Valid protest is okay – but the abuse of Wenger is too much

It is little wonder that the Arsenal team did not play with all their heart at the weekend if they were listening to the fans abusing Arsene Wenger in a personal and aggressive manner.

The Mirror described it as:

Arsene Wenger was left shell shocked by the level abuse from Arsenal fans after his team’s latest meltdown.

Angry supporters near the dug-out turned viciously against Wenger and screamed foul mouthed abuse at the Arsenal manager.

According to witnesses, it was some of the worst, loudest and most abusive that Wenger has ever suffered during his 19 years at Arsenal.

They told him to “f*** off” and urged him to go now as the mood among fans has turned nasty at the Emirates.

One witness said: “He cannot have not been aware of it. It was very close, personal and nasty. It’s some of the worst that people have ever seen.”

This abuse must be extremely hurtful to our manager after everything he has done for the club, and it may be affecting him more than we think. It was revealed that after the match Wenger told the players to take the Monday off, but maybe he thought that he himself needed time to consider the fans reaction.

Ihave no problem with letting Kroenke and Wenger know that the fans are unhappy with our season, but I don’t agree with this level of abuse, especially during a game…..

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  1. Let me turn this around: we are customers of this business “AFC”. what will it take for wenger to hear us? fans do this because he takes their money but won’t acknowledge them; he has become a despot . he seems uncaring about tottenham being above us. happy to tell us he won’t buy in the summer. quick to find excuses. slow to fix things. he gives us the impression he does not care what we think. what are we to do ?

    1. wenger is a great., for all he has become we’ll never forget his achievements. but he is hurting himself and his legacy more than anyone or anything else by not knowing when to leave. he’s a smart man but low on the EQ maybe.

      yes, its easier to buy yourself a championship and wenger is going about it the
      hard way – hoping for his home-grown and cheaply chosen talent to grow to the ne
      xt level. but sadly humans sometimes need the stick; not just the carrot. i feel
      the players have become too coddled – knowing he’ll stick by them. or knowing h
      e won’t do an overhaul or buy en masse.

      i know we’re not experts, but there is something to the wisdom of the masses.
      not buying players, subbing late or not at all, favoritism, not learning lessons
      about injuries and referee bias – it’s all there. and we dont see improvement. in
      fact we see regression. that’s why we’re angry. and to top it all off: kroenke’s
      final admission that AFC is just a business; to do just enough to be profitable
      – there’s no soul. no fight. no passion.

      those taunts hurt wenger. but mr wenger has hurt many people and crushed their hopes for many years.

      1. Does mr. Wenger know all tho jokes I had to bear when we lost 8-2 to United, 6-0 to Chelsea, 4:0 at Milan, 6:3 to City. I think the abuse every arsenal fan has got after those games is much worse than the few words he had to hear. If he had done his job, maybe he wouldn’t have heard them! It’s high time the dictator goes and he can blame only himself!

        1. The abuse of Wenger is too much?
          He’s been abusing us fans for more than a decade now. When will he stop?

    2. Wenger……….He gets what he deserve…… 10yrs and still counting … It’s his fault he refuses to change

      We have been quiet and steady watching for God knows how Long……don’t bLame us!

    3. if wenger thinks the board is responsible for the whole shambolic show going on at Arsenal…….. He coulda Left em to keep his integrity intact and blast em for their selfishness

      but No!….he preferred to stick around collecting his 8mil per annum bribery!

      1. So you like spineless people?
        People who run away when they come across something they dislike…

        I personally prefer someone who will stick around and try to do something about it without breaking the team harmony by starting to point fingers at people around him.

    4. Let me twist this so I sound good.
      That is all you have done.

      “what will it take for wenger to hear us?”
      I bet he hears you but Wenger probably doesn’t pay attention too much, who would sit down and evaluate what a bunch of ignorant people have said when it doesn’t hold much logical reasoning?

      ” fans do this because he takes their money but won’t acknowledge them”
      Wenger takes Silent Stans money and he does what Silent Stan tells him.
      If you are too damn ignorant to understand that it is the club who takes your money and that is owned bu Silent Stan then that is your issue, keep spreading the BS and nothing will happen.

      “happy to tell us he won’t buy in the summer. ”
      To be fair, Wenger doesn’t do the buying, he may have a hand in it but it is Gazidis that deals with the transfers, he was hired to take over Deins roll and he is nothing compared to Dein.

      “quick to find excuses.”
      Yet the one excuse he never uses is blaming his work colleges, haven’t you figured this out? Are you an Arsenal fan or not? He will not point the finger at the board and until the powers at Arsenal are interested in titles then Wenger will keep coming out with those BS excuses.

      “what are we to do?”
      Act like civilized human beings that can use the thing in your heads to come up with logical explanations, instead of bashing the AKB group, work with them… we are all fans.

      What-ever we do, if it is united then we have more power, so one of the things we MUST do is unite.

      If the AOB keeps repeating themselves like a parrot then how can any intelligent human being work with that? Address each others issues.

      I am called a AKB due to my defense of the guy yet I have also said I would support the sacking off Wenger if a condition was met… The condition is to trust that the board wants to win things and they will get a manager after Wenger who wants to win things and not just become a Wenger clone.

      Why do people think that we will get Simone or some other manager who is at a club that values them more will come to us and be forced to make a profit first? Be forced to either lose or gain a player that they had no choice over… Like Welbeck and Nasri transfers.

  2. It cld even get nasty going forward, maybe physical to be precise…he is solely responsible for the current situation at the club and frankly speaking i don’t feel for the guy for betraying my emotions for well over a decade…it’s payback time!!!

  3. Wenger should just leave he’s totally lost the plot and the average players he brought to the club no longer want to play for him they show no passion,no drive and no will to win games for him or Arsenal!

  4. Its nothing personal Mr Wenger – it happens to the best of coaches. You dont perform you either step down or get sacked.The fans acknowledge what he has done for the club but his tactics doesn’t allow the team to compete with the best anymore.
    Fans are tired of excuses and a coach that is not able to motivate the team anymore. We used to win games at the Emirates with high score-lines, we used to be once called the “come-back” kings of the PL – yet vs Palace you could see fans leaving the stadium before the game was over cause they didn’t see any hope of us winning a game which we should’ve finished off much earlier.
    I doubt a true Arsenal fan will ever attempt to break down a Arsene Wenger Statue outside the Emirates, but he will be appreciated more if he admits that he no longer has what it takes and steps down.

  5. What level of abuse we are talking about here? because some Wenger supporters here think even a banner is abusive and disrespectful …
    I want Wenger out but I am not for any personal abuse for anyone, I am not going to do that myself … But to be honest, Wenger brought it to himself … He lost my respect for him as a manager and right now I have no sympathy for him whatsoever …
    Fans over the UK must find a way to express their feelings in the Emirates … Since Banners are not allowed, so maybe we need chants, even walkout before the match ends, or no fans in the start of the match …

  6. you know, I have read several articles here calling fans who NOLONGER support Wenger names, it is a funny that such articles were posted pleaaurably without considering how fans who don’t share the writer’s views will feel. But any comment that runs against Arsene is deemed grossly unacceptable and anyone who makes any anti-Arsene comment is considered a troll.

    Here is my point: Arsene knows best!

    1. Your exaggerating, Ive been reading in this site for a good number of years and early on yes I think it was a bit like that from some fans. I myself was disgusted truth be told. However, just because you are asked to not attack people on a personal level does not mean you are told to appreciate the manager. In society you cannot go round attacking people verbally anyway, so it should not come as a shock to you when asked to give it over.

    2. @KickAss Give it up will you. I allow LOADS of Anti Wenger articles and comments. In fact most of them are nowadays. You were banned for being personally abusive. Get over it and talk about the bloody football!

    3. Now that u are here admin……..could u please be sincere with me in ur answers

      did u do something to Hafiz rahman or is he gone on his own accord?

      Pls admin….one sincere answer L()L

      1. Jeez what do I have to do to get people to talk about football!
        I know he’s a mate of your so you can tell him. Hafiz is now unbanned same as the rest, but if he doesn’t talk sensibly and TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL he will be out again.
        I don’t want comments that just say “Wenger Out” or ” Sell everyone” or “Wenger is brainless” I want serious discussion okay.

  7. I’m not sure whether to read to much into this story. We have had a terrible period in a lacklustre season while tott look well placed to win it. Of course there were fans there who couldn’t hold the anger in, the way the match panned out summed up our season just like Wham one did. So people were going to lose control a little, it’s natural for some people to vent in this way. Add drink to the mix, well you know. I’m haven’t heard exactly what was said so I can’t say if it was over the top, and if there had been threats made I’m sure we would have heard then. Or this could all be the mirror news paper turning normal disappointment into more than it is.

    Must say I am really worried about this tott business. I think none of us wanted to even imagine it so we began talking like Lei had won the title over a month ago. Lei still have those big away days against the former big teams. Tott have a tough game against Chelsea but you wouldn’t bet against them winning it. I can take allot of things in football but I’m not sure how I would take this happening. Surely the Gods couldn’t be so cruel, would they?

    1. U’ve been sleeping on wenger’s bed for far too Long……

      So falling behind Tottenham is what it would take for you to wake up and realize we aren’t good enough under wenger

      well, So be it!

      …Now reality is starting to set in….. And eyes are opening

      1. you know life has ended when Tottenham do not just finish above us but also win the league.

  8. For the fans that’s the only way and the only forum. As for the choice of words I think it’s ‘a football passion’ edge. You just have to shout if you getting a kick in the balls!

  9. Why are banner not allowed at the emirates and yet allowed elsewhere???a club headed by tyrants who want to supress protests at all cost!

  10. When Henry said we couldn’t win the league with a striker like Giroud, Arsenites jumped on him and those of us who agreed with him, even Wenger was unhappy about the comment. They said Giroud’s hold-up play was epic and that together with the world-class skills of Ramsey we would lift the league trophy.


    1. Never fancied Giroud as a player before and after Henry comment …
      But it isn’t Giroud fault that he is a starter in a big club like ours … It’s the manager to blame …

    2. am i the only one who notices that Giroud of Nowadays is absolutely nothing to write home about?

      Is his Hold-up play still second to none?

      Boy is depreciating rapidly….offload him the 1st chance we get!

  11. To be fair it he has brought this on himself…for years we have said it in a calm manner buy and build…last 2 years we have got 3 quality game changers (Sanchez, Ozil, Cech) but we needed more…We have had chances to sign good young players for a good price (Dybala £25 million …Kondogbia £23 million) he has let them slip through his hands…Summer we asked for a striker and keeper and DM, he only got a keeper..

    The likes of Campbell has been playing and improving for us but he rather plays Walcott who does nothing going back or forward…

    Last season when changed his tactics (against Man city) we had a huge turning pointing the way we played better…This season he did not have any back up tactics for the field….

    The abuse he is getting I am sorry he deserves and the thing is, it is upsetting because he is pulling apart his own legacy and by the time he leaves he wont have any respect left…

  12. If it is the board who care only about the £ then we need to starve them, not but tickets not show up to games, not buy merchandise we need to hit them in the pocket where it hurts the way they have been making us suffer with this lack of qaulity in the team.

    We need to find a way to make it hurt to the point that Usmanov can take control and make the club what it is always meant to be a title winning club

  13. Perhaps these appearing cracks will shine a little more light on the reality‎ of the situation and will help Arsene re-assess his own position at the club.

    No one wants things to get too nasty but as someone else said the fans have nothing but their voice.

    I’m not saying shouting ‘f off’ is acceptable but not everyone in a football stadium is as considerate and socially educated as perhaps in a utopian world they would be.

    WENGER OUT chanted over and over again in a roaring chorus for large parts of the game would be equally if not more effective to bring attention to the cause and to Wenger himself. But not everyone will play ball, some because they just don’t agree and others because they are ergh..socially educated!

    ‎But, I personally feel it is the only way for this to end as he and the board obviously need this to be spelt out in order for him to get out.

  14. Fans are the reason Wenger makes £9 million salary
    And he doesn’t only have disregard for us but probably also contempt
    A few weeks ago he said that he doesn’t care what fans think

    People should not threaten him or personally abuse him other than let him no what a lousy manager he has become. He believes he is God. I think Sir Alex Ferguson may actually envy him. If Sir Alex had a 2 or 3 of bad seasons, he could have been fired. But Wenger can have 13 bad seasons and maybe a couple more if he signs an extension and still have a gigantic salary.

    1. Wait a sec……….. Wenger now earns 9mil ?

      Honestly, there must be something bout this “+1” denomonation in his Life

  15. If I do not do my job properly I would be sacked, if abused or insulted my workers intelligence I would be sacked but wenger can tell lies, insult the intelligence of us supporters, put out inadequate teams and still holds his job. Wenger and the board it’s our hard earned money that is making them profit and paying their wages. We are not making 10s of thousands of pounds a week we are mere working men with a love for a club.

  16. Everyone talking [NO SWEARING] we need spend big money etc…… we have a very good team with excellent players right throughout. The problem is and has been that Wenger has lost the dressing room he can’t motivate them anymore they ain’t listening. If you cant beat palace at home or Swansea 2 months back at home in big games and you are the better team that is down to the management. Do you really think buying 2-3 world class players in summer will change that no it won’t. You lose the dressing room it does not matter what players you have out in the field. Wenger brings a nervousness with him that is why we cant handle presssure games it bounces of him onto the players he is too involved at Arsenal. Arsen Wenger needs anew role at Arsenal and a fresh manager with new ideas and that can motivate these group of players is what is needed 10000000000% common sense

  17. Coming out and stating last week there will not be much money spent on players this summer was not the best quote to make considering the circumstances .

  18. Whoever wrote the article should clearly remember what the Bible says “You reap what you sow.” When a society imbibes blue collar mentality this is is the outcome. It is a global trend that what used to be regarded as good manners and civility is now considered weakness and cowardice. Most people the world over have discarded high class mentality in favour of working class habits and the end result is what we see today.The issues that would have been addressed in a more civil manner are now handled in a violent way. The issue of insulting Wenger or any other person is just a symptom of the general decadence in the modern society almost globally. It can only be brought to an end by a general improvement in society as a whole.

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