VAR is one reason Arsenal is outside the top four

Arsenal is bidding to end this season inside the top four so they can play Champions League football for the first time in over four years.

They have spent a number of weeks inside that spot, but the battle for a place in it is very tough.

Only the first two spots currently being held by Manchester City and Liverpool seem to be certain.

Other positions in the top four remain up for grabs and the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and West Ham are in the running.

Arsenal is currently 6th on the league table, but a Premier League table without the use of VAR would have seen the Gunners in a better position.

ESPN computed the standings when VAR decisions are excluded and Arsenal currently sits 4th on the league table.

But the technology will continue to be in use in the second half of this season and that probably means more bad news for the club.

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We have had a fine run in the Premier League considering the competition for a place in the top four.

However, this second half of the campaign will separate the men from the boys.

Mikel Arteta is backing his current group to help him achieve success and we have no choice but to show them as much support as they need to reach their goals.

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  1. VAR is not the problem, the problem is the muppets at Stockley Park. Their inconsistency in decisions is laughable. We’ve all seen decisions where an opposing player commits a red card offence but stays on the pitch, yet ours are sent off.

  2. LEAVING ASIDE FOR THE MOMENT THE TOTAL ABOMINATION THAT IS VAR, this article give no details for its premise at all. Just a simple statement, which may or may not be true, and no other facts whatever or even opinions to back it up.
    I loathe thr very concepot of marking thr match refreees workin public, before millionsof worldwide viewers and which hugely undermines him. The every OPPOSITE OUGHT to be the case with total support from all the football authorities for thre refs decision, whether corrct or not.

    All refs, like all humans, including players, make mistakes, To try but often fail, and embarrassingly fail too, to correct them before millions watching is shameful and wrongheaded “thinking”!

    VAR is in effect saying it is OK AND FINE TO QUESTION REFS DECISIONS. IT IS NOT!

  3. REALLY!!!

    Is this how low we as Arsenal fans have sunk.

    So it is not Kroenke, Edu Arteta, the players, or even the referees who are responsible for our league position, it is the Invisible faceless men that have been running VAR.

    It’s a sad day for Arsenal FC and it’s fans when articles like this are printed!

      1. Agree👍How sad that Arsenal fans can think that way and as worrying that they try to find excuses by accusing people of CHEATING!!!!!

  4. Some referees don’t like Arsenal, opposing fans were singing too loud, there was rain when we played at our home, some guys were ugly,…besides VAR and referees, these are also a big reasons why we were out of Europe and other competitions.

    Next Article please.

  5. VAR hasn’t been as successful as I’d hoped. It takes too long to process and even then the official at Stockley Park can influence a decision wrongly

    I’m not saying Arsenal aren’t treated equitably- as the decision made against Crystal Palace recently was a disgrace and Vieira was rightly disgusted.

    You know that once the referee is asked to view the monitor that his decision will be overturned even if he thought it was the right one in the first place. Who is the ref? The man on the ground or a bloke in a video booth?

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