Usual November, but a great start to December for Arsenal!

We’re back! by Sam P

November has been Arsenal’s worst month every season in the Premier League era, but we have got past it and are still second in the table. We can’t knock that can we?

No one said it was going to be pretty but with our ever lengthening injury list it was a great performance by a severely weakened Arsenal side. Everyone keeps saying that Giroud is rubbish, but the lanky “lampost” keeps scoring every game! Okay I may agree he may as well get taken off two minutes later because he never seems to push on and score a second, and a third is just dreaming! He never has and he probably never will.

Joel Campbell got his second goal this season and looks much much (much) better than Oxlade-Chamberlain, and maybe he will now grow into the surprise star of the season. I seriously hope he does as I see him improving every single game.

Mesut Ozil is definitely the star of our season and he will be the reason we win the title. If he continues like this (and doesn’t get injured!) he really could win the Ballon d?Or next year, especially if he helps Germany to win the Euros.

And are there any words to describe Petr (the Rock) Cech? He is just too awesome to decsribe in mere words. Jose Mourinho made the biggest mistake ever by dropping him in favour of the young Belgian geezer. He must be regretting every single Arsenal result he sees.

Great isn’t it!


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  1. And then there’s the real Rambo, one game in his prepared position and he show us what we were missing. No disrespect to Santi but a goal and an assist is something to talk about.

    1. Ramsey played well in his best position. But that has nothing to do with Cazorla who has been fantastic for Arsenal.

  2. Awesome day
    WE WIN
    City lose
    Chelsea lose
    United draw
    Spuds draw

    Unfortunately, Leicester won big without a Vardy goal by Mahrez’ help. Leicester is the real deal. I like Leicester’s chances against Chelsea next weekend. Do not expect Chelsea to help us.

    Olympiakos won big today too. Our match will be tough but I believe we can do it.

  3. What I noticed is when Theo came on the cb’s were not able to double OG inside. He adds a great dimension to our attack. I still think his best position is on RW but he likes to play centrally any way so as long as he and OG play together and with OG scoring nearly every game we now have two strikers that can score and Ramsey is much more a threat to score than Santi. Our attack just got s major upgrade today.

    1. very “lucky” to get ramsey/theo back just as sanchez/cazorla checked out.
      shift change.
      if we’re to win PL, every single person in the squad will be depended on.

    1. lots of good news : ramsey & monreal looked really good.
      flam & mert still worry me.
      hope theo re-finds his scoring form.

  4. Joel Campbell has certainly moved above the Ox in the pecking order. He still sometimes has a heavy first touch, but Campbell has more dynamism and all-round contribution than Ox.
    Monreal, Kos, Ozil and of course Cech were extra solid and reliable.
    After the poor November and the key injuries, we still cannot get any credit from the TV boys. We didn’t play fluently but we still got the 3 points. Imagine if we’d drawn or lost.

    1. Today Campbell looks better and is certainly more fit. But Ox just returned from injury and Wenger likely wants to work him back in.

      Last season prior to his injury Ox was the only player to have played in every game. He had been excellent. I don’t believe for a minute that WENGER has definitively put Campbell above Ox because of anything other than fitness/readiness – at least for the time being.

      But, you are right – if Campbell’s form continues on the current path he could easily jump up the pecking order. He is looking very comfortable now whereas previously he looked very unsure of himself on the pitch. He is on the right track for sure.

  5. I know our win today was not our best match play…but I’ll have to say that the person who wrote the post – match news on bbc wasn’t fair to Arsenal. They made it seem as if we were ‘gifted’ our goals, and the own goal seemed like the goal of the season.

    1. Yes, I heard the same thing even thought Sundlerland scored ZERO goals. Arsenal scored all Four.

      It is amazing how the commentators tend to forget how football works. Unless there is a ref error or some very strange circumstance, the scoreline always determines which team deserves to win. Not possession stats. Not chances created. Not pretty passing. Not stylish boots. Just the goals.

      Arsenal scored their goals and earned their goals. Arsenal also defended well enough to win. Sunderland played well considering their history vs. Arsenal but they did not out-score Arsenal. It is quite simple actually. Single digit math. No calculator needed.

      I don’t know if it is ignorance or bias but this kind of faulty thinking is commonplace in football reporting.

  6. I’ve been quite relaxed all season
    Because of me laughing at moureens face
    so much. Get in.

    Come on lads rough game today wasn’t pretty.
    But let’s go all out in Athens give a night to
    remember !! Walcott Giroud (glad he scored to
    make up of the OG lol) Ox Ramsey Campbell.
    100% from them on Wednesday & Hopefully
    enough to see us threw. Comeeeeeee on???

  7. Off topic

    Would like to offer my condolences on the tragic passing of the elderly arsenal fan Ernie 90+years old. Respect to Claude from arsenal fan tv for making ppl aware

    Puts things into perspective.

    R.i.p 🙁

  8. One small correction to the article:

    Mourinho DID NOT let Cech come to Arsenal. He was dead set against it. Roman Abrahovich over-ruled Mourinho and allowed the sale to reward/thank Cech for his many faithful years of service.

    I am certain Mourinho went home and broke all the China when he was over-ruled.

  9. Great result, but unconvincing display against a poor team. Thank goodness this team has two world class players in Ozil and Sanchez! The squad could use a couple more like those two.

    Maybe, just maybe, Wenger will see the light in January.

    Silly me, I must be dreaming?

    1. wenger effectively does the minimum for us to get by and get 4th place. getting higher than 4th isnt in his business plan: good-to-have, but not essential.

  10. Santi brought into the party because he was the person keeping Rambo on the wing, so its not entirely irrelevant.

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