Unwanted trio would be great additions to Arsenal (opinion)

Ronald Koeman has supposedly swung the axe at Barcelona, and AS reports that he is pushing the unwanted trio of Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba out the door, and I would love for Arsenal to show an interest.

We are currently linked with a number of midfielders, including the likes of Dani Ceballos and Thiago Alcantara, but players in the ilk of Busquets only come around so often.

I earlier described Thiago as being amongst the best readers of the game currently, but Busquets has taken what he learned from his predecessors/former team-mates Xavi and Iniesta and become an amazing talent, and I wouldn’t disagree with anyone claiming that he was the best reader of football still playing in Europe.

The midfielder currently has three years left on his contract, despite turning 32 years-old last month, so it remains to be seen just how much of a fee they would demand, but his contract could well pose an issue.

GiveMeSport states that he is earning £260,000 per week, and although I wish we could bring him in, a three-year deal for a 32 year-old on that sort of wage could be a bit of a push…

Barcelona could well have to agree to pay part of his wages in order to get him off their books, although I struggle to understand why they would push him out, even with an overhaul eyed.

Jordi Alba and Suarez are showing signs of age, but would be great squad options for us for a season or two, but once again their wages would likely hinder our hopes of signing them.

Arsenal were forced to fill their left-back spot with winger Bukayo Saka last term, with both Kieran Tierney and Sead Kolasinac out injured, but when the latter did return, he disappointed. Alba could well prove a shrewd signing, especially as he would relish playing out at wing-back should we continue with a back three.

Should Arsenal make their own enquiries over the trio or will Arteta be more keen on adding extra youth to the squad instead of experience?


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  1. RW1 says:

    None of the above … busquets showed his limits in semis … racatic maybe if we can’t get ceballos … but these Barca retreads not what is needed as other rivals improve … would take Thiago though

    1. Sid says:

      Dominik Szoboszlai is a better option in case we cant get Cebs.

  2. Oz akhenisi says:

    If Jordi alba would agree to come on reduced wages and is ready to play second fiddle to Kieran,then we can sell sead and bring him in,busquets is a no for me,he is slower than xhaka these days,plus he would expect high wages.i also think we explored the rakitic situation already with the arteta phone call and he made his preference known”serie A or Sevilla”.Another who has lost his agility with age and could get undone in the premier League. Suarez is an interesting one because despite losing a yard or two,his basic finishing instinct are still there and he would still provide d work rate of lacazette and more goals,plus his phenomenal linkup play. But as with these Barca oldies,there is a “but”,he is recently prone to injuries,he is 33,and would demand a massive wage over a 2 0r 3 year contract. I don’t even believe he wants to leave Barca. So I don’t think any of them are coming to arsenal this summer. Gosh Barca players are old!.

  3. Thomo says:

    Do me a favour, no

    1. ozziegunner says:


  4. Rory johnson says:

    Gabriel confirmed on sky 🥳💪👌

    1. Sue says:

      Hallelujah!! Finally…..😝

      1. Rory johnson says:

        I know about bloody time sue!! Gonna go watch every stitch of footage I can find now hes confirmed lol 🍿🥳

        1. Sue says:

          Nice one, Rory. I’ve just been googling…he didn’t concede any penalties last season… wow, we’re not used to that 😂😂 Bring it on!!!

          1. Sid says:

            Not a sideshow bob either Sue, with that crisp trim! I am surprised you like him, lol.

          2. Sue says:


          3. Kenya 001 says:

            Well this Arsenal of ours really like to keep us waiting. Fantastic news if confirmed

          4. towny254 says:

            Yes but he did not have our REF’S Sue

    2. Chuxzzy1 says:

      Hell yeaa finally 🙌🏽 partey next

      1. Mykel says:

        That will be a coup. It will definitely bring back our edge.

    3. Mohsan says:

      Very good signing, him n Saliba in center with Tierney on one side and Bellerin on other would be great to watch. If Bellerin can improve his defensive skills though. We will have good defense which can easily last us upto 6-7 years that is if we don’t sell them to bigger club.

      1. Sue says:

        6-7 years – 👌👍 spot on!!

    4. jon fox says:

      Nothing confirmed at all. There WAS an earlier report , a report NOT a confirmation , that the deal might be finalised today. That is not a deal done though,my impatient friend, so do check your facts before exciting us all needlessly.

      1. Rory johnson says:

        “Gabriel Magalhaes is set to join Arsenal on Sunday after they agreed a £27m fee with Lille for the defender”

        confirmation the deal is agreed, I said nothing about him actually having signed, so I suggest you learn to read a post before inferring it incorrectly friend.

  5. Grandad says:

    With respect GunnerP are you feeling under the weather?

  6. Sue says:

    Hell no to all 3!!!

    1. Uzi Ozil says:

      Yes, hell No to all three. Hell no to even Messi. Lol

      1. Sue says:

        Hahaha 👌😝 love it!!

  7. Mohsan says:

    What are we running old age retirement home? They are been shown door by Barca for a reason. They are passed their best. What is working with some of our fans? We need to invest and keep young players which can benefit us for years to come plus who can blend into Arsenal football philosophy. I completely against selling young talent like AMN to get an over the hill player in to replace him. I would also prefer we play and polish our own player then invest time and polish a loan player like Ceballos. If we can get him on permanent basis great but I don’t want him to be loaned again only to play in place of our own players then polish his skills to go back to his parent club.

    1. Sid says:

      True, players like our former youth prospect Erebeci Eze at QPR and Dominik Szoboszlai at Salzburg look better for that number eight role if we cant get Ceballos. Adding them to Smith-Rowe would be exciting.

  8. RSH says:

    We are trying to build a long-term sucessful squad and all these players are now stop-gaps and not starters. Selling Laca and buying Suarez doesnt make sense in any world. Busquets, just seems like his better days are behind him and there are much better options out there. Jordi Alba, I would take as a squad player on reduced wages, and that’s it.

  9. Marty says:

    Why don’t we get Lineker, Shearer and all the other oldies out of retirement while we are at it, talk about a nothing article.

  10. Goonster says:

    Why do we always have to go for the UNWANTED?

    1. Top Gunner says:

      Is the Emirates a retirement village? The new regime is trying to build a team with tired players

  11. Sergio says:

    I think Marcos Acuña from Sporting Lisboa would be a great addition. He’s 28 and reaching his prime, can play all along the left side and the portuguese team is decided to let him go for cheap, around 15M.

  12. Wenger91 says:

    No more players above 30 if we are planning to build a team for the future, I can’t think of any of the above would be happy on Arsenal bench so I’d rather spend the money somewhere else.

  13. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    I would take Suarez any day but we have budget limits.

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