Value options that Arsenal could get to improve the squad – Who would you choose?

Over the years Arsene Wenger would say the only reason he didn’t spend money was he was only willing to buy players who were really special. Unai Emery is taking a different approach, only buying if he finds value. Now let me make it clear I see no reason why we have to be looking for loan deals or contracts due to expire. I will never accept a fan base, who pays what we pay, while we share a TV contract worth billions, should have to tolerate such a lack of ambition. That though is a debate for another day.

This article is to prove that there are options out there for reasonable money that could make us better. In other words, I’m not letting limited funds being an excuse not to make our squad better. Any ideas please put in comments. Here are a few of my ideas….


Godin (Atletico Madrid)
As things stand he is a free agent in the summer. If it leaks out he’s not going to extend his contract the whole of Europe will be in for him. When Arsenal want to though they can pay salaries to rival any club in the World. It might go against our policy to make a 32-year-old one of our top earners, but exceptions should be made for World Class individuals. He would pay that back by the 3-year service he would give, a proper defender who will organise and make those around him look better.

David Luiz (Chelsea)
Just him wouldn’t be enough (although perfect in terms of playing from the back like Emery likes). If you were going to give surgery to the whole back 4 though he is a player who can be good next to the right partner. A free agent this summer.

Dunk (Brighton)
People will turn their nose up because he plays for Brighton but he’s the type of character we need right now, someone who can organise those around him and loves to defend. Why wait for him to break into the England team at which point his value will sky rocket like Harry Maguire?

Oxford (West Ham)
Okay it’s kind of cheating as this rumour has been around for a while, with the youngster for a long time making it clear to West Ham he won’t be committing to them long term. He’s an Arsenal fan and the irony is he got our scouts attention on his debut at the Emirates a few years ago. This is the type of deal we need to be looking at.
Recent signings have been in their prime meaning they lack resale value. Liverpool got Solanke for free and sold him for 20 million a year later so even if a youngster doesn’t make the grade your most likely to make a profit on him.


Loftus-Cheek (Chelsea)
Last time he went on loan he ended up playing in the World Cup so there is no need for him to sit on Chelsea’s bench, he knows he’s good enough for this level. We are probably the last club Chelsea would want to help in terms of a loan deal but maybe in the summer? A Ramsey exchange would be logical…

There was some surprise when Fulham signed him from Nice, with some of Europe’s top sides keeping tabs. Most will be aware that the Cottagers are struggling meaning you could get him cut price in the summer . While our midfield has the physicality of Torreira, with Emery sometime playing 3 across midfield this could be an option.

I think for 60 million this would be a bargain. Remember Madrid have been happy to take a two-year loan fee to get him off the books so might do something similar. Adidas might want a marquee signing to celebrate our kit deal so might even pay for this to happen. This would be the only way we could get a world class talent ahead of our rivals, by taking a gamble. He says he wants the challenge of a new League and from a marketable point of view would sell shirts.


So we need a striker that will be happy to be back up? Meanwhile, Giroud could be out of contract with his family not wanting to leave London? The fact he used to play for us is not a reason not to do a deal at a time you are looking for bargains. He divided opinion in his first spell, but I think we have missed the option of a plan B.

I said this last year and with him being a free agent he would be a like for like change for Welbeck. Both strikers struggle to stay fit but without question the Liverpool man would be a better finisher.

Can you think of any better value buys that Arsenal could get?

Dan Smith


  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Wenger did indeed buy some real special players! 😉
    There are loads of very good players with less of a kings random on their heads but will Satan Kroenke stump up? Probably Not.

  2. Lupe says:

    The only players i would consider on this list are Godin and Loftus-cheek and i still wouldn’t be want to sign them. Godin is a brilliant defender but we need to buy somone younger and loftus-cheek wouldn’t be sold to us anyways. We as a club need to buy smartly because over the years, we have spent so much on average players in wages and transfer fees. We need a winger, CM to replace ramsey in the summer, a CB, LB to replace monreal and a RB to replace lichtsteiner. That is 5 positions that needs addressing in this window and in the summer window which is going to require massive investments to get the right players. I don’t want arsenal reverting back to our transfer policies of buying players without proper planning just because they are cheap; for instance, why are we trying to sign denis suarez and then play him on the wings, he should be ramsey’s replacement and should not discourage us from signing a specialist winger or wing forward like leon bailey, under, pepe or malcom. I have a feeling if they get him, we won’t sign a wide player anymore and even though i know he can do a job there, his best postion is in midfield. I’m really hoping our days of trying to patch the squad is over, we need to act like a big club and identify the postions we need and go for the best options available to us.

  3. Sue says:

    Godin as brilliant as he is – he’s 32! We already have enough players heading for the knackers yard!
    Luiz…. look how good he was against City, then against the spuds he moved out of the way for the ball to go in!! Way too inconsistent & his ‘defending’ is laughable at times!
    Like some of the players mentioned but can’t see us getting any of them!
    That Boly guy had a good game last night…
    I’d definitely be up for Podolski coming back to sit on our bench ?

    1. John Wick says:


  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    First Like Lupe said, Loftus Cheek is the only player I’ll even dream of.. Godin might be world class but he’s 32… This is Arsenal FC not Arsenal Retirement Home clinic, do I still have to point out the numbers of players in their 30s that we are looking to move on and wish to free some wages but can’t?
    I also saw some people saying they want Banega, why?? At his age what can he do here in England?? Litchsteiner was world class and Juventus first choice RB for years and we got him at his age, we can see how amazing he is for us..
    You guys keep naming old age players for us to get as if the club is the type who will pour out money every Summer to get new players after the old aged ones.
    I say we get young players for now and the future like Torierra… Some even went on to say Gary Cahill..
    get those old aged players because they’re free then you start blaming the coach when they perform awfully..
    James Rodriguez for 60 would make sense if he performs better than our current crop of attacking midfielders. I think we need him, though I’ll prefer signing Anthony Martial or Jadon Sancho for 60million instead of a 28Years old James for that amount or any other young player who will serve us for years

    1. Sal says:

      too risky for 30 mil in my view, so i wouldn’t double the fee for a natural no 10, yes the only position we love to stock up on for some reason, we love our no 10’s let’s collect them all!!

      he’s also as inconsistent as rasmey eddie but he does score amazing goals, more likely to flop then make it, as i dont see him handling the pace and the physical demand of the PL, stay away if i had a say in it, for 60 mil we could buy two torreira’s and a guendouzi 🙂

      1. Sal says:

        at the club we got ramsey, ozil, miki, iwobi all no 10’s as where they prefer to play..that’s four starters for a position that’s not even needed when we line-up

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Sal that’s why I said I’ll prefer we spend such amount on Anthony Martial or Jadon Sancho…They are fast paced tricky wingers and that’s what we need not another number 10. I don’t care if he scores amazing goals, Ramsey and Giroud do score amazing goals too but it got us only the FA cup. I In don’t advise spending 60m on 28 years old James

          1. Sal says:

            i like both with you 100 percent 🙂

  5. benex says:

    Signing Godin at 32 will be a gamble, though he’s a world class defender, but can he cope with the physicality of Premier league at that age. Reece Oxford is young, n will be a better option.

  6. gotanidea says:

    – Diego Godin : Too old, even though he was a world class CB when he was younger

    – David Luiz: Never forget Brazil’s humiliation in World Cup 2014 when he was their main CB and his erratic behaviour in the field

    – Dunk and Reece Oxford: Don’t know much about their abilities, but they are taller than our main CBs, which are needed for scoring in set-pieces

    – Ruben Loftus-Cheek: I consider him as the taller, more mobile and more skillful version of Xhaka, which could be a very good false nine

    – Jean Seri and James Rodriguez: Could be a great CAM or no 10 to replace Ozil and Ramsey. But I’d prefer Arsenal to forget any no 10 formation and start to adopt the quicker 4-3-3 with blazing wingers instead

    – Giroud: Great super sub with his aerial ability, but his salary demand would be too high to be a sub and he is too old

    – Sturridge: We already have Aubameyang that will be 30 years old in this year

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    I would take Godin in a heartbeat! Age isn’t on his side, but he’s currently one the best defenders in the world. Our youngsters will learn a lot from him I imagine.

    The only other one I would consider is Dunk, and he’s probably the most realistic option in terms of finances, and statue of club he’s currently at.

    I definitely wouldn’t consider players such as Giroud, Sturridge, and Loftus-Cheek. We have to stop taking cast offs from our rivals! It damages the reputation of Arsenal, and makes us look so weak and pathetic in the eyes of our rivals. We can’t find our own signings, so we end up scrounging around our rivals, begging for their rejects! No wonder we’re a laughing stock! If a player isn’t deemed good enough for a rival, then they shouldn’t be deemed good enough for us either. This has to stop once and for all!

    Sorry for that rant, but I’m fed up of our club being laughed at. Hopefully Miki is the last flop we sign from a rival.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Third man just as Bellerin and Mustafi are learning from Litchsteiner I guess?

        1. Sal says:

          well i hope bellerin is for his sake, or else why would we waste 90 k a week on nothing!!

          mustafi is hopeless he willl never be able to focus the full 90, he’s bound to pull a mustafi at least once a game! oh and he’s the second best defender we got says it all if not the best depending on the game he’s having, i’m surprised to say this but Sokratis is probably our best defender at the moment, to me his influence has gone unnoticed and I love the Wrestling he does never gets manhandled and is always up for the fight, hope to see Mavro in the line up soon enough, and based on the manager’s last interview he can’t wait to play him either 🙂

      1. Sue says:

        Ha I was just about to write that Eddie! Great minds!

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Haha! Come on though, Godin is WC! Maybe time to bring Jenkinson back in as backup for Bellerin…and I never thought I’d say that!

          1. Sue says:

            He is, but he’s too old!! Have to agree about Jenko… I thought he did alright on Saturday & I loved what he put on Instagram after the match ?

          2. Midkemma says:

            I’m really glad Jenks is being given a chance again.
            I thought he did really well when he had to cover Sagna during Sagna injury, he was looking like a real potential replacement and I remember in the summer saying we didn’t need Debuchy because we had Jenks and Bellerin was ready.

            I never thought Jenks would be a great WC player but I always thought that if we could get his confidence back and get him match sharp then we would have a very good option for RB and that means Bellerin has to perform or lose out to Jenks.

            I honestly do believe that Wenger destroyed Jenks confidence when Sagna walked straight back into the team, Jenks was doing well and then the summer came and we replaced Sagna with Debuchy and totally overlooked Jenks. Jenks went to WHU and played regularly but I think the damage had already been done, Jenks was on his downward spiral…

            Really hope he keeps on working hard and earns his place, it would be a great feeling, at least for me ^.^

              1. ozziegunner says:

                Jenkinson, also had his career disrupted by injuries at the wrong time. He is still relatively young and hopefully these injuries are behind him and he can grasp any opportunities with both hands.

  8. McLovin says:

    We must buy Oxford if the fee of £3 millions is correct.

    If he makes it, he’s a bargain. If he doesn’t make it, we can always sell him for +£10 millions (look at Solanke, Gunn, Ibe). Time to be ruthless with the transfers again.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?Good points, McLovin and he wants to play for the Arsenal; has a connection with the Club.

  9. Sal says:

    not a fan of any of them as i don’t think they would improve us much, i’m also pretty sure godin is Italy bound!! would love to have had oxford when he first played against us he was brilliant i couldn’t beleive he was just 16, but that was a long time ago and he hasn’t done anything in germany unlike the other young english talent, but he’s still young so you never know but more likely a future rodwell as his stock seems to keep plummeting, love giroud but if we wanted him we should have kept him, let him finish his career in a club that values him, he surely deserves it Classy player!!

    Bailey, Tah now splash the cash!! can’t think of anyone else that would join us this window with that kind of potential, maybe malcolm who isn’t as good as bailey to me, or i we could test inter’s resolve with a bid for Milan Skriniar as Godin seems to be heading to Inter so they might be tempted to sell with the FFP only partially fulfilled, could be an oppurtunity

    also i read somewhere that it’s emery that wants suarez not the scouts, and if that is the case it’s a big no for me!! there was one player that i remember emery really wanting at PSG and that’s the polish mid that ended up at West Brom!! and we all know how that turned out, so if all three of them don’t agree on the player then i would rather we went for someone else.

    also i’m ok for a loan deal with an option to buy when it comes to suarez, not forced to buy at the end of the season huge difference!!…or we buy him if he played a certain number of games for us, like what west ham did with Zaza, which they then chose not to keep him, minimize the risk if we can!! i can’t beleive we havent signed anyone yet, wake up board please!!

  10. Invisible says:

    Isco instead of Rodriguez and I do want Rodriguez ??? Ricardo Rodriguez of milan

  11. jon fox says:

    Wow Dan! Top article – apart from the Giroud and Sturridge(aka Diaby!!) picks. Some good scouting there. None of us knows what pittance Kroenke will release from his moth ridden wallet and I am far more pessimistic (who said realistic!) than many on here about that. I do much agree with the articles main theme and this is where I am convinced that the new regime is a massive improvement on the old one. Because one thing I say that Emery has proved, esp in the 22 unbeaten run, is that he thinks game to game and is above all a pragmatist. He is the Roundhead to Wenger’s Cavalier . Historical note: The Roundheads won and were always likely to, because they had ORGANISATION AND PLANNING, while the Cavaliers merely had style (which did not extend to them learning how to zip up their coats!! That was for you Ken 1945 and midkemma and I could not resist it, though I admit it WAS a low blow).

    Personally, I have already written off CL qual by top four route and cling to the dim hope of a cup and esp the Europa to get in CL. With our shambles of what is laughingly known as a defence- and unless Kroenke astounds us all by exterminating those wallet moths – it is just not sensible to expect us to beat several top sides to win even a cup. Ther are many good, not great but still good , teams left in the Europa and with a re-energised Man Utd to play in the FA cup, I think we have to think longer than this season . That is clearly what Emery and Co are doing and the REAL excitement, at least for me personally, now lies in seeing how SOON we can cut out, but first REPLACE, the forest of deadwood we need to clear out. Perhaps we should send them all to Nottm. FOREST, which is more their level!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jon, surely you remember your history lessons?
      Roundheads were a very short time in power, the cavaliers proved to be the long term solution.
      “Below the belt”?
      Jon I wouldn’t expect anything less!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken, Even as I was penning this rather poor analogy I did wonder who would be first to make your accurate historical, long term, correction. I have no idea if you have guessed that I am a huge fan of our Monarchy (though not of ALL the others in the world). And I am old enough to judge something by whether or not it works, instead of whether or not it is theoretically the best option.
        I see the Monarch, in actuality, as the servant and defender of the common people, rather than the other way about. It is surely at least not completely beyond the bounds of possibility that given the mess in Parliament right now over “you know what”, that HMQ might have to, albeit discreetly, step in to bang their heads together and bring proper peace to our troubled island. Who knows though!

        Though my analogy was chosen more for effect (on some , though clearly not you, so TOUCHE!) than accuracy, I had already formed the very tenuous link between “style and zipping up a certain coat” in my stubborn brain and was stubbornly refusing to overrule it. Awful thing though that stubbornness , eh Ken! And if I may now end on a slightly flippant note, I do not need to remember my history. I actually experienced most of it and I remember telling that Shakespeare fellow, when both at school, that he should write a book or two. Whatever happened to him! Obviously became a Spuds fan. What else could explain Comedy of Errors!

        1. Sal says:

          no space to reply to you in the last article so i’ll do it here instead, glad you took it as banter don’t want to offend you or anyone or seriously have a go at someone, we are all sharing what we feel about the team, but sometimes you just have to type your thoughts, and if you can poke a poker along the way you just do it 🙂

          it’s hard to read sarcasm sometimes so i thought you might have gotten upset, but we did have a deal about bellerin so it’s all fair game in my eyes, no?

          ps: on a more serious note hope your friend is doing ok, and you are both coping with the situation as best as possible, best of luck to both of you man… i didn’t read that part till later so the timing of that could have been better on my part, my apologies there jon without an H 🙂

          1. Sue says:

            ‘Poke a poker’ ? Sal I have to say you do make me laugh! A right little live wire! Love a bit of banter & you’re certainly full of it ???

          2. jon fox says:

            Sal, It is clear that you are a nice person – and thanks for those welcome good wishes to my pal – but also that we come from different backgrounds, so the large age gap is probably the main difficulty in finding a wavelength that suits us both. One of the difficulties that has arisen MAY be because you are fairly new on here and I have become well known now to most of the long time regulars, younger as well as older. Many have grown to understand my sometimes “straight to the point ” and strong comments but also know that does not make me an ogre. Some have taken to calling me Lord Jon. CAN’T THINK WHY!! In truth, I am anything but an ogre, though I suspect you may have gained that impression. I believe we should(in general) all stick to the comments made about Arsenal and football, which is what this site is for, and either agree / disagree/ discuss about only football and Arsenal related comments. Though I am sure there are exceptions, almost all on here have never met and do not know the first thing about any of the others, as humans. That is normal on social media but as I said earlier, making judgements about peoples characters purely on these posts is fraught with danger, in the sense of being completely wrong. You can see that I am interested in many other and far wider social aspects of life than merely what this site is about. I expect that is also true of many , even most other people, but that is only my guess. Pat The Admin would rather we keep broadly to Arsenal matters, hence the title of this site. But as he is at present in far away Australia, that country of Fosters, people all called Bruce or Sheila, inferior cricket teams but no electricity, no social media and no bright folk – though I could just be LYING there – we should take the chance to diversify our conversation while we still can. Til he gets back and slaps our wrists perhaps? Or maybe not! Wish you well anyway Sal and I guess we will be both more in tune from now on.

            1. Sal says:

              thanks man and I’m on board with it jon, and i’m always up for a discussion about arsenal or something else. no hard feelings here that’s for sure!!

              and to compare yourself to an ogre made you more endearing to me, I’ve always loved Shrek!!….. i’ll take the role of Donkey it’s all good since my assumtions lead us here , plus we all know that donkey had the physique and the sense of humour 😉

              1. ozziegunner says:

                jon, you need to visit Australia to disprove the stereotypes you obviously have. My name is “John” with a “h”, not “Bruce” by the way.?
                Actually with regard to “inferior cricket teams”, hopefully this is a momentary blib, but I do have some concerns.
                Because of the excellent electricity supply and access to the latest technology too many young people are not playing sport, but stuck playing mindless video games or on social networks.
                In addition the money available in the 20 over competitions, such as the IPL have led many young batsmen, in particular, to make a fortune at a young age; however they destroy their technique for 4 and 5 day cricket. The averages required in Sheffield Sheild (inter state competition) to get a call up for the Australian team are the lowest on record (it also helps if your name is Marsh!) Unfortunately the days when players such as Stuart Law were scoring a 1,000 for Yorkshire, as well as in Sheffield Sheild, and couldn’t make the Test Team are far removed from the current situation.
                Glen Maxwell has decided to forgo the iPL (which has made him a millionaire) to play English County Cricket, in the hope to get back in the Test side. One for you to watch jon.

                1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                  Here Here Ozziegunner, excellent post. It’s sad to see the possible demise of Test Cricket, however there’s still very good crowds here in England for the five day game so all is not lost. Good luck to Glen Maxwell, I hope many follow his lead. As a genuine lover of Test Cricket since I was a boy I remember Ritchie Benaud’s bowling action, a style we all tried to copy and Booby Simpson’s 300+ in one of those rare sunny Tests at Old Trafford. Looking forward to the Ashes this summer when England will have more of a chance on the swinging English wickets. I’m sure you’ll be up in the early hours of the morning watching. When it’s the other way round I’m stay up all night, never miss a ball, It’s wonderful, peaceful , no traffic outside, however I miss the commentary’s of Bill Lawry, Benaud and Tony Grieg .

                  1. ozziegunner says:

                    Kenny, crowds were down in Oz for the series against India, because people won’t watch a second rate performance by Australia. The drop in pitch in Melbourne has now been substandard for 2 seasons, but the ACB is driven by money, so there was no test in Brisbane.
                    I grew up in the St George District in Sydney; arguably then one of the strongest sporting areas in the Commonwealth. My late father (himself a fine cricketer who grew up with Ray and Jack Lindwall, batted with Arthur Morris and played against Stan McCabe and Lindsay Hassett) and I used to go to Hurstville Oval to watch players such as Brian Booth, Norm O’Neill (my boyhood hero) and Kerry O’Keefe. You should look up the St George District Cricket Club webside to view their team of the century; it would take some beating.
                    I, too am looking forward to the Ashes, as Test Cricket is still the hardest test of ability in my humble opinion; 20 and 50 over cricket is just entertainment.
                    By the way I have followed the career of Tom Westley after watching him score 200+ at Chelmsford in 2016. How far off is he from an England call up?
                    By the way, my son played junior cricket against Tim Ambrose, who I picked as a future test player, just not for England (LOL).

                    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                      Ozzirgunner: Tom Westley’s already played 5 Test matches, 59 on debut and averaging 24. Now almost 30 years of age maybe he’s best days are behind him but apparently he’s hoping to get back into the side. Jon, talking about the great Neil Harvey, I can still remember the day he fell on to his own wicket when trying to play back to a short delivery. I was about 10 years old at the time but the incident has always stuck in my memory.

                    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

                      Ozziegunner: your son must be a decent player to be on the same pitch as Tim Ambrose, has he gone on, is he still playing.

                    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

                      Also Jim Standen, back up goalkeeper to the great Jack Kelsey was also a very fine cricketer, played regular for Worcestershire.

                2. jon fox says:

                  Ozzie or John , as we now know, it is well known that people generally take the mick out of things/ countries/ people and many other things which they either respect, admire, are jealous of or more often actually are fond of. I am prone to teasing and taking the mick MOSTLY about folks I actually LIKE. I would take my Aussie ” stereotypes” (which come from hours of devoted Monty Python watching decades ago- and their hilarious new Bruce sketch) in that way, were I you. For it is the truth.
                  I am in truth also a cricket nut and could and do bore for hours on pre and post -war greats from both our countries. If this site were JustAshesSeries , instead of Just Arsenal I would still be spending my time on it. Being a fully fledged dinosaur, my Ashes watching goes all the way back to such as Alan Davidson, Norman O’Neil, Neil Harvey, Peter Burge and the sainted and blessed Ritchie himself, plus several of our lot too. As this is supposed to be an Arsenal site, not that you would know it FROM THIS POST, I must end with COYG!!
                  PS, How is young Bradman getting on these days???

                  1. ozziegunner says:


                    1. ozziegunner says:

                      We agree on Norm O’Neill; nervous starter, but when he got to 30 he uaually went on with it.
                      They don’t make any Dennis Comptons any more; Arsenal, Middlesex and England!
                      By the way jon, I am also great fan of Monty Python; having the shows and movies on DVD.
                      The show I really loved was the Marty Feldman series, “visit to the vet with the behemoth, long distance golfer, long distance lover” etc.

              2. jon fox says:

                Personally, I feel more sorry for the poor ogre in having to be compared to me! And I love Shrek too, even if he does look like Rooney!

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Jon, I thought we agreed that politics was to be kept out of the conversations, anyway the Queen won’t be banging any heads together, I thought you new that, getting back to the English Civil War, that kind of power finished when they chopped Charles 1st head off

          1. jon fox says:

            Kenny, I may – well actually I HAVE agreed that – BUT I had my fingers crossed behind my back when I WROTE IT, SO IT DOESN’T COUNT. Aged 12, I was a huge fan of the Cavaliers. By age 18, I was damned glad they chopped that tyrants head off. (Not that Cromwell was any better and even worse if anything.) Even though the sainted and mighty Alec Guinness played him in the film. I adore Guinness (imo, our greatest ever actor) and sometimes toast him; with his own family drink!

    2. Midkemma says:

      You may appreciate talents of low,
      But I like the genius of Van Gogh.

      I appreciate art, creativity and flair that is hard to plan for.
      Like the wacky and crazy Salvador.
      Now let me tackle the roundheads you adore…
      That bunch of hooligans from the 3rd civil war.

      11 years of commonwealth, the monarch had fell!
      By the treachery of Oliver Cromwell.
      For a constitutional monarchy was what they sought,
      A decade of hell is what they brought.
      The monarchy soon got restored.

      A puppet government selected by the military,
      That is what we should be,
      At least by Cromwells decree.

      Lastly I would like to say,
      Wenger a royalist? Nay!

      (Not saying I am a royalist or a puristt, just a bit of fun!)

      1. jon fox says:

        midkemma, Bravo! I do not know whether or not your read my verbal teasing with Sal about the “rather poor” chant she had made up (on the previous thread to this one). But I do hope SHE reads this immensely better creation from your brain. And I do not mind in the least coming out as a staunch fan of our Monarchy, as my reply to Ken on here will show. With the almighty cock up in Parliament right now, thank God we have a constitutional monachy, say I!

        1. Sal says:

          ouch!! so you thought it was poor ok jon, why don’t you just lend me your ears 😉

          Ps: that was brilliant mid, credit is given when due!

          1. Midkemma says:

            Thanks Sal, I did like the little dig at Jon in your chant with Bellerin.
            I was one who was also talking to Jon about Bellerin and how I think he needs time under Emery before we can say he should be sold, I do feel a bit invested in Bellerin as I was praising him and pointing to him as to the reason we didn’t need to sign Debuchy.

            Jenks hadn’t done too bad the season before when he covered for Sagna, he would have been capable for the start and Bellerin… I had the belief he would step up.

            It was frustrating to see his slump and I couldn’t say he was good enough in that form… But that potential he did show… If Wenger had stayed then I couldn’t argue about needing an upgrade on Bellerin as he was getting worse and worse. New manager though… new hope for him. I hope he keeps improving and realises his full potential.

            1. Sal says:

              fully agree with you Mid I feel the same , he looks a different man under Emery!! i think he needs to improve these 3 areas for the two of us 🙂

              1) blocking the crosses in, don’t let him cross if you get beaten then so be it but don’t ever give the opposition time to cross, with time and experience i’m sure he will sense which one to go for and which one to let run. Now what i see is he would just shadow the opposing player trying his best to run him to the byline where our other players and defenders would clear then counter!. The problem with that is that we don’t have the tallest defence so what happens when the ball isn’t cleared, also set-pieces does anyone notice he seems to be targeted, or am i wrong? maybe if he hit the gym to bulk up he wouldn’t be having that fear of letting a player run at him i can tell he doesn’t like it, i just hope he beleives in himself enough to remove this tiny habit and relish the challenge of coming out on top. could be done with a good season under his belt so no worries there he’s looking real good so far, hope the injury is just a good rest for him to finish the season strong.

              2) a trick or two, basically more flair going forward which i know he has in him he used to be a winger ( try to beat the man 1 vs 1 dont just outpace him to the byline abit more mixing it up, which will make him as unpredictable as Marcelo who is the best in the world in my humble opinion as a fullback), i want him to be the best fullback in the league at the very least , which he can so i’ll compare him with the very best at it! also when i say try to beat your man i’m not saying do it in our half of the pitch let’s be logical.

              3) more training with his weaker foot might help him cut in when he needs to (TAA is really good at that), or shift the attack to the left for an overload on the opposite flank ( Walker, Trippier are good at that) mix it up Hector!!, he could have also scored a couple this season if his left foot had abit more training (power and accuracy)

              at every other aspect i see improvements, defending, going forward he’s becoming unbeleivable, and his crossing has vastly improved in a year the guy is even dropping in the early cross i’ve never seen that in his game before this year. so he has already reached the basic level that is expected of him, but more to come and the sooner the better we deserve a WC fullback, and at Arsenal we nurture talent, or at least that’s what i’ll keep beleiving!!

              made myself his personal coach there Mid lol, like he comes into the forum to get my advice or something ;)…. so i’m sorry for the long reply but i get passionate about some of our players, and like you i feel invested in this particular player as well got the same gut feeling i had with the Kos…so for some reason the typing is similar to the talking about it Mid, i thought it would be short but i’ve been babbling on for too long!! 🙂

              1. Midkemma says:

                Lol, it was a good read. I agree with you in those points, esp the blocking crosses, if he can get that done next then it would really help our defense out which needs it at the moment.

                I don’t think we can expect either fullback to bust a gut to support the attack and then bust a gut to defend in our own box… only to do it again and again for the full 90 mins.

                While I appreciate what Jon and others was saying about a defenders job is to defend… This was all assuming Wenger told his players to defend which we kinda know he didn’t. Emery has since came in and we have seen the fullbacks be more of a threat going forward.

                They’re expected to be wingers while in attack so we need to recognise that they need to be covered from time to time, I think this might be why Emery keeps trying the 3 CBs as well as give Xhaka time as a CB… To try and make the deep playing CM the 3rd CB at times of oppositions counters, this in turn allows the CB to play further apart and provide that cover on our flanks.

                I ramble on a lot as well 🙂

          2. ken1945 says:

            Do we have the new poet laureate emerging from “justarsenal”?
            Midkemma and Sal, are you both from Limerick?

            OT… I see Poch is seeking the advice of AW regarding longevity at a club!!
            Thinks our greatest trophy manager ever could help him!!
            Just goes to show that a fellow professional appreciates the man, even if some others don’t.
            I wonder what AW will advise, especially with regard to a decent CEO, owner and transfer budgets???

            1. Midkemma says:

              AW tells Poch the biggest secret… big coats are hard to zip up! Second tip, if the club goes through a sale then run like your backside is on fire. If the owners heads have been turned by the idea of a payday then get out ASAP.

              I’m still bitter about the ex board saying how they was proud that Arsenal isn’t outright owned by a foreign owner and they will not allow it to happen by making that pact.

              In hindsight… I feel like they did that just to drive the share prices up. Maybe a bit cynical of me?

              1. jon fox says:

                Not cynical in the slightest I ‘d say, about the sale. You hit the nail firmly on the head. If only those who actually WERE real fans, had not put Kroenkes filthy money before their principles. Much of the fallout comes directly through the two former friends, Dein and Fitzman, spectacularly faling out and Fitzman then shafting Dein and forcing him out. Wengers tragic decline in personal powers started with Dein’s removal. MANY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE IMMENSE CONTRIBUTION THE ASTUTE AND DEDICATED DEIN MADE. And what a Godsend he was to Wenger.

                1. Midkemma says:

                  Dein was a man amongst men.
                  He was our real transfer wizard, he knew football and he communicated with Wenger well, that partnership has never been replaced.

                  I would have loved Red and White Holdings LTD to have bought Arsenal (Ustmanov basically).

                  If Silent Stan doesn’t take any money out or use our own cash to buy Arsenal then I can’t help but think that we are not as bad off as UTD was when they was bought.

                  It took UTD a few years to build up their income but Woodward did and now look at them when it comes to spending and showing ambition.

                  I am hopeful that Raul and Vic can lead us to the same type of growth.

                  If Silent Stan remains true to his word then Arsenals money is for Arsenal to spend. Might not have much now but come on Raul and Vic… Oh and Sven for some bargain signings. Even if not all signings make it, we could flip a profit on some right?

                  And Sven… Someone who knows football as our head of recruitment feels nice after Gazidis comedy show. Sven can see when a player is worth investing in and with the top dog knowing what it takes to be a big successful club. I honestly do not believe that Gazidis trusted Wengers opinion. I can’t comprehend why we didn’t make the funds available for Laca and instead go for Perez… I do believe Sven will know the worth of that investment and Raul will as well.

                  The hope is strong 🙂
                  We might finally be getting over the hole Dein left, no one has filled it properly in all these years, maybe now… Three people to replace Dein. Speaks volumes.

            2. jon fox says:

              I was intriqued to see you describe Wenger as”our greatest trophy manager ever”. Esp the word “trophy.” I do notice these things. Probably done though, just for peace making tactics rather than because you personally believed he needed the “trophy” in that statement. Or am I barking up the wrong tree, Ken?

              Just settling down now to watch Spuds v Chelski. How frustrating when you passionately want BOTH sides to lose but only one can!

            3. Sal says:

              Everyone’s got a little Irish in them when it comes to Arsenal 🙂

              i’m with you Ken have to appreciate the guy, Wenger is a legend!! all fans will admit that in due time!

              but i think it’s still sour now for some fans so you won’t be hearing it from them Ken!! for me it’s the fact the board kept him after that FA Cup . That was the sending off it would have been amazing! that was the happy goodbye he deserved! but in the end it became about egos, he had to TRUMP Fergie!!

              especially after he snaked Van persie and won the league which makes sense in some way as he took the player he/we spent the most time on, the one that was indispensable to our team, our captain, the guy with the kid inside the one with his wife telling him to stay …we spent years as fans and Wenger himself beleiving he will come good, and then fergie comes buys him for nothing, that was the most lethal striker in the Pl for 25 mil or something like that… and then wins the league and retires what a final slap to the face, to be honest to all of our faces !! that’s why Fergie was the better manager he knew when to quit!!

              but ours wanted one last shot at the Pl or the Euro or then maybe 4th? CMON!! and after the fans gave him what he wanted more time at a club that any other manager, it just had to end!!…it was like watching a movie about prison riots, or the Arab Spring!! the bundled up anger was too much for many, the rants you see on youtube is nothing to what was going on after and during the game…. and that anger is still there for some and hasn’t died down, but time heals all wounds and i’m sure he will get a statue eventually, if he left after the Fa Cup i would bet my life savings that the statue would be there today!

              That’s why i blame the board, for letting the ego of a man before the club due to the fact that they had no plan B, they had noone with football knowledge on the board i beleive that has changed now or i hope it has, and they just didn’t know what to do in this situation no balls, in a game that involves balls ah the irony!! Bless us, and that’s so us 40 million and 1 pound hickups all day long!!

              and the person I blame most is Stan. silent or not, billionaire or not, if fans are fighting on a regular, if your enterprise is toxic mr businessman, you do something about it!….you fly to london at least show your face, release a statement what happened was unacceptable for a Big Club like Arsenal, this is not your Nuggests or the Rams, this is not basketball or the other kind of rugby this is the most watched sport on the planet! Arsenal is your Golden Goose you lucky yank so treat it as such!! SO i hold him responsible for doing nothing for months!! Shambles and not easy to forgive or forget!! but hope we turned a new leaf, and yes i seem to be a keyboard warrior today, again wanted short came up with this 🙂

              Ps: hope Poch gets poached too good of a manager for them!

              1. ken1945 says:

                Sal, glad to see you appreciate the man.
                You are actually making a similar point that ThirdManJW made concerning the raw and sour taste felt by other gooners.
                I think it’s a really good point and one I hadn’t considered until he pointed it out.

                The issue with Judas RVP is one that always gets me going, he let the club, manager and fans down.
                After the club stood by him through his personal problems and then his injuries, after one good season he goes to utd!!
                Can’t standards the man, especially watching him wearing our colours.

                I’m also with you regarding the two year extension of AWs contract.
                He really should have gone after that wonderful win against Chelsea and what happened after that was so painful to witness.

                As you say, time is a great healer and I hope to see that well deserved statue as well, but let’s spend the money on the players first.

                Kronkie? Let’s see what happens with the new sponsorship money… it’s already being mooted that we can’t fund £3,000,000 for Oxford!!!

                Jon, I put “most successful trophy winning manager” because I didn’t want you going on again about those managers who served under the late great Queen Victoria…just take the words trophy winning out then if it offends you!?!?!?

                1. jon fox says:

                  ken, Yes it must be only you and I who know about all those many trophies we won under our Queen Victoria era managers.

                  It is not generally known that Prince Albert, under the disguised name of Ronnie Rooke, played centre forward for us. He laid low for almost a century, after creeping out the back door of Buckingham Palace , faking his death and leaving poor old Vicky pining for him. This historical FACT I only found out when I researched the history of Bayern Munich and found out that he had started life as a goalkeeper for them. Well, if J.K Rowling can write fantasy , then why can’t I! I reckon mine is more believeable too.

                  And unlike my own nonsense, what you wrote about Wenger winning more trophies than any other of our managers is TRUE. Other than Prince Albert of course, who managed us to the 8 quadruples, 10 trebles and 15 CL trophies with us. NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT!

              2. jon fox says:

                Wow! WHAT A BRILLIANT POST. How astute!

        2. Midkemma says:

          I’m not a fan of the monarchy or parliament at the moment XD
          Monarchy is a good principle in many ways, if it truly was the monarch looking after their people then that would be wonderful. I don’t think they are doing enough currently to justify us needing them. Brexit choice to one side, if UK are going to leave then we should be in a strong position to negotiate, not with our backs against the wall and the deadline just over the hill. A strong monarch could slap the gov into shape to give us people the best deal. I think both sides could agree though that the way May has gone about it is poor to say the least.

          I have a unique perspective on society, I recognise the good of capitalism when supported correctly but disgusted at unfettered capitalism. Same for Socialism, if used correctly then I am a believer that it can aid capitalism. It could help give people more disposable income which would encourage people to go out and spend… but then we would need to look at things like utilities and housing.. and Not really for a football site.

          Thanks for the compliment as well ^.^
          I was on a long break and found it fun to do a bit of wordplay instead of watching the clock tick till my break was over XD
          Normally Pat puts up more articles and without them I am finding a few too many mins on my hands.

          Hope you’re enjoying yourself Pat ^.^

          1. Admin says:

            I will be back on form soon. Arrived after 3 days and then slept for 15 hours. I’ll get over jet lag by tomorrow. Honest!

            1. Midkemma says:

              With all that travel time and you didn’t write us a dozen articles to keep us busy, what is happening to the world!

              How was your journey?

              Never nice to have jet lag, laggy internet is rage inducing and Jet Li films are pretty epic…

              See! too much time on my hands. lol

    3. Break-on-through says:

      You’re in good form today Jon. I was picturing an American black preacher reading your piece, with his gospel choir, humming, and chiming in on the odd sentence. It sounded good. I’m also interested in Monarchy, tv shows about Monarchies, rather than studying the books.

      1. jon fox says:

        B-o-t, Yes my alter ego is Bishop Michael Currie, that amazing preacher from Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Funny how you never see us both in the same room together- rather like Superman and Clarke Kent! And BTW, I also read a book once! I still worry about what happened to Noddy.

  12. ken1945 says:

    Jon,. First of all I would like to ask how your friend has fared?
    I hope he is well.
    Also, thanks for a intense and lively debate previously, the opinions of others were so interesting and varied.
    Not only are you a Lord, but you also have your own personal chant!!!

    On to the topic:
    I see nothing wrong with signing someone from a rival club, on loan or permanently, young or old, as long as they improve the squad.
    We keep talking about signing players that, at the moment, are still beyond our transfer kitty.
    Dan is identifying players within our budget and, like it or not, that is the realism that surrounds us at the moment.
    As Mclovin says, Reece Oxford is a must and for the reasons he states.
    I would also add Fabregas to this list, he still has a lot to offer and with Danny Welbeck on his way (great shame), another old boy who loves the club, Giroud, fits that criteria as well.
    We already have our own list of “younger” players needing playing time to progress, so let’s look at the older more experienced player….as long as Sven doesn’t sign another Lichsteiner!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Hi Ken and thanks for asking about my friend. He is stable and hopefully at just the the start of a long road to recovery. His devoted and lovely wife is also a very close friend of ours and will look after his every need.

      Rather proud to be now “officially” a Lord. Long overdue but no one has suggested me for the House of Lords just yet. Rather a shame, as I could do with £300+ a day for just turning up for work and then either just boozing and listening -or even going home “after clocking in for the money.” Perhaps when I reach middle age though, eh!

      As to the topic -which I suppose we should – like you, I MUCH LIKED Dan’s article ; it reeked of realism and truth as to what is likely to happen, generally speaking. Some on his list can never happen, though that is equally true of ANY list of that many players. I would take Cesc like a shot, even at 31 and as “ancient ” as that is to some, who wrongly would equate him at a mere 31 with such as Licht, at least by mere age. I know Licht is 34 but it is the principle I speak about. Sturridge I would not touch, as we are not a hospital. That is the ONLY reason though. Much as I like Giroud as a man, I do NOT think it would work by him coming “home” so soon after leaving and it is not remotely on the cards for me.

      I do think the ideal has almost always been a good mixture of youth with experience , which means some of a certain age too. Like with ALL generalisations -and I know YOU will see the irony of that VERY phrase – it is NEVER about the age ,colour, height, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or any other “ism” but ALWAYS and ONLY about the individual and his talent PLUS his desire. You do not lose desire on your 30th birthday, just as you don’t necessarily acquire it on your 17th. Naturally KEN , though I have addressed this reply to you, it is really meant for others(at least this paragraph, anyway).

      By lowering my hopes, rather than my expectations for this season, which were not unrealistically high to begin with, I have removed the pressure I feel from any inconsistencies this season. That was bound to happen and already has. A good sense of perspective is a great emollient to life’s stresses and aids in mature thinking. RATHER LATE IN THE DAY and in part because of recent happenings, I am newly resolved to start thinking like the oldie I actually am and to stop HASTLIY overreacting in the manner of a less mature person. I do hope – I can’t yet in truth honestly say I EXPECT – that from now on our debates may be with wider issues than mere “who plays and who doesn’t” more in mind.

  13. SuperJack says:

    Arsenal need to buy one quality centreback and one tricky winger.
    Denis Suarez is a good techical player who can bring the ball out from the back. He can dribble past players and can create havoc when he have the ball. He is good replacement for Ramsey. He also can play in both wings.
    Leon Bailey, Nicolas Pepe or Ousmane Dembele. These type of wingers that Arsenal need to find and buy. We need a winger with pace, direct, can dribble, cause uncertainty to the opposition with his ball skills.
    As for the defences. Our Centre Half is far from reliable. We need to offload Mustafi, Koscielny or Sokratis and buy a new quality centre half with good in defending, organising defences (wishing someone like VVD). I think the coaching team need to make an improvement in our backline movement and positioning.
    For me, This season has been wonderful with our 22 game unbeaten run (except liverpool away)
    Hoping that Arsenal will finish this *transition* season in the top four, Europa League and FA cup trophy. Cheers to all ?
    Up the GUNNERS #COYG

  14. Midkemma says:

    I’d take Giroud back, I think he would suit Emery style better than Wengers, Giroud will work his socks off in his pressing play and he is a good player to hold the ball up, a front 3 of Auba/Giroud/Laca might actually do wonders.

    If Emery is asking his inside forwards to also be a big goal threat then Laca and Auba should be a big enough goal threat, they could both run past Giroud to act as CF in quick breaks, Giroud flicks in this case could be quite welcome.

    Carrasco has been linked to us recently and another winger who could fit Emery style, I think. He did well for Simone on the right and his teams wasn’t known for being weak defensively…

    Pavard, I know this might seem a bit out of our reach but we could offer him not only some first team football… We’re rebuilding our defense and he might like the idea of being key to that rebuild? Mustafi could be sold to contribute towards this? Maybe even part of a swap deal, they’d be getting a german CB who has represented his country in the past.

    Those two are not exactly bargain basement prices but still cheaper than Rodriguez.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      We took long enough getting rid of him (Giroud) and now you want to bring him back. We also have enough problems trying to start two strikers now you think we should start with three. Anyway with 4 goals for Chelsea in 29 games I wouldn’t actually call that prolific. No, leave him where he is thank you very much.

  15. Grandad says:

    Good article Dan.Value for money seems to be the new sensible philosophy being adopted by the Arsenal Board and Management team.Unfortunately the mistakes of the last regime will take some time to flush out of the system and Emery will no doubt be obliged to operate within a small budget during this transfer window.This being the case i think you can forget about virtually all the players you listed with the possible exceptions of Dunk and Oxford who would at least provide a physical ,ariel presence which we lack at present.However I have great hopes for young Mav who should be available for selection soon.As for young players who have impressed me and are unlikely to cost a fortune I would suggest we consider the following defenders. Kosna and Jeanvier, Brentford. Aaron’s , Norwich and Bernardo, BrightonThey are all talented and quick,something we lack at Arsenal with the exception of Bellerin.

  16. Ddog says:

    we need wingers, not strikers

  17. Mihado says:

    If you say value for money Dan…and James is worth 60mil…I say get me Jadon Sancho for that price or less if lucky…the guy is the best teenage winger after Mbape for me…HAKIMI of Dortmund is a perfect WB he got style and pace…Banega midfield maestro accompany with Torriera…His agility and vision are intact not a stepover midfielder always hungry for duels…as for CB…names mentioned are not better than what we’ve got..except for Liechtener DAT guy is a flop I just can’t watch him play…quick recovery for Mavropanos…KOS days are gone same goes for Godin Cahil and Luiz…Athletico are not stupid to let Godin go…he can’t match the intensity of the premier League…a young exciting composed CB We need like holding…I say let the damn scout do their job there are exciting players across the world who are ready to fight if given chance if we can’t promote a CB from the youth rank like Oxford Then what the use…he can’t be better than Pleuzeglo……Value for money will come from hungry players from range 20 to 28…not 30 to 35…I rest my case

  18. ACE says:

    RLC and Giroud are the only players from this
    list that Arsenal should remotely be interested
    in but I have a hard time believing that Sarri
    would seriously consider letting either play join
    a London rival that is hot on there heels for the
    final CL spot.
    AFC should be looking at the likes of Harry
    MaQuire, Lozano, Jonathen Tah, Leon Bailey,
    Benatia, Barella, Pavard etc in this window but
    sadly and predictably Kroenke wont provide the
    necessary investment to see Arsenal over that
    line. It is head scratching that with the potental
    financial windfall of CL futbol seemingly at the clubs fingertips that the club YET AGAIN refuses
    to spend ANY FREAKING money.

    6th place finish and a more of the same penny
    pinching deals during the summer window and
    our beloved club will continue devolve into the
    mid table obscurity of EPL futbol.

  19. Declan says:

    So basically no one mentioned has been linked with us and I’m not even sure any of them are “for sale”. Strong links at present with Carrasco and Suarez and I think one of them will be joining us.
    Personally I can’t wait for Bellerin to return so we hopefully don’t have to see that useless Lichsteiner again. I don’t want to be ageist (I’m old myself) but we need to get some young blood playing. The team, especially the defence, is starting to resemble Dad’s Army. They ‘don’t like it up em’ and you can hear the cries of ‘Don’t panic’ and ‘We’re Doomed” every time the opposition gets over the half way line. ?

    1. jon fox says:

      Declan, Not to also mention, when Emery PICKS Dad’s Army, “Do you think that’s wise , sir”. Sgnt Wilsons phrase.

      1. Declan says:

        I can hear him saying it now Jon and what an actor, as they all are / were.
        You stupid boy, Pike!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Great show, “Dad’s Army”.

  20. Trudeau says:

    Nobody on the list above or in the media excites me much (with the possible exception of Under who I have admittedly never see play). Feels like we’re just shuffling chairs. I’d rather see what AMN can do on the wing , how Mavraponas does when he comes back and if Nelson’s stellar loan play keeps up. Keep what little powder we have dry until the summer, add it to the new sponsorship money and any sales (Mikhitaryan, Mustafi etc), clear some salary (Ramsey, Koscielny, Lichsteiner, Welbeck etc) and go all out for two or three players that can truely be difference makers.

  21. Break-on-through says:

    I read today that we’re looking to bring back Edu, for Raul’s old position. This would be a good fit I believe. That S American market, Raul has a good record over there, and having a Brazilian would be helpful. We have a rotten record for that market, it needs to get better, so many gems come from that part of the world. The best forward – Arguably the best CB – Some of the best wide players – Very good CDM’s – Some of the most creative around. We def need to tap into it.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Not seen this rumour BOT, but I agree it would seem a positive move.
      Wonder what Edu has been up to though?

      1. Declan says:

        Hi ken, he’s currently Technical Director for the Brazilian National Team and was Director of Football at Corinthians before that.

        1. Declan says:

          Weve also just added Ben Knapper as Head of Loan Management (looking after loans of Academy players out to other clubs) Perhaps his position will be called The Loan Arranger, yeeee ha ?

        2. ken1945 says:

          Hi Declan, thanks for the info.
          Good to know he’s involved with the game.
          Love the loan arranger joke..

    2. Midkemma says:

      Forgot the GKs… Ederson and Allison.
      I did read a rumor saying Arsenal and UTD would battle it out for some GK prospect from Brazil.

  22. Sue says:

    I’m amazed that Aubameyang didn’t win our poll for GOTM for December…. that sweet strike against the spuds (that I’ll never tire of watching) came 2nd!!!! ?? Mkhi won it!!! Auba did get POTM though ?

  23. Sue says:

    Spuds or Chelsea tonight?? I honestly don’t know who I want to go through

    1. Midkemma says:

      Chelsea for me.
      Arsenal to beat Chelsea in FA Cup final and UEL final! Mwhahaha >:)
      Cheery on this cake would be to fin above them in EPL as well.

      1. Declan says:

        Chelsea for me too, I never want spurs to win anything

        1. Sue says:

          I can’t stand either though Declan!! Although seeing as we lost to the spuds… chelsea can then be beaten by Burton oops City in the final!

  24. Gooner 4 life says:

    Will someone please let me know what’s true on one hand we’ve got no money to spend on transfers on the other hand according to Robbie on AFTV and all the other roumers doing the rounds the only player were not signing this January is Harry Keane every day at least 5 or 6 new player named to be signing for us will people get real maybe 1 most 2 probably loan deals that’s the reality so will Arsenal fans please come back down to earth kronke is Abrimivich we will never get 200 million to spend on player’s not now not ever

  25. alberto says:

    yannick carrasco rumours? why no one talking about it?

    1. John Wick says:

      Forget Denis Suarez I’ll take Carrasco right now ?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        John, please see my response below. Went in wrong place!

  26. John Wick says:

    Seriously I think most of Kane’s goals are penalties ? although Kepa came flying out he was already on his way down I literally can’t stand him! Michael Oliver again giving one of his favourite teams a penalty! I don’t know who I dislike more Kane or Oliver! He’s an awful referee! I hope Chelsea wake up I really do not want Totts going to the final

    1. Sue says:

      But John you’re forgetting that Kane is world class ?? and if you believe that you’ll believe anything ? just turned over from the darts (the women were awful, even I could have played better ?)
      Now having to listen to the crowd singing ‘oh when the spurs go marching in’ ????? FOYS

      1. Sue says:

        Plus I agree about Oliver ?

        1. John Wick says:

          World class penalty taker ? maybe you got a career in it then Sue ? they’re just overjoyed they might be going to a league cup final you see this is a new experience for totts Sue ? yeah but who’s worse Dean Oliver or Atkinson the million dollar question haha

          1. Sue says:

            Imagine what you’re going to have to listen to at work ? just have to hope Chelsea do them at the Bridge in the 2nd leg ?
            That bloody is the million dollar question.. Moss is the ref for our game on Saturday… he isn’t much better ? I got tickets for the Cardiff game earlier… thought about the fa cup game, but opted for Cardiff ???

            1. John Wick says:

              Well naturally your going to want tickets for the bigger game Sue so that’ll be Cardiff ? we’re already in the 5th round ? oh god I know but there’s still a second game to go so I’m still confident Chels will go through ? Moss should be on a diet never mind reffing a game that’s played at a thousand miles an hour ?

              1. Sue says:

                ?? brilliant – that’s what I thought.. Cardiff all day long ?
                Haha will he be able to keep up?? Bet he’ll have no trouble pointing to the spot or waving the red or yellow card!! No pies for him at half time!!

                1. John Wick says:

                  Haha a damn good decision Sue ?? United are nobodies these days ? ah yeah I know now that you say that’s he’s guaranteed to give West Ham a pen at least we’ll be on here debating it ? Graham poll was my favourite ref he never got anything wrong ever ??

                  1. Sue says:

                    Haha never got anything wrong my arse! ?? I think they’re all dodgy one way or another John (even Howard Webb!)
                    Yes I’ve probably jinxed it now… I usually do.. ? if I say I’m not that keen on someone or they’ve been poor of late you can guarantee they’ll score ?

                    1. John Wick says:

                      Haha I know Sue I think one time he booked the same player 3 times in the same game ? yeah he was rubbish also and he got a champions League final and world cup final ? the jinx must be broken sometime Sue lol so I’m guessing your predicting a 3-0 away win on Saturday? ?

                    2. Sue says:

                      Hmmm I’m not so sure! With our dodgy defence I always expect the opposition to score… I just hope we score more!! What with Arnautovic & Anderson I don’t think they’re the pushover they used to be & what’s the betting that little sh*t Nasri plays?! ☹

                    3. John Wick says:

                      What’s the betting on him playing and scoring? We’re usually on the wrong end of stats or records ? i agree Arnautovic is a handful and always scores against us and Felipe Anderson has impressed me all season! Hopefully some of our big hitters are back preferably Bellerin and Monreal! I forgot to ask how’s the hangover Sue? ?

                    4. Sue says:

                      I’d love to see Hector!! ? no hangover for me John…. not had a drink in ages!! Pepsi max is my tipple ???

                    5. John Wick says:

                      Not even a sneaky vodka on your birthday ? haha no hangovers for you then Sue ? mine is blueberry juice just can’t enough of it ? hopefully then Sue since he’s become a vegan he’s been getting more injuries it’s time he got a bit fat juicy steak with pepper sauce forget this vegan nonsense ?

                    6. Sue says:

                      If I had downed anything it would have been a fosters ? blueberry juice?? Might have to try it.. is it sour?
                      Vegan nonsense?!! ? I’m a pescitarian! ?? can’t wait to get to Gregg’s for a veggie sausage roll ??

                    7. John Wick says:

                      No Sue it’s not Sour it’s kinda sweet I’ve been drinking it years and it’s an antioxidant so it’s really good for you ? you know, I had to Google that never heard of it so your a non meat eater but eat fish ? I’m with Brad Douriff in Halloween “we all have a bit of caveman in us, man was meant to eat meat” ?. Australia’s finest haha. At this time of morning ?

                    8. Sue says:

                      Haha well you learn something new every day ? ?

  27. Break-on-through says:

    I like the sound of Torino defender Nkoulou, Cameroonian. Read his stats on an article from media referee. Very good statistics. They say he’s rated at 12m, I doubt you can get him for 12m, transfer market and whoscored websites always low-ball a players worth. He might be worth looking into, I’d prefer him over the Bailly, or some aged defender.

  28. John Wick says:

    For all the talk that Hazard is next to Ronaldo and Messi he rarely does anything in the big games! He’s a very good player don’t get me wrong but he is a million miles off the level of Ronaldo and Messi and never will be at their level he’s already 27 or 28 he’s at the level of a Gareth bale for example! Earlier this season they were talking him up like he’s one of the best ever he’s a 10 to 15 goal a season player with 4 or 5 of them penalties!

  29. GoonerAbroad says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that Samuel Chukwueze on a bosman this summer (transfmarkt lists his contract as expiring this summer) hasn’t gained more traction. We tried to sign him at the same time as Kelechi Nwakali, but he had visa issues so he went to Spain instead. He has been playing great for Villarreal and gave Marcelo fits and assisted one of Santi’s goals in the Real Madrid game last week. I would think Iwobi and Santi could sell him on joining us. That would give us another young talented winger to go along with the return of Reiss Nelson.

    1. McLovin says:

      Yeah I agree, the kid is unreal at dribbling!

  30. ozziegunner says:

    The issue with Carrasco is that he is apparently currently on £175 k per week wages.
    How cash strapped can Arsenal be under Kroenke, when the point stoping the transfer of Suarez is the fact that Barcelona wants payment of the transfer fee and Arsenal can only afford a loan until the summer?
    Too bad Arsenal couldn’t do a deal with Juventus for Benatia or better still Rugari when talking about Ramsey. Both aren’t get much game time at Juventus.

    1. John Wick says:

      Arsenals transfer budget is always very confusing Ozziegunner, it seems to vary from time to time even when we were regulars in the champions League! When we sold players and had quite transfer windows sometimes the budget would be smaller than the year before! I just think the club is run by a bunch of clowns.. fortunately one clown has departed but we still have clowns in the boardroom and the biggest clown is the owner! I’m not buying into that the club have no money or very little money to spend this January it seems they’re just unwilling to spend any money in fear we miss out on the champions League hence the Loan situation.. truth be told I don’t think it will make much difference if we make Champions league I still think we’ll have a misely transfer budget come the summer! The sooner Kroenke disappears the better but won’t hold my breath for that to be anytime soon!

  31. ozziegunner says:

    Jon fox, please note my response to your post re Australia – it’s a fair way up.

  32. We must avoid another big earner like Carrasco who is clearly a mercenary just looking for more big transfers to make even more money. If we could somehow sell or loan ozil this January transfer window it would be excellent!

  33. McLovin says:


    Oxford £3 millions, 20 years old. Homegrown CB, has demand in Germany (Gladbach wanted him). If he doesn’t make it for Arsenal, we can always sell him for English clubs for profit. Win/win.

    Donis Avdijaj, £1-2 millions now but free in the summer, 22 years old. Left winger, apparently scored 59 goals in 53 matches for U17 and 17 goals in 24 games for U19 while at Schalke. 7 goals this season for Willem II in Eredivisie. Again low risk, high reward -type of player. Buy him for peanuts, sent him on loan.

    Samuel Chukwueze, £1-5 millions now but free in the summer, 19 years old. Left winger, playing for Villarreal. 3 goals, 2 assists this season. Unreal dribbler. Was supposed to sign for us along with Nwakali (there’s a picture of them with Wenger), but that failed. This would be a fantastic deal. I say buy him now, and bring him to Premier League and blood him early. He’s shown he has it for LaLiga so why not in Premier League? Low risk, high reward again.

    Fernando Calero, CB, Valladolid, £10 million release clause. Decent defender, low cost, we are short of CB’s. Worth a shot if the money is tight.

Comments are closed

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