Valencia believe home support and the Arsenal defence will give them victory

As Unai Emery keeps saying, the chances of Arsenal going to the final of the Europa League remain at 50/50 despite our 3-1 lead from the first leg. The fact is that it is once in a blue moon that Arsenal do not concede away from home and if we concede the first one tonight then we are in a very precarious position. Our home win was in front of our own fans at the Emirates and they have cheered us on to an amazing home record this season, but we lack confidence without the vocal support from home Gooners.

Valencia star Kevin Gameiro, who won the Europa League three times under Emery, and also knocked Arsenal out last season as he won it again with Atletico Madrid, is very confident that his new team can come back against the Gunners rickety defence. Gameiro said: “We’re going to have chances, sure,”

“Arsenal play football and leave spaces. We are going to have chances. And two goals will be enough.

“I have not had Emery as coach for a long time. I know he will be ready.

“Going back to your old house, you will want to reach the final. We cannot hesitate and need to start this game strongly.

“It is never easy to play in a stadium with a hot atmosphere. For us it is much simpler.

“The support of the people gives you special encouragement.

“We have to look only at ourselves and if we play our game, we will win. I love this type of games.”

Let us all hope that our team overcome their awayday fears, just like they did at Napoli. I know I will get nervous if Valencia score first, never mind the players!



  1. Factually incorrect! The chances of us qualifying are far more in our favour than 50/50 despite my private reservations. Just check any bookies odds if you doubt me but then leave betting well alone. Just righting a clear untruth in the article. Opinions should NEVER be presented as facts , esp when they are so clearly untrue.

    1. Err as I said in the article “…. as Unai Emery keeps saying…”. It was not stated as a fact but as a quote from Emery…
      Emery said: Good evening. For us, it’s the same message as when we played the first leg in London. We are in a 50/50 for two teams and after the first leg, the result has not changed my ideas.

      1. On a technicality, how your article was phrased clearly says that you too think the tie is 50/50. The phrase “as Emery says” clearly says that you endorse his view. In particular, the “as” damns you! Proper use of English may well have changed things in your favour Pat. If you choose to phrase incorrectly (as to what you MEAN) it can hardly be a surprise when I or anyone else picks you up on it. I am not trying to trip you up but your article clearly said to me that you agree with Emery. To others too I would think. I would like to know how YOU perceive the true odds of us qualifying; we all know Emery’s English is fragile at best.

  2. Gameiro said “Arsenal play football and leave spaces”

    Wait until he sees Emery’s bus in 3-4-2-1

    1. No top team ever parks the bus. Not any more in my opinion.
      It is true that we can’t give them space, but since we’re crap at defending, we would need to keep the ball. Torreira can only do so much in front of an aging defence. Valencia only need to press us twice and we’re out. Unless Leno or Cech has a blinder. But I don’t think it’ll happen.

  3. I hope we have a strong referee as the Valencia players will be theatrical in the extreme.We cannot go down to ten men so I trust Emery will stress to Mustafi , if selected ,and Socrat is the need to stay on their feet.I do not think Ozil will start the match and I sincerely hope Mik is left out as well.This is a game for battlers not bottlers.

    1. AGREED ON BOTH OZIL AND MKHI. I would start Iwobi over either for no other reason than that Iwobi gives his all, and 100% will be needed tonight. Neither Ozil nor Mkhi get anywhere near 100% effort ever. That is why I fervently hope both are gone by August next. Ideally I would like Iwobi gone too but do not see it happening.

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