Van Persie insists Wenger is better than Ferguson or any other

Robin Van Persie has hailed Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as the ‘best manager in the world’, and insists that he wants him to succeed.

The Dutchman angered Gunners fans back in 2012 when forcing his way out of the club to join Manchester United, but clearly has a love for our club remaining in his heart.

RVP has rejoined boyhood club Feyernoord this week, the side who gave him his senior debut before the North London side snapped him up in 2004, and is likely to end his career in Holland with his new club.

The striker went onto make 194 Premier League appearances for our side, notching up an impressive 96 goals, but ended up growing frustrated at a lack of silverware.

Despite forcing his way out of the club to join the Red Devils, he has moved to insist that he owes Wenger everything, hailing him as the best manager in the world.

Van Persie said: “Arsene is just the best manager in the world.

“This is why I want him to be successful with Arsenal. He deserves it.

“I owe everything to Arsene Wenger. He has been crucial for me in my development as a player and as a person.’

“I only have warm memories. I enjoyed every day, every minute I worked, trained and played for Arsene.’’

The Dutch striker will never be able to appease Arsenal fans after the way that he forced his exit from the Emirates, even if us fans also find ourselves frustrated with the lack of ambition shown in the transfer market, and lack of title challenge in recent terms.

He clearly still cherishes the time he spent in North London, and it is a huge statement to hail him as better than Sir Alex Ferguson, who dominated the top division for a number of years.

Does Wenger still deserve the tag bestowed upon him by RVP?

Pat J

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  1. Well he is going to say that isn’t he? After all, it was Wenger that helped him achieve his childhood dream….

    1. wenger as a coach,no. mentorship ad personality,the best there will ever be. he has a soft heart for all his players.he makes all feel at home and comfortable.he can encourage and help one discover their personal strengths and potential.but in terms of tactics, somehow no.

  2. Then why did that traitor jumped in the arms of AF when he scored against us, I can forgive Sanchez he gave it all on the pitch but no way I can bring myself to forgive that traitor for leaving us after years of being injured we stuck by him an as soon as he had a season and a half of good play he went to the enemy and celebrated goals against us, they hate him in Turkey suporters and punters canot belive his carector

    1. Regarding AW his a realy nice guy to play for a bit too nice he don’t like confrontation so he will never be great again just above avarage, he lacks the ⚽️⚽️,s to confront the management

  3. THE INCREDible thing with wenger is that he gets praised by almost evrey professional in the game, and some are absolute legends like ferguson, and hated by some of his fans….an absolute disgrace

    1. Yes his a great man but he will never bring success again to Arsenal so what do you do carry on for another ten years because his nice? if I wasn’t an Arsenal suporter I too will say nice things about him everyday

      1. If he goes all out and buys the players we need regardless of the cost then I will continue to support him 100% rather then now 65%

      2. TAS, how do you measure “success”? So, how many clubs are, therefore, “unsuccessful”, by your standards? I take it you don’t consider 3 FA cup wins in 4 years success……

    2. Wenger is the man, beloved by all, as he makes money and wishes come true, but there is just a catch, he cant make the fans happy, and if not making the fans happy whats the point of the likes of you even being obssesed with this man???

      If you cant back up words with actions, then whats the point in complimenting him Van the now old man?

      A rivals compliment is jelousy and hate, remember that, geee, or just go back to Villarreal mate

      1. he made fans very happy… then Abramovich, Glasers , Sheikh at Man City and guy at Liverpool all came rolling in with huge monies.. sadly Kroenke wont spend serious money and Wenger too ‘nice’ and too loyal to let us know the truth..
        He has mad mistakes likes we all do in life but not sure anyone else could have kept Asenal im CL for so long and at least FA Cups.. you talk about other managers we could have brought in but none of the top ones would take the job without at least 250mn per year spent !!
        Wenger his own worst enemy ny staying so long and also in part his stubborness…
        Maybe just mayne if we get Auba and a good CDM and CB then he can turn it around .. some great youngsters like AMN and Reiss coming through !!
        Good luck on semi final tonight.. !

  4. Pals there is a sharp difference between ‘Best and Greatest’.
    Best depicts fondness while greatness is………(fill in the empty space).

  5. Yeah right… He couldn’t wait to jump ship & head to Old Trafford to then come back & haunt us & celebrate every time! What an arsehole ?

    1. Agreed. He went nuts celebrating when scoring against us. Kissing ManU badge, hugging Fergie on the sidelines just added to the insult. He can say whatever he wants now but I won’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. A traitor, and a rat. (Spits in Disgust)

  6. Left us and had one great season and then what?Nothing.If he had stayed he COULD have made a difference and WOULD be hero worshipped now by all Gooners everywhere.

  7. Wenger is probably lovely person and nice guy to play for but “best manager in the world”? LOL He could have been.
    He had PL titles, FA Cups, Invincibles, 1 goal from possible Champions league glory. Then from 2005-2018 he got big headed and stubborn innit
    Wenger is too loyal to the players even poor or average ones. Ferguson always maintained a high standard of players and wasn’t scared to shout or kick things in the dressing room. He was a better motivator too. Wenger can’t seem to get the best of some players and also plays them in wrong position which hurts their motivation also
    Exception was when Wenger turned Henry from a winger to a striker. But Wenger has played Ozil on left, Ramsey on right, Theo up front as striker, Flamini as LB, Adelaide as LWB, Nelson as RWB. Ox as a LWB. Coquelin as CB etc etc. Just play players in their specialist positions unless we have lots of injuries innit

    Wenger’s biggest flaw is his stubbornness. He seldom changes. A good manager is willing to change to win. Why Wenger has not signed a Top defensive/holding midfielder is an example? Especially after seeing what Viera did for us or Kante, Matic, Toure, Roy Keane, Mekelele helped their respective teams win PL titles. Kante did it for 2 teams in a row. DM is very important position but Wenger still doesn’t think so

    1. Your right and at the moment we are playing with NO DM.Xhaka is being found out with his total lack of defensive duties resulting in goals against due to him continually failing to track back with his man.I watched Fernandinho this evening against Bristol City and that player epitomises the role that he is there for.Sre you telling me these players are not there?Over to you Sven and Raul

  8. When Wenger arrived at Arsenal as a manager, Arsenal and Mnaure had the same amount of epl titles, Wenger did 3 epl since then, and Fergie went for 9 if i am not mistaken, and 2 cl trophy

  9. One of the reasons Wenger is not ‘great’ has just spoken. RVP was the difference between ManU and us in their title win that year.

    How was that his fault? RVP wanted to go, nothing Wenger said or did was good enough to make him stay. He went and even robbed it in.

    He’s now saying something sweet about this same Wenger.

    The snake.

  10. I can’t believe he has the nerve to say anything about Arsenal or Wenger. What a rat. Before his last year with us, he played on average 22 games per season. He was more times injured than he was not. Yet the manager, the board, and mostly the FANS stayed behind him in those dark times. We gave him support. We gave him loyalty. We game him trust. And we gave him love. What does he do after ONE healthy season? He jumps ship. And not only he leaves us in the state of disarray but he also goes to our most hated nemesis, ManU and Fergie. You know what, RvP? SCREW YOU!!! You could have been an Arsenal legend. Instead, you will always be remembered as a traitor. That is if anyone remembers you at all in a few years.

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