VAR Premier League table is revealed – where would Arsenal be without VAR?

VAR has caused all kinds of controversy in its maiden season in the Premier League.

The technology that was supposed to help the Premier League and cut out injustice seems to have left football fans and clubs frustrated even more than when they played without it.

Liverpool currently leads the Premier League table by 22 points and the Reds have been accused of enjoying some questionable decisions because of the technology.

However, the truth is almost every team has been at the wrong end of VAR this season and recently the Premier League table was recomputed without the VAR decisions that have been made.

Arsenal has struggled this season, the Gunners have had to fire two managers already before settling for Mikel Arteta.

They are currently tenth on the league table, but they could have been slightly better off if VAR hasn’t been implemented in the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta’s men are currently on 34 four points, however, when VAR is removed, they would have three more points which would move them to ninth on the league table, and just four points would separate them from the top five.

The table was computed by Talksport, they factored in key decisions that VAR has made that changed the cause of different games to arrive at the No VAR table.

This is the table as Talksport calculations see it

1. Liverpool: 72 points (Actual position = 1)

Points difference: -4

2. Man City: 57 points (Actual position = 2)

Points difference: +3

3. Leicester: 45 points (Actual position = 3)

Points difference -5

4. Chelsea: 44 points (Actual position = 4)

Points difference +3

5. Wolves: 41 points (Actual position = 8)

Points difference +5

6. Everton: 39 points (Actual position = 9)

Points difference +3

7. Sheffield United: 38 points (Actual position = 6)

Points difference -1

8. Tottenham: 37 points (Actual position = 5)

Points difference -3

9. Arsenal: 37 points (Actual position = 10)

Points difference +3

10. Burnley: 35 points (Actual position = 11)

Points difference +1

11. Manchester United: 34 points (Actual position = 7)

Points difference -4

12. Newcastle: 31 points (Actual position = 13)

Points difference 0

13. West Ham: 30 points (Actual position = 18)

Points difference +6

14. Crystal Palace: 29 points (Actual position = 14)

Points difference -1

15. Aston Villa: 26 points (Actual position = 17)

Points difference +1

16. Southampton: 26 points (Actual position = 12)

Points difference -5

17. Watford: 24 points (Actual position = 19)

Points difference 0

18. Norwich: 24 points (Actual position = 20)

Points difference +6

19. Bournemouth: 23 points (Actual position = 16)

Points difference -3

20. Brighton: 20 points (Actual position = 15)

Points difference: -7


  1. Look for the real table on “bad” VAR decisions to u will find that the positions shown by talk sport are massively incorrect and a bigger swift in positions would be shown.

  2. The wholoe daft andunthought through first concept of VAR is a football tragedy. I’d bin it this moment if I had the power. It has caused massive disruption, added nothing of value and upset almost all clubs fans at times. If that is what the authorities wish as it appears, then they have succeeded big time.

    It is most harmful because it undermines the match ref and the very opposite of that should have been done by having ONLY the match ref with no Stockley Part further refs and no ex refs in the TV STUDIO. In all other team sports discipline is good or very good simply because the ref or umpire is God and his/her authority is backed thoroughly by the authorities in whichever sport. Only in oafish, routinely cheating football are refs routinely scorned by players, fans and authorities alike. That is massively harmful and I say it honestly and freely right now.

    FANS WHO REALLY THINK WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT IMPORTANT WILL CALL FOR THE IMMINENT BINNING OF VAT. IT WAS A STUPID IDEA AND CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST. WHEN FANS SING “F… VAR” it is because they are unhappy and angry. Unhappy and angry customers in any other business leads to businesses going under. You have been warned, so BIN IT NOW!

    1. Do you really mean all that sir? Wouldn’t you have been happy there was var to aid some suspect decisions that went against us in the past. If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with var since it just pointing out errors in the match officials decision. I know you will call me young and naive as you have done on few occasions in the past but I would say you are a bit old fashioned and still living in the past “good old days”.This is what it is now and we are all going to live with it. In fact some of us technology enthusiasts have been clamouring for it for years. I remember a Van Persie goal against Maureen’s Chelsea wrongly called offside because Henry was offside and fabregas decided to lay the final pass to Van Persie who was onside. I remember paulister getting sent off because the ref only saw his reactions and missed Diego Costa’s preceding action. Costa was eventually given a post match ban that did nothing for our cause because we played against Chelsea with a man down and eventually lost the game. I could name a few more situations where I would have loved to have var review matters. However I do admit it’s kind of a two edge sword but the truth is it helpa to officiate cleanly without errors.

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