Updated top-four run-in predictions – Are Arsenal still set for fourth?

A few days ago Just Arsenal ran an article predicting who we felt would finish where in the race for a top fourth position and despite last night’s loss the good news is that we will still end up in fourth place once all has been done and dusted.

There are now just three games to go and it is no longer in our hands, however, the initial predictions always had that scenario after this round of games and so nothing really has changed in that respect.

It must be admitted that after the way we played last night that it is now more hopeful than confident that we will get the points predicted below, but these are the predictions we went with. Now that the games that have been played this week have been removed this is how we see the last three games unfolding…


v West Ham 1 pt
v Bournemouth 3 pts
v Everton 1 pt

Finishing points 75 pts


v Man Utd 1 pt
v Watford 3 pts
v Leicester 1 pt

Finishing points 72 pts

Man Utd

v Chelsea 1pt
v Huddersfield 3 pts
v Cardiff 3 pts

Finishing points 71 pts


v Leicester 1 pt
v Brighton 3 pts
v Burnley 3 pts

Finishing points 73 pts

Initially, we had us finishing above Chelsea only on goal difference but now we are a point clear and that is because we predicted a draw with Wolves and a win for Chelsea over Burnley and so the upshot is we lost one point and Chelsea two from our predictions.

So, while it is all very depressing right now there is no reason not to remain hopeful over the last three games.


  1. Atid says:

    Very biased.

    I’m expecting
    Spurs 9 points = 77
    Chelsea 7 points = 74
    United 7 points = 71
    Arsenal 3 points = 69

    IMO we need to win all 3 to make the top 4.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I also highly doubt Arsenal would reach top four if they cannot win the remaining games

  2. Gogo says:

    Why can’t we see that even if we make top 4 and Chelsea wins the EL we might still not make the UCL. Assuming Chelsea and Liverpool wins the EL and URL respectively we are still doomed so I will say top 4 is useless at this stage. EL glory our only true chance and I think Emery has seen that too.

    1. dotash says:

      England can still have 5 clubs in the champions league..

  3. S says:

    When was the last time we won without Ramsey, it’s a travesty that the guy who’s leaving us had saved our season up to this point

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      fans have declared him as a deadwood many years ago and wanted him out…

      but the man saved us many times though he had some tough moments

  4. GB says:

    You think we will win at Burnley ffs!
    And did you see how Brighton held spurs for 88 minutes.?

    1. GunnerJack says:

      We will stuff Burnley, Brighton and Leicester if we attack them! If we play the usual timid, ‘scared of the opposition’ way then we don’t deserve to win. DEFENCE HAS NOT WORKED! Is there only me who has noticed this FFS? Our strengths are in ATTACK! If UE plays an attacking line up and we lose then fair enough. At lease we will have gone down fighting and not on our backs saying ‘tickle my tummy.

  5. Antz says:

    Wishfull thinking!!
    Forget about spurs, they will get 3rd place.
    As for the rest of us … 7points each I reckon and that will leave us all as we are.

  6. Fender says:

    It could be a blessing if we don’t get top 4 or E L maybe a massive clear out Emery has had time to access all the players now like in any new job have a massive clear out and bring in players that suit his style of play that’s what I hope for That’s what George Graham did years ago I would sale Bellerin to raise more money keep sokaritis and holding get rid of all the other defenders apart from Leno just get players in to play as a team with a system look what liecester did and look what wolves have done need a system of play and stick to it if your not playing well you are dropped but keep the same shape like Liverpool

  7. This is a rebuild year, first with Emery at the helm. Fans must be patient, it’s a work in progress. We could very well end up in 6th with no silverware again this season. Nobody get upset, Klopp took 3 years, Emery needs the same time, but also financial support.

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