“ur to funny man! Liar” Jack Grealish reacts to Saka’s social media claim about his Chelsea goal

Jack Grealish has jokingly called Bukayo Saka a liar after the Arsenal teenager said his goal against Chelsea yesterday wasn’t a fluke.

Saka scored arguably the best goal of the night when he chipped Edouard Mendy from outside the goal area.

The goal was classy and looked to have been the result of some hard work in fine-tuning his skills by Saka.

On the other hand, it was a technique that is simply too good to be true and Grealish as well as some fans who watched the game think that he wanted to do something else and scored a goal instead.

After the game, Saka took to Twitter to post an image of himself celebrating the goal.

He then captioned the post “Saw him off his line !”

His caption suggested that he meant to score against Mendy when he played the ball.

However, Grealish disagrees and he responded to the post with “ur to funny man! Liar ” in between laughing emojis.

Saka was once again at his brilliant best against the Blues and Arteta will hope that he will continue to perform in that manner whenever he is called upon to play for the Gunners.

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  1. Hard one to call. I remember scoring a 30 metre volley which comfortably sailed just under the goal post. This was during a school yard game of what we used to call mad soccer because there were few rules and no restrictions on the number of players. It was an instinctive reaction and I could just have easily missed the ball altogether such were my footballing skills. Everyone stopped to scratch their heads wondering where that had come from because along with the fat kids I would have normally been the last person chosen on any team. Regarding ,Saka’s goal, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. On repeated viewing it does look like he was acting instinctively and aiming at that top corner.

  2. Makes no difference really, he scored the goal, came from his boot which was laced to his foot, sour grapes from a fellow professional.

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