Valencia v Arsenal Preview, Form Guide, Line-up and Score Prediction

So the big day arrives, and if Arsenal do not win through tonight we can be assured that we will be watching Thursday night football yet again next season (for the third season running!). But we have every reason to be positive after beating Valencia 3-1 at the Emirates, and we should have many fresh players after Emery’s rotations again last weekend.

But we must be aware that Valencia are no pushovers at home, and have won their last 7 Europa League games on home territory, and also beat Man United and Young Boys at home in the Champions League Group stages. but let us look at their Europa games so far this season….

All wins as I said, but it is worth noting that they haven’t scored more than two goals in any of them, which they would have to do tonight to have a real chance of going through, especially if Arsenal manage a consolation. Even the win over United was only 2-1…

But Arsenal’s away form leaves a lot to be desired as well, even in the Europa we lost to both Rennes and BATE before our win over Napoli. In fact, in our last 16 away games, we have won one FA cup game (Blackpool) and 2 League games (Watford and Huddersfield) and our win at Napoli. Hardly awe inspiring!

The Boss Unai Emery is well aware that we are not going to have it easy at his old club, he told yesterday: “Good evening. For us, it’s the same message as when we played the first leg in London. We are in a 50/50 for two teams and after the first leg, the result has not changed my ideas. Tomorrow is going to be very difficult here and we can take some examples, not just yesterday but also in the past. But knowing it is difficult here, we are going to play with all our ambition, with full motivation and the preparation needs to be good for this match.

“Our idea is to play the match, thinking to win. After, you want to win then you need to score. Also, how they consider you to do some attacks with the possibility to score because they are a very organised team and their structure is very strong defensively. But also they need to score. They have attacking players with big qualities, combinations and the possibility to score here tomorrow. Our idea is to do both: be defensively strong and offensively, take our chances. Above all, I think it depends how we are on the pitch tomorrow. The 90 minutes can be long and there can be moments for our attack and their attack. We need to be solid and most importantly control the match tomorrow.”

One thing we can be sure of is that Emery will have the very best team available to him on the pitch tonight. He won’t drop Cech through loyalty and promises, but his outfield ten must certainly include Torreira in midfield, Aubameyang and Lacazette in attack, and Sokratis and Koscielny in defence.

I think he will start with a defensive line up to see if we can get to half time without conceding, so I am suggesting the starting XI tonight as….

Sokratis…Koscielny.. Monreal
Maitland Niles.. Xhaka.. Torreira.. Kolasinac
Aubameyang.. Lacazette

That will leave Guendouzi, Ozil and Iwobi on the bench waiting to mix things up if we get nervous, but I am sure one of our strikers will get an opportune goal to put our minds at rest.

My Score Prediction 2-1 to Valencia but we go on to the Final…

Betting Tips….

If you think that I am correct in my prediction of 2-1, then you should take the 11/2 available from BetUK.

But if you are feeling very brave then how about a replay of our last leg at Napoli. 0-1 to Arsenal is a very juicy 11-1, and we will all go home happy!

Obviously the favourite way for Arsenal to go is to park the bus and frustrate Valencia for the whole 90 minutes, so maybe the 12/1 on 0-0 from BetUK would make a boring game very exciting!

BetUK’s Price Boost for tonight’s game is Aubameyang to score first and Arsenal to win at 9/1. Fingers crossed!



    1. It was destiny for Liverpool & spurs to overcome deficits. It’s our destiny to blow a lead, like we’ve done many many many times…

    2. Let’s support Arsenal when they are still in EL. We can always criticize Emery next season

  1. Looking at the suggested team I can’t see where the creativity will come from. It looks set up to defend which we are not good at, we need to attack and get an away goal early.
    Off topic, spurs fans are thanking us for the win last night as it was Emery who sold Lucas Moura to them.

  2. Don’t be tempted by these poor odds. Leave thIS game alone with any betting is my sound advice, made as a professional bettor. If you are still tempted, you will get more favouarable odds at Befair than with ANY of the bookies listed here. If you wish to bet and not lose regularly you must do your homework and always be up to date. Small advantages in betting odds can be used to make money BUT please do not touch the firms Pat chooses just to make his site money. To sum up, either learn how the business works OR leave well alone.

  3. Juergen kpopp bad luck in finals will hand Tottenham the Champions League…trust me Tottenham will be champions of’s alright to feel bad about it and it’s alright to feel jealous but deep down we all know they deserve it if they win it… They worked hard for it…..i hate Tottenham but i speak the truth and I appreciate hardworking and never say die attitude…they fought for the badge of their club….the players cared.. give credit where it’s due.. Let’s show the class which this club is known for by applauding the Tottenham players and fans when they arrive at the emirates stadium singing we are champions of Europe….it would give us more respect…..I’m sorry my fellow gunners we just have to take this one up the chin,move on and hope for a better,greater and successful future for arsenal


    1. What’s This?

      Some pple just don’t know how to predict anything or what ?

      No Jupiter in the whole universe can stop Liverpool from winning the Champions League

      There’s absolutely no need to even play the game, just put Liverpool’s name on the Cup

      Going by form – they the better team
      Going by recent meetings – they’ve beaten Spurs in the league
      Since experience really matters in the Champions League (as we saw Real Madrid beating Liverpool to it last year, cos they’ve been at the Finals more than Liverpool recently though Liverpool were the better team )

      So going by experience, Liverpool were there just last year, they not going to loose it to some Babies they’ve beaten severally domestically over the 2 seasons

  4. THE ARTICLE SAYS EMERY WILL HAVE THE VERY BEST TEAM AVAILABLE. UNTRUE! Leno is head and shoulders above Cech yet Cech will start. Wrong decision putting Cech before the club. SAME MISTAKE Wenger used to regularly make. I understand the need to keep the lesser keeper happy of course, but Cech retires in a week or two. The team SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST!

  5. No idea about line up no idea about score … I hope he drops xhaka allows torreira to take up his best position and I hope we get through but it’s only a hope .. If we lose its Emery out for me … If we get through he lives to fight another day … It’s tough to be an enthusiastic gunner when looking at teams above us and what they have done including from one brand new manager with no previous EPL experience …

    If Liverpool wins the UCL and Chelsea wins the Europa League. If Arsenal finishes 5th, do we qualify for next year’s UCL?

    IF we do qualify for the UCL, Our best business would be:

    B2B Midfielder: Rabiot – Free
    CAM: Ceballos – 30m
    LW: Ziyech – 35m
    RW: Martinelli – 6m
    LB: Tierney – 20m
    CB: Dunk – 20m
    CB: Duffy – 20m

    TOTAL: 126M

    Tierney..Dunk….Duffy ..Bellarin

    If we r ambitious, replace Zaiyech with D Costa (35m) and Ceballos with James Rodriguez.(32m)

    Honestly, Football now is about Skill & Pace, Fierce Attacking & Defending, we therefore need very fast & skillful players. No more sluggish players without skill to open up defences or get out of trouble.

    1. If Arsenal do not win the Europa, we are playing on Thursday night next season as well….

  7. exactly what have been dreading, let’s just accept it. but those clowns who have been paying the season’s tickets its your payback time. we asked you kindly stop attending games at the Emirates till satan kroenke gives up but u ain’t listening. enjoy your time u kroenke a**holes

  8. still hoping…

    history is on the way 4 english TEAMS playing in european finals.

    Arsenal will beat cChelshit in the final

    Spuds beat Lpool TO WIN UCL

    Arsenal beat Spuds in super cup..

    Arsenal will then loose world club championship.

    my dream

  9. Long after we forget the pathetic “race” for fourth in the PL we will remember raising a European trophy. Time for every Gooners to suck it up and get behind the team, whoever Emery picks, this evening. COYGs!

  10. Liverpool were always the better team to Barca – Klopp’s twerking of formation cost them that first leg

    I told my pple here, Tottenham-Ajax was dicey as Ajax in on a Giant-Killing form BUT the Premier League (strong) teams know how to bully teams from lesser leagues like those

    By the way, Real Madrid isn’t a Giant this season

    So to Arsenal – Valencia, nothing in their game in the first leg suggests they can kick us out of the competition

    If not for the psychological issue in the team with away matches, we should beat them Home & Away – judging from their play at the Emirates

    But cos we so poor away, we’ll likely lose or draw, but we definitely going through

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