Update on Arsenal’s biggest stars new contracts

Arsenal set to shell out major money to keep stars at the club!

There’s been plenty of talk over the past week about the contractual situations surrounding Arsenal’s two best players. Both Gunners stars Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are reportedly in talks with the club about having their existing contracts extended and both are set for a pay rise.

Both Alexis and Ozil are entering the last two years of their respective contracts and the Arsenal officials are therefore keen to extend the contacts as soon as possible. Arsenal are keen to avoid another Robin Van Persie situation in which he had the upper hand on his future and so Arsenal will have to ensure Alexis and Ozil are willing to commit to at least another few years.

Whilst Mesut Ozil is reportedly keen to extend his contract and has already held positive talks, Alexis Sanchez is supposedly more hesitant towards committing his future to the club. Ozil has repeatedly indicated his love of London, the club and his desire to remain with the Gunners. Ozil has clear intentions of being successful with Arsenal and although he has already won 2 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields during his time with the team, Ozil of course dreams of winning the Premier League or Champions League with Arsenal. It is understood that Ozil is currently on around £140k per week, but with an increased weekly wage and bonuses added, it is expected the German star could hit the £200k mark with the Gunners.

Alexis Sanchez reportedly isn’t so sure on whether his future is at Arsenal and he has supposedly questioned whether Arsenal hold the right level of ambition to match his winning mentality. After some last minute signings it was reported Alexis was boosted by the level of intent, but if Arsenal fail to win anything this season, he may still question his future. Alexis supposedly wants a wage that would match Ozil’s £200k a week, as well as the fact he would also like a release clause inserted.

The two new contract extensions, which are anticipated to end in 2020, would mean a major £400k would be spent on the two players every week. This may not be a mean feat for the likes of United, City and Chelsea, but Arsenal have always been proud of their wage structure and Alexis and Ozil are now set to smash that. Despite what you feel about Arsenal’s financial basis, there is no doubt that if we want to have the best chances of success, then we need to keep hold of our star players. If that means we have to catchup with the more ‘modern’ approach to footballs relationship with money, then that is what we must offer our best players.



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Yeah right, Keeping up with the modern football relationship with money? ? Whilst Spending €17 million on a Striker! ?
    No offence to Lucas perez but going by that evidence I can’t see Arsenal paying £200,000 aweek to both Sanchez and Ozil without a long hard haggling battle. ?

  2. NIKK says:

    Speculate to accumulate but at Arsenal its just calculate.

  3. Twonk says:

    If Alexi doesn’t want to stay at the club then go mate! No one is bigger than the club.

    Besides his performances have not exactly been up there with Henry and Bergkamp to be making out the club is a bit beneath him. Most of the time he runs up blind alleys or takes a touch too many anyway.

  4. Big G says:

    As i’ve said before, pay them the money or sell them. Arsenal do the same with buying, selling and negotiating players new contracts as they do on the pitch. They convince a couple of world class players that their plans for the future are to build a winning side for all competitions so they will sign and then just do enough to keep them happy while the fans suffer because they won’t spend to but the players really needed to build that winning team. Flatter to decieve.

  5. Okayblack says:

    Ozil 200k? Yes worth it!
    Alexis Sanchez? Well, if he insists on being equals with Ozil, he can leave. We Love him, have loved him always even when he annoys us fans with his two-man dribbles & runs which end up killing our attacks!
    But truth be told, we can’t sacrifice Ozil for U, Mesut Ozil is our 1st Choice!!!!

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