Usmanov urges Arsenal to SPEND SOME MONEY!

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder Alisher Usmanov has been very quiet about the club in the last year or two, but now with the Gunners languishing in 8th place in the Premier League he has spoken out and urged Arsene Wenger to spend money on reinforcing the squad.

“My opinion – and I tell it openly – we need to strengthen every position to play on the level of such teams in (the) U.K. as Chelsea and Manchester City, in Europe like Real (Madrid), Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, (Bayern Munich) and other clubs,” he told CNBC.

In a thinly-veiled jibe at Arsene Wenger he criticized his seeming inability to learn from the same mistakes occuring over and over. “Arsenal is a dream that sometimes becomes a mirage and sometimes a pain as every dream,” Usmanov continued.

“The potential of the team is there, but there is no critical evaluation of mistakes and they need to need to acknowledge them. Because no genius can retain the same level of genius if they do not acknowledge mistakes. It’s only when you admit your mistakes that you can get rid of them.”

When specifically asked about Wenger he was even more specific. “He is one of the greatest coaches, not just of European, but of world football. But we have a Russian proverb which goes: “Even an old lady can have a roof falling on her,”

“Everybody makes mistakes. He can make mistakes and I know as you age it is more difficult, more challenging to accept one’s mistakes,”

Usmanov has previously stated that he would like to invest more money in the club to help them compete with other cash rich rivals, but when asked this time he simply said: “Does Wenger have money or not? There is officially money in the club,”

I am glad Usmanov has started to take an interest in Arsenal yet again, but I doubt very much that Kroenke will be looking to sell up – unless revenues start to fall i guess…..

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  1. In other words:

    Wenger keeps making the same mistakes and always will, in addition to not signing suitable players.

    The footballing world has said it, now one of our major shareholders is now saying it

    Solution: WENGER OUT!!

    1. Off Topic…

      I got back home from work and decided to visit justarsenal (as is my addictive habit— I don’t need help), and found this SWEETLY SHOCKING comment:

      Well we can see exactly what the the problem
      is, our players are taking matters into their own hands instead of having one strategy which is supposed to be enforced by the manager. This is why we have no cohesion in the final third, Ramsey thinks he can score from every opportunity and has become selfish, Wilshere’s ego is far too big and his spat with Fellaini just proves that he still has much growing up to do. Even Rooney of all players was laughing at him, Mertesacker thought he was a CF for the last 20 mins, exposing our defense big time and Wenger says he was surprised we were so vulnerable at the back? Either Wenger told him stay up front, or he did it on his own accord which according to Wenger’s statement this was the case!? No one is taking responsibility for our players actions and this has been the problem the whole season so far. Each player is doing their own things instead of working together as a unit with our manager as the brain. Total disunity, our left hand has no idea what the right hand is going.

      End of the season, I want Pep Guardiola to
      replace Wenger. We deserve nothing but the

      by Big_Gun

      OMG!!! It has happened: Big_Gun gives up on Wenger!!! I’m so happy, I’m in tears.

      Come here YOU!!! *HUGS* You’ve been redeemed!!! Hallelujah!!!

      1. This isn’t an off topic, atleast we are hearing something from someone in the inside, and now you should know they still believe in wenger, they think akb

        1. @Zulu, NY_Gunner’s case is a damn stubborn one. However, the Universe will soon prevail on him.

          As for Admin, I think he’s is a pretty mild one. Admin and I go way back (not sure he still remembers all that) but Wenger happened and every got kaput.

            1. Not me! I love that we are not a counter attacking team that lets the otherteam pass the ball around and wait for the one or two chances a game. If we get a lead we continue to attack. Love it.
              What I feel is needeed are 2 athlectic CB’s to play this style. Kos come back soon. A DM that can take players off the ball with a shoulder challenge would be nice as well.
              AW has taught the team to play attacking football like no one else in the Premiership and no matter how many losses occur I am proud to call them my team.
              When Chelsea sits on 1-0 leads for a win I could care less. Im sure their attacking players love playing 10 behind the ball in those games as well.
              One other thing when Cesc left for Barcelona I would never take him back either.

              1. Exactly. I’m not going to sit here and dishing out throw away judgements on whether the manager needs to go or not, I simply don’t have enough access to the inner workings of the club to know such a thing. What is clear, though, is that Wenger is striving for the kind of football that is absolutely unplayable, the best and most attractive.

                Again I’m not going to talk about transfers as I simply don’t know enough about what happened during the window, though I have a feeling that offers were turned down; a look at United’s short comings in defense indicates that a real shortage of viable options were available.

                What I do know is that we are only in our second year out of the financial dark ages (with the arrival of Ozil and retainment of key players), and that based on other cubs that have recently come into money, it takes more than a year or two to build a completely dominant team. Remember Chelsea under Renieri? City under Hughes?

                I’ve been seeing flashes of brilliance all season, and if the club keeps investing intelligently like we have the last two seasons (not denying that we didn’t get everything we needed last window, but more pointing to the importance of not pulling a Spuds or Liverpool), and keeps the young core team together, the consistency will come and we will regularly be playing the kind of football that achieved the impossible in 03/04, the most fearsome and beautiful in the world, the kind that Wenger is obviously striving for.

                I know that I have the patience for that.

              1. @rwrw
                As if I need to be liked by people whom I will more than likely never meet, and who have no bearing what so ever on my”REAL” life…
                Sad to know that your life revolves around this “virtual” nothing. Very sad…

          1. @john0711
            Exactly what is it that I need saving from? Collective opinion syndrome? Intolerance? Myopic mental midgetry?
            Keep your view point and I’ll keep mine. And let that be that…

      2. LMAO I am smiling. My friend, I NEVER EVER said I support Wenger indefinitely. If you go back, I always said he deserves our support till the end of the season, where in the time being can plan and execute his replacement PROPERLY and not some half assed make shift plan. The guy who is replacing him needs to know that he is joining a club WITH CLASS AND RESPECT. Sacking Wenger now, half way through the season would be detrimental in landing a top class manager.

        So I will say this one last time, and I know most of you don’t give a rats ass, but some do and I’m tired of being taken out of context. I will support Wenger till the end of the season out of respec and, because he deserves that much, BUT ultimately he must go and make way for a younger, more passionate manager who has a winning mentality.

    2. Where’s the money at?
      Only the blind will fail to see that Wenger is operating under serious financial constraints. Yes we signed sanchezchambers,welbeck and co but we also let a lot of players go.
      Even with the serious money coming from ticket ,sales,merchandise,endorsements, stadium naming rights etc, that small Chelsea has the same wage bill as arsenal, with their youth team and players on loan costing as much as our entire first team.
      Until arsenal fan accept that Chelsea and man city are nothing more than pay-to-win clubs whose entire model and success are built upon charity and their bought elite status will only go as deep as Abrahamnovic’s pockets.
      This man was on the board long before Kroenke. Why didn’t he put his money where his mouth was.? Now, he keeps bi*tcing in the press because he knows that there is serious money to be made in the club.
      Lastly, for those klopp, klopp,klopp people, I have one word for you………….. Felix Margath of Fulham.
      My only problem with wenger is that he is not ruthless with the player and also holds on to mediocre players too long.

    3. Let’s not be like wenger. Let’s ‘act’ in the hope we can change things.

      Sign this petition and share it with all who care about AFC (A is for Arsenal and not Arsene)!


  2. It seems Wenger is pursuing project after project, without realizing that he is very good in spoting great foreign experienced talent. His first project was developing young player (which is quite understandable considering the financial health of club). But his latest project of having “British core” is main reason of this year downfall.

    If you analyze properly, the stats of Wilshere, Welback, Gibbs, Ox, chambers are pathetic, even Ramsey stats are poor this season……I don’t think any of the top 10 side in PL want these 6 players, leave alone top clubs in the world….And due to wenger insistence of playing and stating them ahead of other better player (like cazarola, roisky in midfield and podolski on wings), the result is everyone to see…..Just face it, Arsenal attack is much more worse than its defense.
    Wenger is delude to think that he can do the same as Bayern and Barca have done with their local players with average English players.

    1. I don’t understand when we have a squad with so many injuries that Wenger could afford to continue to use the same people on offense. He uses them until they burn out or in our case gets injured. Then in comes the next player who will play 90+ minutes and then eventually burn out. Some of these games Wenger could’ve surely started someone else like Poldi, Rosicky, ffs Campbell! His method just doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Why is Stan Kroenke so silent ? How come Usmanov comes to say things when there is an obvious need for something on the board to be done ? Why doesn’t mr. Usmanov has his place on the board ? Wenger OUT !!!!! It’s the only way we’ll move forward!

    1. Stan Kroenke is not into football. He’s into sports franchises. I don’t know if he even cares whether his team brings home trophies. He’ll bark when the team makes losses though… in the pocket, I mean! To him, if it doesn’t make profits, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t think he’s one of those owners who’ll say, “I’ll find my own ways of getting these millions of mine into the players’ pockets without looking illegal… anything to make my team tops!” Usmanov, on the other hand, I get a feeling he is the type that will perch in his office recliner & shut off phone calls for 2 hours to watch a game. Between Stan & Wenger, we just might be screwed both ways!

      1. @Gooneristic Truth
        Stan is into”takeovers” And take overs are all about acquiring a business, stripping it down and selling off it’s assets. AFC are being bamboozled, AW, the board, shareholders,the players and us the fans/supporters.
        And being honest, as sad as it may seem, I think AW see’s this coming and can’t do a thing about it.

  4. It is so refreshing to hear that we have someone with a genuine interest in the club on the board, I just wish he had more power in decision making. I honestly don’t believe Silent Stan has any passion for the Arsenal at all, this is a business to him, that’s all.

  5. To me this is a little too late, but it’s better late than never. Can’t hope for much in the January transfer window but it’s good to see someone high up like Usmanov putting some pressure on our manager. It’s about time Wenger started feeling the heat.

  6. Wenger will never ever change our style of play (tika-taka) even though most teams in the prem have figured us out before the game even starts. This is why we cannot counter attack, we are too slow going forward.

    1. Dude, sometimes I have terrible arguments with my phone, it gets angry and automatically shuts itself down. Or it could just decided to f**k me up by posting wrong and badly typed comments on its own.


  7. If, IF, we get to the KO rounds of UCL, could you imagine our squad against the likes of Barca, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Bayern, and worst of all Real Madrid? I’m cringing just thinking about it. I know that we could possibly have the potential to do so but……….

  8. Well, the f**king problem I have with Usmanov is that all he does is just leave comments on JustArsenal. I know he loves the club, but I’m sure he damn knows that unless he takes the ultimate step to takeover, nothing will change.

        1. He can’t take over if no one’s selling shares to him. I don’t think he has that many left for the 30% ownership or something like that.

          Or do you mean the user Usmanov here on JustArsenal? 😀

          1. @Juhislihis, WTF? Dude, if no one sells u shares, I say u f****king steal them.

            At least, that’s what Robin Hood will do.

            1. I’m with you mate, hopefully we can take over. At least he’s been a huge fan of Arsenal for years and has critized the way club is being run publicly. He did when RVP didn’t extent his contract and I think this was the second time he came out saying this.

              Meanwhile Dictator Silent-Stan keeps milking his cash cow and could care less to whom we lose and how much.

        2. Are you trying to tell me you think the real Alisher Usmanov is a justarsenal blogger!! lmao, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR JOKING?

  9. I’d love to see us do well under a Wenger again, I do like and respect the man however I just don’t see us ever being successful under him ever again, he’s too stubborn to change his ways and doesn’t realise that the game has evolved. I want him out because he can’t ever get the lads up for a big game ever and makes the same mistakes in the transfer window time and time again.

  10. We are screwed! We are so screwed! I am bringing WENGER: SPECIALIST IN FAILURE sign to the Emirates on tuesday! Just you watch me!!!

  11. 98% of People on here just seem to keep repeating themselves.. Wenger out, Wenger out, Wenger out etc… We hear you guys and know you want him out. But Wenger is not going anywhere soon not until end of the season..

    Wenger out, Wenger out ain’t going to change anything right now.. We all know you want him out but can’t you wait until the end of the season?

    Just keeping repeating yourselves saying the same thing on every comment you post is getting a bit chringeworthy now..

    1. wait untill we finnish 4, and he promises bright future LOL, we have been there, every season, we are tired, i want something now, not in future FFS

      1. unfortunately the fans who believe Wenger and Gazidis’s bullshit every summer are the ones keeping them there. I cannot understand how some fans fall for the same nonsense every season and expect to win premier league, or champions league. I’d easily bet my life Wenger will never ever win a UCL trophy for us.

        1. this happens almost every season, but honestly, this is the worse we have been playing I think under the whole Wenger era. This team is simply horrible. I’ll miss us being in UCL, but lets be honest, we never have a chance of winning it anyways. Its just about money

  12. I think Wenger backed STAN ahead of USMANOV because he evaluated their personalities and clocked that STAN was more like himself, easy, quiet etc..

    But if it was USMANOV who had the majority share in the club, he would have been been on Wengers back after one season. Wenger has not had anyone to tell him what to do for the past 8 seasons, and that has made him feel invincible and comfortable. That’s why he has been so laid back and messing up in the transfer windows..

  13. Try and think of d world class DEFENDERS dat we hav either made or brought thru out wengers reign, and u will only recall a handfull of dem, like Ashley Cole, sol Campbell, William gallas mayb ?, sagna, koscielny and mayb 1 or 2 more to d list. One can argue dat even dese were not world class, but its d best Wenger brought to arsenal. And den think of others, clichy, Johan djouro, squilaaci, mikel silvester, andre Santos, (please add more flops to d list) year after year we lost d title race only bcos of a STUMBLING DEFENCE. And expect no significant changes any time soon.

  14. Let me say I love Arsenals’ tiki-taka way of playing. I delightfully accommodate it in my heart. It is not the tiki-taka way of playing that has let the Gunners down in the 3 back to back games they ‘ve played, where Arsenal took only 1 point out of a possible 9. Champions League inclusive. With all due respect to him, the let down is from the boss who has been doing like an old lady that doesn’t want to forgo her wish even if it has become obvious that that wish cannot be realized anymore. I know it is well and good to build a formidable first X1 team and play them in every game. But what of if that first X1 team can’t become formidable due one lapse and the other? Due to the injury that has plagued Koscielny, there is this Monreal of a defender that the boss has drafted to mann the CB alongside Per Mertesacker. But that new partnership has failed to hold in 2 earlier games before the Man Utd one. But the boss still went ahead to risk this failing new partnership in the united game as if that new partnerships is the lifewire of Arsenal Center Half Backs. For goodness sake, is there no other option left that the boss could have employed to see if the leakage in the Arsenal CBs will stop? My concern now is, knowing how adamant the boss can be. Let him please spare us not to see another horror night of football by fielding this same failing CDs partnership when the Gunners host Dortmound on Wednesday night.

  15. www. facebook. com/

    The revolution begins now……

    (join the empty spaces)

  16. This is the same pattern every season. People will be loving Wenger once again when we clinch our 4th place position. Its ridiculous, the people who run this club are clowns. Hard to tell if them or Wenger are the bigger idiots. Now that I think about it, its NEITHER of them. Wenger wins because he gets 8mill a year for failing, and the board gets their pockets filled when Wenger gets them 4th place. The FANS are the biggest idiots in the end for spending money to fuel this circus. I spent good money to see some Arsenal games here and there but never again until this club gets serious. I’m not going to be taken as an idiot. If people want to send a message hurt what they care about most, their wallets. Most expensive football tickets in Europe. What a joke!

  17. OHHhhh NO, that would too easy for Wenger to walk now.
    It is HIS MESS, I know he cannot clean it because he does not have the tools in the squad and in his brain to resolve the current disgraceful and pathetic situation we are in…

    Even now, he has never admit responsibilities of any kind for the results.
    It is always something or the players.
    He has never been hold accountable.
    So he should stay here and be humiliated if the players cannot save him (again).

    He is not an average manager, he is below that.
    We are not in the 90’s or early 2000, modern football is cruel and rough less…
    The new era of managerial skills has passed him by without making any noise and he missed it.
    As a matter of fact, it is not even his fault if he is clueless because he is just clueless.
    But again (let me go back on that), it is his fault, because he should have been the one getting in touch with current flows and practices.

    He has chocked on too many/much p*ssy while in Brazil and forgot why we are overpaying his punk ass £8millions/year.
    A total rip off, he is a fake, a con artist, “a thief” (he knows he does not deserve the wages, but don’t mind taking them… On top of that, he asked players to take pay cuts… Hypocritical delusional unfair scum…).

    He did spend some money, but mostly not on what we needed (as usual), may be to calm down the fans.
    Sanchez should have been the ice on the cake after we got DM, CB and the rest. The fans would have been ecstatic and filled with hope.

    After he got back from Brazil, he decided to give the key of the team to Wilshere (may be our worse midfielder and a little sh*t on top of that) may because he was not invited to his bench drinking and fag puffing in Vegas and hoping he would be part of the all sex pool next time…!!!

    Anyway, the fans are again paying the price for poor management and lack of ambition.

    He is a disgrace, an arrogant fool and a delusional tactically poor fake manager.
    Mediocrity has become a normal occurrence.
    Apart from Sanchez, none of our players would get into the top teams in Europe and the guy will tell you “I see potential”… Stupid deluded “monkey”

    He is arrogant and cannot even prove it with a stroke of genius… That’s how pathetic and sad he is as an individual.

    When I watch the press conference I feel like vomiting because the guy looks out of his depth and lost in his own bullshits…!!

    1. You’re a nasty little piece aren’t you.. I love the internet but the worst aspect of it is little trolls who would never speak to someone in person the way they can anonymously tucked away safely at home.

      Call for “Wenger Out” if you must, but have some respect for the man that brought you the Invincibles.

  18. Was watching the incident between Fellaini and Wilshere.
    Fellaini must have wonder… “Should I squash that little insect or just forgive his worthless nobody? May be I should give him a fag to calm him down?”

    That was funny just to see….
    Wilshere gets frustrated when he plays badly (which is most of the time anyway)…!!

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