Emery and Xhaka are not to blame for the toxic atmosphere at Arsenal

Emery and Xhaka are not responsible for the toxic atmosphere at Arsenal, that is down to โ€œsomeโ€ fans.

Last season Arsenal fans booed Shkodran Mustafi, the season before that it was Arsene Wenger, this season, Granit Xhaka.

Next season it will be someone else, that is an absolute guarantee. Am I the only one that is seeing a pattern here?

It is also noticeable that the hatred towards certain Arsenal employees comes from fan groups. The most obvious one is AFTV.

AFTV has over 1 million subscribers and gets millions of views per week, it was they that led the Wenger out campaign. It was AFTV that attacked Mustafi almost weekly. It has been AFTV that have been calling for Emeryโ€™s head long before anyone else. It is AFTV that now unleash venom on Xhaka.

Anyone listening to the latest AFTV videos can clearly hear other Arsenal fans having a go at them. If you want to know who the architects of the toxic atmosphere at Arsenal then look no further than AFTV.

It is not just AFTV, they are the cheerleaders of hatred towards their own team but there are others.

These so-called fans rip to pieces their own players, their own managers and then cry when there is a reaction.

This is not about Xhaka or even Emery, this is about Arsenal fans turning on their own season after season.

It has to stop but it will not. Too much money to be made attacking ones own players for that to happen.

Arsenal is divided now, that is a fact and we all know what Abraham Lincoln said about a house divided.

It cannot stand.


  1. At Yeet
    No it’s not you
    It’s the upcoming fixture
    See no one is even sure what to write because it’s pool again.

  2. criticism is part of football,whether from your fans or rivals,messi get boos by Argentinians and Ronaldo was booed during his time in Madrid.If he can’t stand the heat,he has no business in the kitchen.Is either he up his game or leave the club

    1. spot on Uzkido
      Giroud was abused few years ago by France national fans and he responded on the PITCH making them eat their words

    1. The author of this post is probably trying to stimulate responses. I’ll take the bait. The fans are the customers of Arsenal or any club. We have the right to express our feelings wether warranted or not. Nobody was attacking Xhaka personally, his performance was poor, again, and he was taking a leisurely stroll off the pitch when a goal was needed.

  3. Can someone shut AFTV down? Where are all the hackers? This is heading for a disaster if it is allowed to continue unchecked – completely unacceptable.

    It would also help if there was an official statement from the Arsenal management

    1. SAGooner, Arsenal management forced them to take “Arsenal” out of tneir name, hence AFTV.
      I watch the show and Robbie Lyle,Graham, Mo, Lee gunner and Turkish are all very level headed in their comments. Naturally there are a number of differing opinions and a fair number of outrageous characters, like in stupid (in my view) reality TV. You just have to use your common sense (not that common) and filter out the extremes.

  4. All these emotional writeups cannot save Emery or Xhaka from leaving Arsenal. Go and write it down somewhere, what happened to Ozil will definitely happen to Xhaka. His own is gonna be worse. Just as Mkhirtaryan was loaned out, so will Xhaka be loaned or sold. Mark my words.

  5. The Fanbase got rid of Wenger.The Fanbase will be the undoing of Emery.He hasnโ€™t had 1% of the toxic abuse that was directed ( rightly so ) at Wenger YET but itโ€™s starting to build and about time.He as the next three games in my opinion. The Carabao is the Scouse Fringe players against ours and he will probably survive a loss.But unless we win both games against Wolves and Leicester then he will be gone.
    The board reacted when Wenger was targeted and will have no hesitation with this hapless manager.They made a mistake.Admit it early.Get a new manager in.Move on and forward.

    1. @Phil
      Get over yourself. The fan base didn’t get rid of AW,the board did, as soon as he missed out on CL monies. The same will happen to Emery when he doesn’t . Some fans have been raging for AW to be sacked a few years before he stepped off. But since he had been securing that 4th place trophy, the board thought all was honky dory…

  6. If fans can vabally abuse the man who gave us 20 consecutive champions league football,who grew our fan base with his brand of football, who improve our yearly turnover from 300,000 pounds to over 400m pounds, who made us the fifth most valuable football club In the world, who took us to our first ever champions league finals,who made us one of the most attractive brands in the world, who rejected the most attractive of offers at his peak to stay with our cash trapped club after the Emirates move,who gave us the precious and valuable golden trophy, who made us the highest fa cup winner,in fact the list is endless,who is xhaka that they can’t abuse, we v suddenly become a huge joke for real, we now behave like privileged spoilt brats,xhaka is first a human with emotions,action and reaction r equal and opposite, u abused him in the presence of his family, u abused his wife on her Instagram page, u still abused him in his face and expect him not to react? Wtf r u talking about,do they think every one is Wenger who took every shits thrown @ him? Imagine some guys who have never contributed anything to this club calling Wenger French fraud? Jezzzz! If we don’t change our orientation and attitude as fans seriusly things will get worse,which player will give his all for a bunch of fans who will abuse u for the slightest of mistakes? Ramsey served us for 10 years even endured torrent of abuses from some wannables here,some were even calling him Wenger’s homosexual partner for believing in him, yet his contract was removed from the table without his knowledge, without even offering him a new one, yet some guys justified it,terrible mehn, ozil wasva breath of fresh air when he came here, we were trophyless for a long time before his arrival, dude rinvorated the entire dressimg room with his amazing skills and vision,he added swag to our beautiful game,we even became a more beautiful side to watch with sanchez and cazorla forming a deadly trio,buh look @ how our coach and the management team is treating him like a lepa for no just course yet some guys here r supporting them, what nonsense, how do u expect the likes of aubu ,laccazzete etc to give their best when they knew it can be their turn tomorrow, the truth is that the earlier we stop all these rubbish the better for this great club!

      “the man who gave us 20 consecutive champions league football,who grew our fan base with his brand of football, who improve our yearly turnover from 300,000 pounds to over 400m pounds, who made us the fifth most valuable football club In the world, who took us to our first ever champions league finals,who made us one of the most attractive brands in the world, who rejected the most attractive of offers at his peak to stay with our cash trapped club after the Emirates move,who gave us the precious and valuable golden trophy, who made us the highest fa cup winner,in fact the list is endless”

      1. Who eventually turned us into Europa league regulars, who got us hammered 10-1 by Bayern, who got us hammered 8-2 by utd, who stayed far too long in the job and the list goes on.

        1. @Reggie
          Are you serious dude? After 20 +years, you that’s all you can come up with? Plastic assd fan…

          1. Could anyone remind @Reggie how many goals Dortmiond or is it Bayern scored over Barcelona a season or two earlier.

    2. you are completely right. Not only do these negative fans have absolutely no class or intelligence, they are literally tearing the club down apart around them and then blaming everyone else. They hurl abuse as if there is no amount of disrespect they can’t show, and cry like fucking babies the minute someone does the same to them–which they thoroughly deserve. We ban racists for abuse at stadiums, I can’t understand why we don’t ban abuse which is even more harmful. These people are a total embarrassment to the club and themselves. They clearly don’t understand what the word “supporter” even means. Honestly, are these people paid by Tottenham to sabotage our club or what?

  7. AFTV really ?

    There`s me thinking it might be the owners fault for not making us competitve for years by not investing when City and Chavs bought who they liked.

    I dont watch AFTV, I made up my own mind that we have been pathetic for years by watching false dawn after false dawn.
    Fans are fed up with the shit being served up.

    Sack Count Emery before he wakes up from his coffin, we did it in 96/97 season with a manager after a year.

    Anyone happy with the current form ?……………..lets blame AFTV and take the pressure off the management for taking the piss by playing a shit player ! hahaha

    1. AFTV is toxic and they are the ones who carry much of the blame for the toxic atmosphere at the club. Sorry but players don’t thrive in atmospheres of toxic hostility towards them, it destroys their confidence. I don’t like Emery either, but the behaviour of fans is beyond the pale, an embarrassment to the club and themselves, and shameful.

      Emery is under contract and we’ve just refreshed the team. The owners will have to give him until the end of the season because it takes time for teams to gel when there are many new faces in the club and they don’t want to pay out 15.5 million to Emery for the season which they have to pay if they sack him now. We’d have to pay him, pay another manager on top and replace all of Emery’s staff. It’s not going to happen mid-season. No matter what the state of your club, attacking your own players DOES NOT IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. All it will do is alienate talent.

      If Arsenal go down to 10th this year, how easy will it to be to retain our existing talent? How easy will it be to get new talent to come in when they know how toxic and shitty the fans are? Nobody will touch this club and we’ll just plummet down towards relegation. Sure the manager and players have to be accountable, but accountability and abuse are NOT THE SAME. Players who don’t perform get benched. If you boo one player you boo them all, it hurts everyone and it demoralizes everyone.

  8. I think it is our incompetent board. It took them forever to decide on Wenger even when it was obvious he was destroying the club he built. It took a very aggressive atmosphere at the Emirates and even boycotting of home games for the marriage to end.
    What happened to Xhaka is just who we can have become. An aggrieved set of fans who have tolerated obvious mismanagement and avoidable failures for so long.
    I feel sorry for Xhaka and others because they are victims of a situation they never created.
    I think this will continue until we begin to experience some level of glory because the fans have ran out of patience to endure any short-term and long-term mediocrity. It was Iwobi and Mustafi last season. We have started already with Xhaka. Ozil is always there, only lucky he has a loyal fan base. The worst is yet to come, I suspect it will be Emery.

  9. Poorly written articles which is purely based on your opinion Martin
    So fans arenโ€™t allowed an opinion yet you are, this site runs on opinions

    Two things
    Firstly emery has enabled this
    If heโ€™s not got the balls to pick HIS captain he should resign. Heโ€™s known the fans are unhappy with xhakas performances over the last 2/3 years why put more pressure on him by letting him be captain. Emery is using Xhakas downfall to hide his own deficiencies
    The same people who are condemning Xhakas booing probably support emery over ozil, you canโ€™t have it both ways
    Ozil has done far more for Arsenal than Xhaka

    And secondly Xhakas behaviour whilst leaving the pitch is u forgivable
    Walking off slowly as we are drawing
    Telling the fans F off

    He should be drummed out of the club

    1. There is a difference between having an opinion and sabotaging your own club. Booing your own players demoralizes the entire team. If your objective is to drop down to 10th then you’re doing the right thing. Abusing your own players is shameful and pathetic. You are literally doing the job of the opposition. Xhaka’s response was poor, but I am far more angry at the disgraceful fans who would do that to their own players. ADMIN SAYS STOP SWEARING!

      I am so tired of fans who think they can abuse everyone and be completely disrespectful and hold everyone accountable–but themselves. Creating a toxic atmosphere at games does not help the club succeed, but the fans are hostile and then surprised when performances get worse. What total idiots. They want to hurl infinite abuse but then cry like babies over a single “STOP IT off.” What incredibly massive hypocrites and crybabies. They should LAST CHANCE and never go back to the stadium again. They are pathetic spineless twats who are literally doing the job of the opposition while daring to call themselves supporters and who get to hurl abuse without ever being held accountable and never take responsibility for anything while demanding everyone else be responsible.

      There are no words for how cowardly and counterproductive these people are. But hey! Go on supporting that, and make sure to blame the next manager and never ever ever ever look in the mirror when Arsenal are dropping down the table towards relegation.

      1. Excellent man,hope it won’t be 2 late by the time they will realize how much damage they r doing to this great club

  10. Well said Martin. There is a real danger that the mindless minority will damage permanently the decent reputation which Arsenal fans have earned over the years.I am not a fan of Xhaka as a player but I would never contemplate the verbal abuse he was subjected to yesterday.The vast majority of Arsenal fans are decent,law abiding people who love their Club first and foremost.It’s in our DNA.We cannot allow a tiny ,ignorant group of foul mouthed idiots to damage our Club.It’s time for the real Arsenal fans to stand up to these idiots by getting behind the team even if we disagree with the Manager’s selections.Football is now a results based business and if we fail to make the top four no doubt the Club’Executive will take steps to make appropriate changes.

  11. Yeah but Ramsey was a scapegoat at Arsenal long before AFTV existed. Even Arshavin, Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski and Djorou. Wenger is the one who made everyone bitter and cynical. Stubborn insistence on playing underperforming players. Now fans see same mistakes being repeated and they cannot stomach it. Wenger and Gazidis created this mentality, this monster…and I don’t know how we will kill it.

  12. I`d like Ozil to oust Count Emery in an Arsenal political coup and become player manager !
    Count Emery will be imprisoned in Castle Kroenkula with his pet Igor Gazidis !

  13. What a load of rubbish.. blaming AFTV for the toxic atmosphere admin seriously? Try blaming it on the owners!! Years and years of frustration, lies, broken promises!! Ever since Kroenke invested in our club the Rot set in and years and years of HIDING behind wenger and yes man gazidis we now can see the outcome is clear.. FANS ARE FED UP!! At the end of the day the recruitment over the past 10 years is what has brought us to this point!! Average players at best.. at present we now have the toxic atmosphere back at Emirates after all the years of wenger stagnating the club we now have a manager who is way out of his depth and couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery!! But why are we in this position? Not because of AFTV but because of our yank owner using this club as a cash cow!!

    I have been a season ticket holder for.over 15 years and go to every away game including cups and europe spend thousands every year on tickets and travel so if I wana boo xhaka for his 3 years of lazy uninspiring performances I will.. if I wana boo ozil for not tracking back and not showing any workrate i will.. if I wana boo emery for his lack of tactical instinct and hiding behind the players I will!!


    1. @Pat
      Here is your answer. No need for me to retype what @King Henry has said. All this frustration, bitterness and pain has it’s roots in the Wenger/Gazidis regime!

    2. buddy, your season ticket is not paying the player wages. If stadium seat sales were the only things financing the club, we wouldn’t be able to buy any players at all. I’m sorry but it’s ridiculous for you to demand that others spend billions of dollars of their own money and lose it just so you can be entertained. I’m not a fan of the Kroenke’s either, but what you are saying doesn’t make a whit of sense. Someone out there is obligated to lose hundreds of millions of dollars because you bought a ticket? What?

  14. How dare the fans who spend their hard-earned dough on Arsenal tickets and merchandises demand better from their team’s captain. Oh, the audacity!!


  15. Hmmm. I believe Emery owes us the Arsenal faithful the duty and responsibility he MUST carry out successfully to not allow the problem and trouble that are now rearing up their ugly heads at Arsenal to come up to the surface to fester at the club. But nib their ugly heads in the bud by taking absolute control of matters and things at the club to man manage correctly the problem and trouble now confronting Arsenal before they get out of hand.

  16. What a load of crap Martin,the fans have had to endure a number of years of coming 3rd or 4th,no chance of winning the premier league,sides that may of played good football with no hard edge that would take them to the next in level,players that were not up to the challenge we pay the highest season ticket in Europe, after see our team get weaker and weaker losing leads, does anyone remember being 4-0 up against Newcastle, arsenal tv gave fans a vehicle to say our thoughts, so don’t give me that crap that we are not entitled to be made at what has gone on.

  17. I’m not up to speed with planet Arsenal today, as I’m away.. but has Xhaka apologised?
    I think after that yesterday, he’s finished. He’s our ‘captain’ yes I know he’s also human, heat of the moment and all that..but he has to rise above it.. I can’t see him coming back from that.. yesterday was horrible in every way..

  18. It’s the boys club. The cool kids on the block, if troopz or DT say jump you say how high… sheeps following the herd.

    I am more concerned by our tactical weaknesses at this stage of affairs then the negativity of fans (I have said my peace on this)

    โ–  What is unai trying to achieve and how its losing him fans.

    Unai is no mug, lets not kid ourselves he has been very successful with clubs with no budgets, clubs with endless budgets and clubs from nowhere and taken them to the top half of La Liga.

    But for him to be a success at arsenal, fans need to accept his approach is not the same as wenger and comparisons is not the way forward. His structure is more conscious of defending, whether from pressing or from a shape when being attacked.

    Unai prefers 4 2 3 1 like wenger did but while wenger stuck more then 70% of the season with this tactic, unai would tailor it to suit the opposition (the comparison to wenger is just to highlight the adjusting to win over a more static approach by AW) like 4 3 3 or 4 4 2.

    I find this a healthy advantage by unai but equally you can see why players get confused with the adjusting, but if players can get themselves around this it could benefit us fourfold.
    Consider Sevilla 3 – 1 win over Liverpool in the UEFA Cup final. The tacticial change in the 2nd half knocked klopp out of the boxing ring with punch after punch.

    But there is issues that I am concerned with in his tactics. We, like city play out from the back, but we dont make vertical opponent-splitting passes like them. Instead our CB split side by side of our keeper and so opponents press high and too many passes are taken up before the ball gets to our front line. Against liverpool was a great example at Anfield. In the end we had 7 players pegged in our own half.
    Solution? Listen if I was as bold to claim i knew this I should be a manager. But from my opinion unai is clearly trying to work out how to use this new rule change within his tactics of playing out from the back.

    Others will have to inform me the next time they see split CB either side of our keeper from goal-kick because if I have worked out it doesnt work, unai must of!

    At the moment we cant get the ball from keeper to attack quick enough yet we have made an 18 pass move from back to front against chelsea…ending in an Iwobi goal.

    He is not inept he is just exploring ideas.

    Some might argue is this required when we consider our none top 4 status – but in truth arsenal are aiming for bigger and longer term plans. Or so this is my justification of what’s happening

    Whilst also the likes of Brendan Roger’s knows the league and its clubs and players, our foreign manager is trying to pick up the knowledge still, so his tactical experiments (within the confines of his overall plans) is also needing to evolve with understanding our opponents.

    With this break down in play, and struggling to deal with transitional play arsenal are conceding more possession and true flow in their tactics.

    Our talented players are getting us threw games at the moment. But how does 4 2 3 1 work us for?

    I go back to our sitting 2 and our ‘no.2’ of the 3 behind the 1. This diamond of players needs to be more proactive in getting the ball from defence and getting it wide or forward. I think we need this diamond to stretch the opponents and create the space when opponents sit in.

    It’s quite experimental at the moment as we see new players in this squad this year – Willock Nelson Martinelli Saka Cellabos Pepe taking their instructions and trying to adapt…

    I am not saying unai is totally experimenting but that he is trying to evolve his tactics to his new players and new rules. Is the arsenal we see playing like the psg of unai? No is the answer to that, but will fans give him time??

    1. ๐Ÿ‘ Tom, thank you for a sound analysis. In addition Arsenal lack physicality in midfield and have done for years. This needs to be addressed.

  19. I even feel like Booing AFC itself as a whole.
    I can’t even say/argue on football match outside with some colleague anymore, all because I’m an AFC freaking fan.
    AFC bullshits year after year is now glued hard in my fibres.
    Honestly as a fan am totally Angry. My heart skips every weekends and Thursdays.
    Xhaka deserves every boos thrown at him.
    He should for Christ sake level up, even if he’s been played out of position..
    His so clumsy and always look like his been forced to wear AFC jersey for Christ sake. Huh.
    Hmm! As for Emery” Hahaha… Okay.

    1. Good thing you’re not a Newcastle United fan. The thing I noticed when I spent time in Cumbria and Northumberland was that they support their team through thick and thin.

  20. If Arsenal go down to 10th this year, how easy will it to be to retain our existing talent? How easy will it be to get new talent to come in when they know how toxic and shitty the fans are? Nobody will touch this club and we’ll just plummet down towards relegation. Sure the manager and players have to be accountable, but accountability and abuse are NOT THE SAME. Players who don’t perform get benched. If you boo one player you boo them all, it hurts everyone and it demoralizes everyone.

    The fans who hurl abuse at their own players are just making things worse. They are doing the job of the opposition, so they really aren’t supporters, just jackasses trying to get their faces on AFTV and social media.

    What will happen next is entirely predictable. Sports tabloids will amplify the conflict and controversy making the absolute most toxic and garbage opinions the loudest creating more hostility between players and fans. Performances will get worse and worse, Arsenal will plummet down the table, new quality signings will not be forthcoming because talent will want to avoid this fanbase and a club that is tailspinning towards self-destruction and next season will be even worse and the next worse than that. Toxic fans will blame everyone but themselves after burning down their own club–despite holding the torch that burned everything down in their own hands–because these people don’t take responsibility for anything. Toxic fans are creating a negative feedback loop that will only amplify itself.

    This is a phenomenon I predicted a few years ago when toxic fans were sabotaging the club even when we were in 1st place under Wenger. Everything I said would happen has happened and continues to happen. Toxic fans will continue to blow holes in the ship and then wonder why the ship is sinking so long as they maintain this complete inability to take responsibility for their own actions and understand that the simple truth is that toxicity and hostility towards your own team does not ever ever ever improve performance.

    Imagine if Xhaka just went around the field shouting at other players that they are useless pieces of shit while contributing nothing positive whatsoever during the entirety of the match. Do you think that would help the team win? That’s what toxic fans are doing. They are part of the team, but their entire role is to be destructive to their teammates. So go ahead and light the stick of dynamite that blows up your own club, you’ll just make me laugh when you try to point the finger at the club and say “see, it wasn’t strong enough…

    1. Seriously u r making my night for real, am enjoying every bit of ur comment, with toxic fans,if u like change a million coaches it won’t change anything,they claim to know everything yet they know nothing,they will always create a hole to be relevant, respect man

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