking a football does not make you good at Logic, rationality, reason and critical thinking.

        That’s why footballers are not known for being the brightest thinkers. Isn’t it?

        Xhaka makes more money than your typical family doctor. Makes more than a journalist that reports from war torn countries. Makes more than your hospital nurse. Makes more than your Engineering professor at any given University etc..

        But because some of these people don’t make £6 million per yer as compared to footballer Xhaka does not mean Xhaka is much more intelligent than them. Most of these people need to go through school and graduate from university. That’s intelligence.

        Being rich does not equal “Intelligence, critical thinking, reasoning, logic or rationality.”

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