Usmanov denies Arsenal sell out!

Yesterday news broke that apparently club shareholder Alisher Usmanov was considering selling his Arsenal shares in order to reinvest his money in another Premier League club. That rumour however has since been denied today by a spokesperson on behalf of Usmanov, who reassured Arsenal fans that the Russian is fully committed to Arsenal Football Club for the long term future.

A spokesperson for Usmanov denied the rumours this morning, with a statement that reads: ‘Contrary to some speculative media reports, Red and White Holdings would like to state that Mr Alisher Usmanov does not intend to sell his stake in Arsenal Holdings Plc (‘Arsenal’). Mr Usmanov continues to be committed to Arsenal and considers his stake in the Club as a long-term investment for his family and future generations.’

It had been reported that Usmanov was becoming frustrated with Arsenal’s lack of progress and that he was considering selling his shares so he could form a partnership with his personal friend Farhad Moshiri, who is currently a major shareholder at Everton.

Usmanov currently owns 30.4% of Arsenal shares in Red and White Holdings but despite having such a high percentage, Usmanov currently has no position on the Arsenal board. Without an official position, Usmanov is unable to have his say on any directing decisions at the club, something which was supposedly frustrating the billionaire.

Usmanov is keen for Arsenal to obviously yield profitable financial results in return of his investment, but more importantly he wants to see Arsenal run as a football club that wins trophies, rather than a business minded organisation solely based around profits. Under his rival and current majority share holder Stan Kroenke, Arsenal have seen their ‘business’ turn more towards saving money and making big bucks for the American, rather than investing the same money into players that will help the team win trophies.

It is promising to hear that despite Usmanov’s likely frustrations surrounding Kroenke, that the Russia Billionaire is not thinking about jumping ship anytime soon. This would be especially bad news for Arsenal fans, given that such a sale would allow an opportunity for Kroenke to buy the club outright, with an ownership of 100% of the club shares.



  1. I am happy that there is at least one good major shareholder who values trophies nearly as much as money

  2. I don’t know if the rumours were true or not…I however know that at a time like this in Arsenal’s season, lots of news will come out.
    I also know that most of the owners (or majority shareholders) of clubs put their money where their money is. I still don’t believe that Mancity or Chelse or Man U are way way way richer than Arsenal. I believe that their owners are happy to push their money into the club, while expecting great things. I know Silent Stan is a multi billionaire, and is capable of pumping his money into the club. The sad thing is that he milks us instead. Arsenal are his ‘goose that lays the golden egg’.
    As much as I dislike Chelsea, I really envy them when I see their owner watching almost all their matches, and jumping for joy whenever they score. He’s a Chelsea fan.
    Until we get an owner/ majority shareholder who is an Arsenal fan, we will continue in this spiral of despair.

      1. True @ Fatboy Gooney…why would Silent Stan want to give up his shares of a team that makes him more money than all his other sports franchises?

  3. Just read that Mustafi medical is scheduled for Monday
    But also remember reading a few months back about Vardy medical scheduled for a Friday and we all know how that went
    Anyway, hope it happens this time

    1. I also read that WBA are looking for a replacement for Johnny Evans lol

      Apparently Mustafi is recovering from an injury that was kept quiet and Arsenal are inquiring the extent of that,
      Well… Wenger did say that he is looking for the right kind of player! … Do the maths! ?

    1. Hahaha The moans will go into mute mode, once we start winning a few game’s.

      As for boycotts and protests! That’s another joke of a story, when you take last season’s shenanigans into consideration.

      Does Errrrrr “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” ring any Bells!? ? ?

  4. There is no smoke without fire. One day everyone will get tired of Arsenal and our delusional manager. Then we will become a Newcastle and an Aston Villa if the London based fans won’t wake up to save the club.

  5. Assuming Arsenal fans gather a massive protest in UK specifically LONDON, against the majority share holder Satan K. And in favor of Usmanov, do you think it will make any effect??????
    Just a taught.

    1. Hahaha You’re tripping Mate and while your at it, Blow some of that smoke down here! ?
      You have more chance of kicking out the Queen and the monarchy, from Buckingham Palace.

  6. My question is when the heck are the FFP rules actually going to kick in? They said last year it was supposed to happen yet we still see certain clubs spending willy nilly. I remember Wenger saying a few years ago around this time Arsenal would be smiling because of the stable financial model we have built. To a degree it’s true, but we still are not seeing enough investment into the squad…unless we can somehow beat the odds this season, Arsenal are going to be that ‘just can’t cut it’ club for decades to come. The way things are now, we will never be a strong European force and it makes me so angry that we had everything to make us champions but greed got the better of the shareholders who sold out to someone who thinks a football is shaped like an egg. Being an Arsenal fan is like being in a bad marriage with no option to cheat or divorce!

    1. I’m starting to wonder if the FFP rule is just another myth that Wenger created, not that he is short on excuses lol
      Since there is no proof that it actually exists! Look at City, they continue to spend huge amounts without the need to sell in order to balance up their books, you can also add Utd to that aswell.

  7. How are we still looking for players while other teams are strengthening is beyond me. but then again is arsene we are talking about.
    call be unambitious but i will chop of your hand for shane long. yes i know some may argue he is not our standard but tell me what our standard is when it comes to the striking position for the past 6-7 years. he works tirelessly, never stop running, he is clinical, not injury prone, knows the premier league. he is miles ahead of vardy and to some extent giroud. am a big giroud fan but the lad can do with some help. joel campbell can be our own mane but somehow wenger is turning him to a deadwood by not using him.
    honestly at this point i would take evans. why we didnt go for ashely williams i dont know.
    we do business with southampton why not give them walcot plus some cash for fonte and long since they like selling their best players. or wenger can just bulk up and leave after this year.
    now about our players, i cant see the reason why we bought holdings if either chambers or bielik is gonna stay because to me i will keep holding and bielik and sell chambers. he is not improving if you ask me. and people saying sanchez and ozil could leave sorry but what have they done since they came, atleast sanchez i know is trying but ozil sometimes lets us fans down. so to me he needs to justify his salary aswell as so many of them. my most dissappointed player was elneny because i had so much hope for him but is just one game so i can forgive him.
    all in all oxlade, walcot and wilshere if i were them they will play out their heart because if wenger is gone by the end of season i think they are going aswell if they dont improve because i know no manager will keep them for that long if not wenger.
    i have hope for us this season but i am not delussional , so fingers crossed.

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