Valid reasons for a complete change at Arsenal

Do Arsenal need a complete change? by Sean

Change? In football this a word shrouded in fear and unimaginable risk. However, change is also what makes teams successful and transforms huge risk into resounding success. With Arsenal a lack of change has been one of the primary protagonists in their failure to deliver at the highest level of football. In the past eight years the lack of progress is startling for a club with substantial resources. Of course the club don’t have the funds that other top level premier league clubs have at their disposal, but as the last three years have shown they certainly have the finances available to bring in top quality players. They have after all been able to purchase two players each over £30 million in the summer. The financial gap has been significantly closed from the huge abyss that it was once was, extinguishing somewhat a core excuse for Arsenal not being able to compete.

For years it was believed that increased expenditure would finally catapult Arsenal into a position to mount a genuine title challenge. Not quite, leaving the club at a position to be legitimately criticised. Every season has an eerie feeling of history repeating itself, with fans able to predict accurately the timeline of the season. It begins with great euphoria, expectation and belief in the squad and concludes with severe frustration and disappointment with the team crumbling in the exact same fashion to the season previous. The match against Chelsea on Saturday was so predictable with the match unfolding exactly the way most fans feared. An inability to compete both physically and mentally were fatal again to the team’s performance. The statistics against the top teams in England only emphasise an inherent weakness in the team and illustrate why they are never serious contenders.

Of course many clubs would be envious of Arsenals position, but given the clubs infrastructure and its talented squad of international players it is seriously underperforming. This is simply unacceptable at any level of football, it is undoubtedly a travesty if any team does not perform to the standard which it has the ability to fulfil. It is this chronic underperformance at Arsenal which continues to poison the pursuit of success. On paper the squad is arguably as good as any in England leaving it abundantly clear that the mentality, discipline and desire required at the highest level is absent. This isn’t a hasty reaction to another big defeat but a response to the cumulative failings of the team.

Change is necessary in football as the appointment of Conte at Chelsea testifies to. His success has been euphoric transforming virtually the same team which imploded in the 15/16 season into the dominant force which they now are in the domestic league. Arsenal have been paralysed by a crippling inertia with very little credible change occurring. Performance has clearly been at a plateau with the lack of progress in terms of results damning.

For how much longer can fans accept such mediocrity given the talent of the squad? Every season ends with such disappoint which makes it wholly justified to question the position of the manager. There is no doubt that he has revolutionised the club, but the fact remains that the club now in this moment is failing. Many fans have been criticised for their vocal assault on Wenger’s position, but isn’t this perfectly understandable given their discontent with the clubs direction. Don’t fans have the right to criticise the man who leads the team and assumes accountability for its performance. As we have seen throughout every football club it is the manager who transforms and dictates the team with the appointment of different managers strategic.

The fans are being continually let down and exploited with Arsenal’s season ticket prices the highest in the league. No matter what, it is the manager who is held responsible for underperformance within any organisation. The defence of Wenger’s position has now reached a point where it is based primarily on sentiment and nostalgia. The board must also be held accountable as they do not seem concerned with the team progressing, they are perfectly content to promote a brand and profit from it. Change must occur at board level with a competitive attitude needing to be instilled here first. Gary Neville recently classed some fans calling for a new manager as ‘embarrassing’, yet some of these fans have supported the club for years going home and away. Therefore, they are entitled to this opinion which is hard to argue against, why should they settle for what they have? This defeats the very basis of football.

Gary Neville and other pundits continually criticise Arsenal for having a soft belly which makes them seem very hypocritical when fans express the same concerns. The fans care about the clubs future and ultimately finance it. Therefore, it is quite daft for them to be harassed for sharing a legitimate view. Without a change in the clubs mentality, any change will be futile. The biggest risk isn’t changing manager, but it is whether or not the board will change, if they do not then they compromise any possibility of success. Greed and business principles have sabotaged the club with the overall objective not a sporting one. Sport is all about progress, improvement and development, aspects which Arsenal seem blind to. It is hoped that a change in manager can be the beginning of a fresh injection of life and competitive edge at the club. Without doubt the future without Wenger is uncertain, but one with him and the current board’s philosophy seems very predictable indeed.

Sean Gallagher 05/02/17


  1. Zimbo gunner says:

    Very well written article. Unless Wenger wins the champions league (yeah right) I cannot see any justification for him getting a contract extension. Even if he wins the FA cup it will still be time for him to call it quits, rather end on a high.

    The board is just as much of a worry, it is unacceptable the level of content they have in finishing top 4 and milking the profit. A club like arsenal should be pushing for top honours. Hopefully when wenger leaves he takes most of the board members with him also.

  2. Arsenal007 says:

    Wenger should have stepped down after FA Cup win against Hull. Leaving on a high.
    Every preceding year ruins his previous success.

    …Just my 2 Cents.

  3. Dee@ease says:

    Wenger has to go this is not even debatable, he’s a specialist in failure who’s getting paid 8 mil a year!

    1. leo...fourteen says:

      guess mou was right

  4. Bobbyraz says:

    all i know is, he is definitely gonna leave someday no matter how long, be it by death or his own will as the club will never sack him,i just cant understand how some fans dont see him as the problem they see him as a god and will never criticize him, that guy ty has to be the most useless arsenal fan ever he basically just supports arsene fc and there are a lot like him, how do we get change when idiots still back the manager

  5. sidofski says:

    Absolute nonsense article.
    Why don’t you provide some solutions as opposed to chanting out the word ‘change’ repeatedly in an article I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on.

    Chelsea were better than us on Saturday, they move as a unit and are very well drilled but I suppose Bellerin getting elbowed in the face and a sliced clearance from Cech is absolutely all Wenger’s fault

    1. leo...fourteen says:

      trash talk bro…trash talk

      1. sidofski says:

        Trash talk is all the majority of fans turning up to a big Arsenal Chelsea game with a ‘Wenger Out’ poster already in their pocket. If we win the game are they going to be holding the poster or will it be scrunched up in their pocket? Contradictory Lunacy

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we get a new manager, anything is possible

    Conte wins first year
    Mourinho wins first year back in the PL
    Ranieri wins first year in PL as Leicester manager

    We have a good foundation (IF our top players stay)
    Cech/Ospina, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Cazorla/Xhaka, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott

    We NEED
    1. Top DM (also get rid of Ramsey and bring back Wilshere)
    2. Top LB
    3. Top forward (high goal scorer) either LW or CF (whatever position Alexis isnt playing)
    4. Back up RB (get rid of jenkinson and debuchy_

    These players should not start next season but come off the bench
    Coquelin, Giroud, Eleny, Gibbs, Monreal, Welbeck, Lucas, Holding, Gabs, Wilshere, Iwobi

    Something like this, just an example


  7. ger burke says:

    excellent article . i guess, for some fans , the truth really does hurt.

  8. marty53 says:

    Yes, we do need a change, we have become stale and predictable and while Wenger was like a breath of fresh air when he first came to England he has for the last few years been caught up and overtaken by other clubs. The squad needs an overhaul and freshening up. My choice would be Simeone.

    1. marty53 says:

      If we do make a change we might have to accept that the transition could take a couple of seasons but this happens to all clubs eventually.

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