Van Persie mocks Arsenal for trying to use their financial health to convince him to stay

Robin van Persie has revealed that Arsenal tried to convince him to stay at the club by showing him their balance sheet which showed that they were very healthy financially.

However, it backfired because the Dutchman didn’t care how rich the club was, he just wanted to win titles which prompted him to join Manchester United.

Van Persie was at Arsenal for 8 years, but he won just the FA Cup and the Dutchman wanted the club to become more competitive before he would continue his stay with them.

In a bid to convince him to stay, the club showed him their balance sheet, which showed that they were making good money, but van Persie wasn’t impressed.

He told dutch presenter Kaj Gorgels on his official YouTube channel that he didn’t care how much money they were making, all he wanted was to win the Premier League.

He said: ‘At Arsenal, I didn’t feel like we were on the level to compete. 

‘One day, The chairman of Arsenal showed me how healthy the club was by showing me their positive numbers. 

‘I told him: “I don’t give a s*** about these numbers, I want to lift the Premier League trophy.”

Arsenal hasn’t won the Premier League since 2004, but the Gunners have splashed the cash in the transfer window recently.

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  1. He was injured for seasons and Wenger was patient with him. he had a good season after and left us straightaway. no loyalty in football. he is a mercenary. If van persie, nasri and fabregas had stayed longer, we could have won the EPL.
    Besides, he did not win the champions league at Man united anyway.

    1. I agree in part, Skills1000. But then, he is also right that the club were not showing the ambition on the pitch. Only is its profits. He should never have gone to Manure though. He ruined any positive status he had at Arsenal. He should have gone abroad.

    2. Are we still allowed to talk about loyalty after the treatment given to ozil where’s he’s not deemed good enough for europa league bench.

      1. Loki: You raise a valid question and so far there is no valid answer for it. V.P left because he understood that Arsenal won’t go anywhere unless they spend money on defense.
        Ozil remained at Arsenal while Sanchez, Pedolsky ,Ramsey, Wilshere, Girould left without being adequately replaced. Go figure.

    3. @Skills. That’s just it!! Rvp’s injuries were so annoying and frustrating!! In seasons we could have competed, he always set us back n impeded us!!
      In 2007/2008 season where Arsenal would have won the EPL title, his n Eduardo da Silva’s injury hurt our chances!! Now he asks why we couldn’t win the EPL??😏😏
      In Epic Arsenal matches where we put up Heroic performances, he was never there.. Check 4-4 draw against Liverpool@Anfield in 2009, 2-0 against AC Milan@the San Siro in 2008, 2-2 comeback draw against Barcelona@the Emirates stadium in 2010 n so many others!!
      He is just and will always be a backstabber n ingrate for me!! We should ignore his taunts!! Reiss-Nelson, Martinelli n even Balogun could surpass Van Persie in few years time! So he should shut his mouth n go take a rest!!

  2. RVP the Bloody ingrate opens his mouth yet again!! He always talks if Arsenal let him down in winning trophies were as he let down in our trophies pursuit with his unending injuries!!..
    Where I watched football in 2008, some fans named ‘chicken legs’!!😏😣Arsene Wenger stood by him in those trying times, now he feel like a King talking sh*t about Arsenal!!
    One EPL title has really gotten into his head!! Jamie Vardy, Alan Shearer’s got same and don’t go about bragging at all!!
    No worries, believe my Gooners will get that title before 2022!!😊😊

  3. Now this may be controversial but frankly I dont really care.

    All of you above are twats imo and heres why.

    As a sportsman you play your sport to win, now we all know that since we went invincible, the club had no ambition in winning the league.

    Yes RVP had injury, upon injury and came good for 2 seasons before he moved to UTD and you say he should have stayed loyal when he wants to win the biggest trophy in the England?

    Was he offered a new deal?
    Did he engineer the move to UTD?
    Was it not the clubs decision to not offer a new deal and instead agree to sell him to UTD?

    calling him an ingrate for wanting to win the EPL is a disgrace.

    If what he said was true, the why didnt the club go and buy the players the club needed to compete to win the league??

    I would have said the same thing as he said there.

    Backstabber, ingrate, mercenary, whatever you want to call him is just you lot being bitter and think that everything should revolve around what you want for the club and not what the player or the club wanted at the time.

    If the club came out and said ” we did everything we could to keep him” blah blah blah, then fine you call him that and I would join you, but the fact is none of that happened, he has come out in the past and said whats was what when he left and yet Arsenal stayed silent….I wonder why?

    1. Val, His leaving is not and never the problem for all Gooners worldwide!! Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole left for Chelsea!! Kolo You’re, Emma Adebayor and Gael Clichy left for Man City!!
      These players all won the EPL title and multiple times too!!
      They stayed humble after their decision and Victory!! But Van Persie comes up every now and then to paint Arsenal as weak and unambitious!! When he is the ‘weakest’ player in the Arsenal of those years!!
      When we fought hard to win the 2007/2008 EPL season against Man utd of Ronaldo, Rooney n Tevez, Liverpool of Torres n Gerrard, Chelsea of Drogba, Anelka, Ballack, Lampard,etc, did he make a single contribution??
      .In the centre I watched EPL in 2007-2009, Chelsea and Man utd fans used to call him ‘Chicken Legs’!!
      Now, he runs his mouth quite alot, casting us in a bad light!! Fabregas, Henry, Hleb etc. have never behaved like this!! That’s the difference!!

    2. “the club had no ambition in winning the league”

      Val this goes both ways.. If AFC had more ambition they would have gotten rid of his permanently injured a** alot sooner

  4. If people cant see that RVP left because the ambition to win wasn’t there, they are just blind. You may not like RVP but he left for a chance to win something. Profit came first, he wasn’t interested in that.

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