Update on Arsenal’s biggest rumours – Lemar, Alexis and Mahrez

For a long time it seemed that Thomas Lemar of Monaco was Arsenal’s top transfer target, but lately the rumours seemed to have dyed down a bit. This could be because the transfer fees set by the French Champions are becoming ridiculous. The latest report says that Monaco will not sell Lemar for less than £55 million, or the 21 year-old will be staying in France for at least one more season, despite the fact that Lemar is desperate to join the Gunners….

Riyad Mahrez has also been seemingly ignored by Arsene Wenger because of the high price demanded by Leicester, but it seems that Roma have now decided to give Wenger some competition with a bid for the Algerian international, although, as confirmed by Craig Shakespeare, the bid was too low to be even considered.

Another report says that the 26 year-old is still willing to ignore other offers while he waits for Wenger to make his bid, and he is willing to wait right until the end of the transfer window. I can certainly see Wenger waiting until the final day to force a compromise out of Leicester, otherwise Mahrez will still be playing at Leicester next season….

So to Alexis. This Arsenal rumour must be the most talked about this summer, but there is very little in the way of facts. Other than the interview where Sanchez said he wanted to win the Champions League (doesn’t everyone?) there has been no concrete confirmation of any bid whatsoever so far, but that doesn’t stop the rumours!

The latest says that PSG have entered the race, and are trying to buy Alexis AND Neymar in a bid to go for the Champions League. The first rumours said that the French oil-rich club had made an offer of £35 million, which is derisory, but now it is being claimed that the Chilean has demanded £500,000-a-week from PSG to put them off, while he is still secretly hoping that the move to Manchester City will still materialise.

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has once again made it clear that he has no intention of selling Alexis to anyone, even if it is to a rival from outside the Premier League. “It’s only media imagination.” wenger said yesterday. “No, it doesn’t make any difference.” [if it’s a foreign club that wants to sign him].

So as usual it’s rumours, rumours, rumours, but very little in the way of action!



  1. Remember Resource? says:

    I had reported earlier that the media will start reporting on follow up bids, bust ups etc: regarding lemar as news heats up. Deal was and is basically done. Mahrez stands as is. Arsenal won’t meet leicsters asking price. Alexis is upto him.
    Arsenal have signed teenager Jadon Sancho from man city for around 2m. Personal terms have to be agreed followed by medical.
    Rafinha to arsenal has nothing to do with ballerina going the other way. Ballerin is an arsenal player for next season. Barca have signed Nelsen semedo.
    As far Lucas coming to arsenal part of the alexis deal? Like I said I can’t comment on anything regarding alexis as I have only rumours and guesses like the rest of the media. I could make something up if you guys want though.. lol

    1. Truelove says:

      I hope nd pray this piece of info is really true ,
      am a die hard fan of Arsenal nd Mr Arsenal..
      come what may
      Arsenal 4ever

    2. Dashing Rino says:

      @Resource Would the imminent signing of thomas lemar b our last, or r we looking into other prospective signing?

      1. Dashing Rino says:

        Tend to wonder y we arnt looking into players lyk Geoffrey Kondogbia of inter millian or jorgihno of napoli for cm/dm.

    3. AUGooner says:

      Ema Guilianelli reporting rafinha is the back up option to Goretzka if Schalke unwilling to sell, Arsenal management not sold on Rafinha

    4. Bigperf says:

      There you are ?

  2. John Legend says:

    I just hope for the best.
    If Arsene gets things right with his tactics and motivation for 85% of the season, considering that he brings in quality additions(whether Alexis leaves or not), we have a good shot at the league. If he is the same old non-hungry and non-motivating manager, no matter who he brings in, we will never get a sniff of the title.

  3. Anthony w says:

    Wenger should of got the Lamar deal done early. Now city and chelsea have taken to many of their players for them to sell hiim. Im not to positive about the transfer window again this year, we won’t strengthen other to win the league.

  4. ojay says:

    This Ox rumour to Chelsea is beginning to piss me off.
    Will he be guaranteed game time with the blues?

    1. Vijay says:

      lolz they just want to sign so they can fill their homegrown quota.

      1. ojay says:

        Now is not the time to sell the Ox.we’ve been patient with him all these years.I feel without injury he could improve this season.

  5. john says:

    It only happens once it comes on sky sports news and it speculation before if we get lemar or mahrez or both then good, but we need to sell ox, giroud, chambers, Jenkinson, Theo and Perez to free more cash, as for Alexis Sanchez well no one invincible and if he wants to leave then Wenger should sell him, no player bigger than the club

    1. ZEN2OH says:

      You have sold the whole team just because you wan to buy Lemar?

    2. Dory says:

      I would keep Perez over Welbeck. But agree to sell Theo and co. Alexis isn’t going anywhere this summer. If we get $60 mil for him it won’t matter. Because with him we can get back to CL and that’s worth almost $60 mil in itself. So financially having Alexis help us get to CL again ang going for free next year is sound. Plus, in last year of his contract he is going to want to do well so he can sign big contract elsewhere. He will be 29 going on 30 too. So, this is his year. I say keep him. If he had an off year, it’s on him. If he gets injuries etc he may have to sign back with Arsenal. Who knows what will happen.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    Unfortunately, that’s my feeling right now, I don’t think Wenger can motivate his team for a marathon hence our usual capitulation every season…

    We play well in patches, for two to three months then we come crashing down that no matter how good we are, rival fans are still gonna say….”Isn’t it Arsenal, they know their position”….

    So, under Wenger I just hope for a miracle for us to win the league…oh! A miracle happened two seasons ago when all the big boys were jinxed but lowly Leicester cruised to the league…

    I just hope Spurs won’t win the league before us before Wenger changes his ways and by change, I don’t mean buying players, what I want is tactical flexibility, aggression and grit, that’s what Wenger and his team need even more than any new player….

    1. John Legend says:

      God bless your brain.

    2. Rkw says:

      Loads of lower teams have aggression and grit … WBA burnley stoke … So the idea that same squad plus tactical flexibility will get us to the top is naive … We don’t have enough quality players in our best 11 to compete over the season … Additions are key to next season with or without Sanchez

  7. henry says:

    Like I said before Wenger signed for two more years, I stand by it.
    With Wenger in charge, no matter whom we sign – which is still proving difficult – our performances are unlikely to improve.
    I will patiently wait for his new contract to expire. Meanwhile, I will support the team, hoping for the best but with restrained optimism.

  8. john says:

    It be a difficult season as we have to play Thursday and then Sunday So only a few days rest, like him ot loathe him Wenger here for two more seasons, if we don’t get European football the following season then judge him, until then get behind him and the club and see where it take us,
    So many of the players have not given there all and should be sold

  9. ZEN2OH says:

    If Sanchez leaves get Martial. with £40- 55 million Manutd will not reject.Then give him Number 7 and see him play well alongside Lacazette. Maybe Rafina in Carzola’s position then Van Dijk then we should be ready a a new season, not a solid squad though but we have a chance

  10. John Young says:

    Sanchez £35 million what comedian comes up with this stuff. Judging by money paid for strikers so far this summer that’s less than half his value.
    The Ox are we really going to let one of our most talented players and best performers from last season go. Come on Mr Wenger pay the kid what he’s worth in today’s market.

  11. Carlos Da Silva says:

    Screw Lemar, Mahrez and Martial. If PSG get Neymar maybe we can sneak Di Maria. The day when Ozil and Di Maria where together at Real Madrid they were awesome together.
    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Kol/Mon
    Ramsey Xhaka
    Di Maria Ozil Sanchez
    I know he didn’t do great at United but they were playing such a crappy brand of football where he didn’t get to flourish, he’s doing great at PSG. That front 4 would be mouthwatering, maybe bring somebody more defensive in place of Ramsey because that front 4 would be more than enough of a goal threat.
    This is the first formation that I didn’t put 3 at the back in ages. Sell Ox the ‘Pool to fund it.

    It would be a perfect circle, Ox to ‘Pool, Coutinho to Barca, Neymar to PSG and Di Maria to Arsenal!

  12. Goonarish! says:

    Buying Lacazette was a mistake, mark my words!

    1. Bigperf says:

      Lol mourinho that you?

  13. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Just pay the £55 million and get Lemar. He is worth it. Mahrez isn’t. £35 million seems about right for Mahrez

    Use Ox to get Matic or Fabregas
    By the way, Ox will not be starter for Chelsea. They have Hazard, Fabregas, Batshuayi, Oscar, Kante, Pedro, Willian etc
    I don’t know what’s going through his head.
    Ox won’t be as respected there as he is here.
    Ox should stay here
    £100,000 per week is a good offer too

    Get Goretzka, Carvalho, Matic or Fabregas

    Alexis 3 options
    1. Sell abroad
    2. Keep him here
    3. Sell him to City to get Aguero or de bruyne

    Other than that, under no circumstances we sell to Premier League rivals!!!

    Only a few weeks left, let’s sign who we need to sign

  14. Vishaad says:

    If the news of a 70million pound bid from PSG are true I would give them 30million in exchange for Verratti and Julian Draxler or Lucas Mora . Draxler and Lucas can fill the void left by Sanchez as well as help Ozil to create attacks whilst Verratti would be the ideal central midfielder to fill the void in the absence of Carzola . It’s not coincidence that since Carzola’s injury Arsenal seem to have lost their identity , I believe it’s time we got rid of Ozil who seems uninspired to play for the Arsenal shirt , we should look at Pjanic from Juventus or Ivan Rakatic would be an upgrade to Ozil.

  15. guardianoftheemirates says:

    @Admin… It’s “died” not “dyed”

  16. ade says:

    Sanchez want to leave
    We r not sure of LAcazette performance yet
    No new world class striker signed
    And someone suggesting selling of Giroud.

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