Van Dijk names Arsenal favourite as his toughest ever opponent

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has identified former Arsenal player Olivier Giroud as his toughest opponent.

Van Dijk has established himself as one of the world’s best defenders since joining Liverpool, and few attackers have managed to outperform him. Strikers often express apprehension when facing him, acknowledging his ability to thwart almost anyone.

Van Dijk’s exceptional skill in reading the game enables him to make the right tackles consistently. Despite this, he admits to having struggled to deal with Giroud, recognising the French striker as a particularly challenging adversary.

He tells L’Equipe:

‘I always felt like I got him, but somehow, he always managed to score. Whether it was for Arsenal, Chelsea or France, he always scored.

‘I said to him when we won the league, we won 5-3 [against Chelsea] we were 3-0 up or something and he scored a scrappy goal, I think it was against the crossbar and fell down, scrappy goal, I said to him: ‘You scored again?!’

Just Arsenal Opinion

VVD knows a good striker when he sees one, and Giroud probably did not get enough credit for how good he was on our books.

The Frenchman is still doing well on the books of AC Milan in the Italian top flight.

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  1. I’m beginning to feel like a clarevoyant!!!!
    In a previous article, I said that Giroud would have put many of the chances missed against WHU, Fulham and Liverpool and HEY PRESTO DVD confirms my thoughts about him being a very good goalscorer.
    So underrated by a section of our fan base and what a job he did for us.

  2. Well Ken even though the Frenchman is going over the hill he would still manage to get a few of those chances in the back of the net.

    Have seen him score living off sheer scraps, that old lamp post as he was referred to by a section of the fan base

    1. Careful with referring to someone by his nationality. Some people kicked up a huge fuss about calling MA the Spaniard in another article so they may also take offence with calling OG the Frenchman instead of his name

  3. That scorpion kick was something else and I firmly believe if Giroud had had pace he would have been the best in the business. His aggression and aerial prowess were magnificent but his speed was lacking somewhat. He had a great dogged determination, he was a warrior, I wish we had more players or forwards with Giroud’s mentality

  4. I also remember him missing quite a lot of goalscoring chances. We often appreciate people more when they are no longer around. But, to imply that he would have scored many of those chances missed against West Ham is far stretched considering the number of chances I’ve witnessed him missed for Arsenal esp. when he has to use his right foot. He was only at his best with his head in terms of chance conversions.

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