Usmanov to invest his Arsenal profits by taking over Charlton?

Alisher usmanov walked away with a cool £600million after selling his Arsenal shares to the American Stan Kroenke, and it was expected that he would switch his allegiance to Everton. But now it is being reported that the Russian oligarch is set to take over League One Charlton, and it will only cost him a paltry £20million for a club that was in the Premier League just 12 years ago.

Darren Lewis from the Daily Mirror believes that the Uzbekistan-born businessman sees potential in Charlton, and he wrote:

“Unpopular absentee-owner Roland Duchatelet is said to want around £20million for the the south-east London club he took over in 2014 for a similar amount.

Charlton are believed to be losing around £10million a year, with Duchatelet’s attempts to sell so far unsuccessful. Fans have led a series of protests at his running of the club and a series of cost-cutting measures which have angered staff.

Duchatelet said this week: “My conclusion is that the recipes from the business world are totally unsuccessful in football. [Investing in football] was a mistake.

I really hope that Usmanov does buy them as it would be interesting to see exactly how much he would invest to get the Latics back into the Top Tier. He has spent years telling us how much he wanted to invest in new players at Arsenal to make them great again, but was never allowed any say in the club by Kroenke.

Could he do it now at our poorer neighbours?



  1. gotanidea says:

    20M is very cheap for a club like Charlton

    Ronaldo (the Brazilian) acquired Valladolid for 30M

    Maybe Flamini could take Arsenal over from Kroenke

  2. Leon says:

    Another club that will soon over take Arsenal then.
    Well done Stan Kroenke.
    I hope you get hit by a fast moving truck….

  3. Then, once Charlton in the premiership is going to beat us every Sunday looolll

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I can’t even remember Charlton were in the Premier League 12 years ago. And now they are not even in the championship division talk less of to be in the Premier League but are in League One. But if Usmanov buys the club to own it and invest heavily in the club to bring in top caliber players that could see the club transformed to rapidly gain 2 promotions in 2 seasons and challenge Arsenal to the PL Title win to make a big statement to Stan Kroenke that, had he allowed him a say in the club affairs, he would have overseen a transformation shake up at Arsenal which would have led to the club win the PL Title at least 3- 4 times in the last decade. And also over see the club is successfully to win the Europen Title of the CL at least twice in the last decade. So let’s wait to see whether Usmanov will at Charlton match his Arsenal words or go back on them as he takes over Chalton

    1. Phil says:

      I don’t care how much money you believe Usmanov has but I can assure you Charlton will not challenge anyone for the Premiership Title in two seasons even if he did take over.Just think for a minute.A ground that holds 20,000.A team that if they did get consecutive promotions to the Premiership would need WORLD CLASS PLAYERS to even begin to make any sort of impression in the top flight.Realistically what players would sign for Charlton?What Manager would go There?im not convinced zusmanov will be buying the Club anyway.

      1. Tim Ruffle says:

        Agree but as a Charlton fan can I point out that the Valley is 27,000 and that this story is probably a aload of garbage anyway. However Putin could take us over and I’d still be delighted!

        1. ozziegunner says:


  5. Pauladonis says:

    It’s funny what the current charlton owner feels it means to invest in a football club… even at a club of charlton’s standing, where the pressure and cost of success isn’t astronomical… Now i know what Kroenke must think about investing in our ARSENAL

  6. Will says:

    Could be a good investment. However, living in the North East I would actually love him to buy out Newcastle and oust Ashley. 55k fans every week and a growing city that is being pumped with investment and development, would be a very interesting project for him IMO

    1. Phil says:

      Will-Usmanov is a businessman which is why I believe he will invest at Everton.He has his eye on redeveloping Goodson Park when they move to their new Stadium I wouldn’t mind betting.If he was Football fan then yes I would agree that Newcastle would be perfect after all you have been through with your present owner.

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