Value of Arsenal players to Aliko Dangote revealed as he plots to buy the Gunners

Aliko Dangote given an insight into how much Arsenal is valued

If Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote is serious about buying Arsenal, he will at least have an idea of how much the players are worth.

The Football Observatory recently revealed the values of the players at some top European clubs and Arsenal was among the teams.

The results showed that Arsenal is the 15th most valuable club in Europe on the value of their players.

The total amount that the Gunners’ players are reportedly worth is £624 million.

This should give Dangote a small insight into how much he would have to spend if he wants to buy the Gunners from Stan Kroenke.

The Nigerian billionaire is a long time Arsenal fan and he has watched as the club has struggled to compete among Europe’s top sides for some seasons now.

He then promised to buy the club soon enough and he even set a time that he would buy the team.

He, however, revealed recently that he has about $10 billion worth of projects to complete and that when he completes these projects, he would make a move to buy his beloved club.

Arsenal’s fans have been unhappy with the way their club has been run by its current American owners and they will most probably be happy if Dangote can buy the team and spend the money that they need to spend to compete with other top European sides.


  1. We need the club to improve, so we shall be happy if the club is sold and we buy good players.

  2. Anyone bringing us out of our current miserly owners is welcome. We would have had with us Louis Soares, nGolo Kante, Marez, Pedro, etc. had it not been for our miserly approach to recruitment. For a big Club with big ambitions it should spend big.

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