Unwanted Arsenal star back in London but Italian club wants him

Lucas Torreira is finally back in London as he looks to earn a move away from Arsenal in this transfer window.

The Uruguayan isn’t a part of Mikel Arteta’s plans and has been told that he can find a new home.

He spent last season out on loan at Atletico Madrid and they won the Spanish league title.

However, he didn’t impress the Spaniards enough to keep him permanently and also didn’t attract any serious new suitors.

He has interest from clubs in Italy, but nothing serious has happened between any team and Arsenal.

The Sun reports that the midfielder was at a Spanish theme park while his clubmates lost to Brentford last Friday.

The midfielder has now returned to London and he posted an image of himself in a gym in the English city, according to the report.

Calciomercato reported two days ago that he has emerged as a target for AS Roma after they missed out on the signature of Granit Xhaka.

Jose Mourinho believes the Uruguayan can become a useful squad member.

Arsenal will not object to his sale or stop him from leaving on loan, as they now have more than enough quality players in their squad for this season.

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  1. Torreira has been an expensive flop.
    Bought for 27m it is unlikely any club will pay more than 5m for him now.
    The most likely scenario is another loan to at least offset his salary and hope he performs well enough to yield a decent fee in a hopefully stronger market next summer.

    1. I think he has been poorly managed by Arsenal right from the beginning. I think a firing Torriera and a fit Partey would be a strong partnership but for obvious reasons that isnt ever going to happen. To buy him to play with xhaka was an awful mistake and he has probably gone backwards since.

      1. Can’t agree more @Reggie, I still regard Torreira as a better player to me than Xhaka.

        He never hid in big games and he loved playing against Liverpool. MA doesn’t rate him that’s all. Torreira would form a good partnership with Partey. I hope Torreira impresses in training and prove his doubters wrong.

      2. Poorly managed but also little self-motivation. he was posting vacation pictures while we were in the middle of our game last week. There’s a level of respect for your employers that needs to be met. He’s not adjusted to England and overall unhappy and I know he lost his mother too which is very rough. Overall it’s best to move him on. He’s one of the players that had a great start to their Arsenal career and then never quite kept it going.

        1. RSH, there is no doubt Torreira’s personal issues made his life difficult. What was worse was that he was benched and lost confidence, when he should have been playing to give him that to concentrate on, rather than the personal issues.
          Very poorly managed and a waste of a competent DM.

        2. RSH, i believe that was his holiday, he wasn’t supposed to be training, he was on his summer break, i presume because of his country involvement. I saw nothing wrong with it, everyone on holiday now post social media snaps of what they are doing. He couldn’t help it was on the same day Arsenal were embarrassing themselves.

      1. Arteta is the flop. Arsenal might have gotten a cheap manager, but he turns more costly than many big managers out there. Under him, we need to replace many of the previously good players. How he handles Guendouzi and Torreira makes me gutted. Bellerin was reduced to a flop. Auba seems to stop scoring after half season with Arteta.

        So Arteta bought Lokonga as squad player. But I honestly dont rate him better than Guendouzi, Torreira, or even Elneny.

        We seem to have problems in RB. But RB was never a problem before Arteta came. Cedric, Chambers, Bellerin. Few years ago it was a no brainer who is our first choice RB.

        We need an Attacking Midfielder after Ozil was frozen out and sold. But he decided that AM is not a priority even tho our goal stats look pathetic under Arteta. Went and bought a no name CB for 50M. We should have gotten Ode AND Aouar with that money. Sure we need a CB after Luiz left, but we could have gotten better n cheaper player; or go for a big name player with that kind of money.

  2. I still believe no one used him properly in Arsenal. He has all the potential to make a difference but not enough chances were given to him.

    1. Sven Mislintat, old golden eye brought him in and he had a decent half a season, but he always looked too small for the job in England where size does matter.
      Could have done without his Father getting involved a few months ago, not sure he helped at all.
      Very much on the periphery at Atletico who didn’t really use him and therefore rinsed his value.
      Now I guess Roma will come in and bid around £9m for Lucas as they try to take the piss again and I’d hate to sell him to Mourinho anyway.
      Serie A seems to suit his skill set so maybe Lazio or Inter?

  3. Ultimately his character was proved lacking AND his frame is far too tiny to be effective in OUR Prem.

    A player who had respect for his club, colleagues,himself and we fans would NEVER have published himself on holiday, as he did while we were losing at Brentford. I for one will be glad to see the back of him ASAP.


      1. Joth Actually what separates THEM from Torriera was that they are top talented players and their sheer TALENT ovrcomes the size problem that small players do have.

        If you think about this matter John- and I do not know whether or not you have- it should be obvious that in a contact sport, where power, height and strength in all positions are an advantage – that other things being equal, a good big ‘un will always beat a good little ‘un!

        And speed is speed an obvious advantage too! Just as slow XHAKA IS AN OBVIOUS DISADVANTAGE, despite his physical advantages

        It goes without saying that if you wish to explain WHY you believe I am wrong, I will gladly read your reply!!

    1. Reports ony talk about interest for him but
      never what they are prepared to pay for him.
      So the full report should say “Yes clubs are interested in Torreira but only if Arsenal
      slashes our asking price by 70%.
      Thus he ends up going on loan again.

    2. guy, that was the very first thing I noticed and had a silent laugh at too, in Martins piece.

      It is the price that fully literate people pay when having little choice other than to notice the mistakes of those not so literate . But really, do they matter in the grand scheme of things? I SUGGEST NOT!
      I would point out that the headlines for most articles are written by PAT. I don’t know whether this appies to Martins though!

  4. I’m not convinced by this view that he was “poorly managed”
    We’re his performances and fitness good enough to justify playing him?
    Although, he had some good games he was inconsistent. His injury also meant that that he was out of the picture for a long time.
    Looking at last season’s and the current squad who could he displace?

    1. Was he also poorly managed at Athletico Madrid where he failed to make an impression?No, the guy is simply not good enough and is yet another example of poor recruitment.Let’s hope this window’s recruits prove to be more successful.In the case of Lokonga and Tavares I have high hopes and feel they could prove to be great value for money signings.

      1. Totally agree. If you can’t cut it at arsenal and Athletico then off you go back to Italy where it worked for you. Just sad weld loose on the deal.

  5. Some people complaining about him posting his picture on holiday while Arsenal was losing. But another report says he was playing for his country & on his way back he had to stop at madrid to avoid long quarantine?
    I think he is better than Eleny but Arteta just does not trust him or does not know how to use him

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