Vardy has NOT turned down Arsenal’s offer

Is it on or off? The Jamie Vardy saga!

In yet another twist to the tale Sky Sports News understands that Jamie Vardy hasn’t officially given his final word on if he will reject Arsenal this summer in order to stay at Leicester, despite what media reports earlier in the week had reported.

Arsene Wenger was quoted earlier in the week saying that as far as he understands Vardy will not be joining Arsenal this summer, which led to the reports that Vardy had rejected the Gunners to stay with Premier League champions Leicester City. However Sky Sports understands that the move is still very much up in the air, with Vardy not confirming with either Arsenal or Leicester with what he exactly intends to do and where he intends to play next season. Vardy is supposedly maintaining his word of saying that he wishes to focus on the Euros with England before making his mind up over Arsenal’s offer.

To be honest it’s got to that stage in the saga where I think Arsenal need to be firm with the player, ask him to make his mind up and if he doesn’t want to join, then the Gunners should move onto the next target. I understand that not too many big money moves happen during a big international competition, due to players wanting to remain focused on their respective country. However there is no point from Arsenal’s perspective to wait on a player who may not want to join the club, because at that point we should be looking at approaching our next target.

From day one I was never overly keen on Arsenal signing Vardy, because although I recognise he would be a strong addition to the team, his age and style of play on the other hand doesn’t add up very well for the Gunners. I maintained that if the Englishman signed for Arsenal, then of course he would be well supported, but I think there really are mixed receptions to Vardy’s possible move to North London.

Is this transfer saga going to drag out for a while longer or will we get an official answer before the end of the euros?



  1. If you watched the England and Welsh games last night, which player would you prefer? Vardy or Ramsey ?

    I think Vardy has just been holding out for more money and I personally do not think he is worth more money.

    Not a good day to be asking me about Vardy ( after last night)

    1. Who cares about england in the Euros. If we are honest then we all know England is not good enough to win it.

      Has anyone watched the Copa America. Chile is on fire. 7-0 against Mexico. Has anyone thought about buying this Vargas guy. He for me is very underrated.

  2. After his performance for England yesterday I think we all saw how he will likely fair at Arsenal. I am far from convinced by him despite the very low price. If Wenger’s looking for a low budget option then Nolito might be better. Same age, has scored regularly at the top level for a while now, and he’s even cheaper at only 18m Euro’s.
    I am disappointed Wenger is looking at Vardy, I have no doubt he will be better than either Walcott or Welbeck and between Vardy and Giroud it might be enough, but I can’t help questioning Wenger with this.
    If Vardy has more bad games at the Euro’s, will we still be interested if he then says yes?

  3. I, for once, did not believe that Vardy deal was off. The reason is that Vardy would have said emphatic NO to us immediately LC offered a bumper deal (almost equal our own) if the reason for wanting to leave LC was money.

    Also when Wenger said: ” I understand that he wants to stay with LC”. He should have been relieved and immediately backed Wenger’s assertion. On the contrary, he came out to stay he has not made final decision.

    Moreso, why will LC be struggling tooth and nail to sign Watford’s Deeney ?

    I think Wenger enjoys shrouded secrecy in transfers. I am enjoying this ‘season film’ anyway!

  4. Form at the Euros
    is irrelevant .
    EPL is nothing like
    the Euros.
    Is Vardy worth it?
    20 mill and 100 k p/w
    Is cheaper than 60/70 mill
    for Lukaku or Higuain I guess.
    Why not just bring Akpom back for free
    pay him 20k p/w? Better than Sanogo.
    Can’t be worse than 16 mill Unwellbeck
    Has to be as good as 140 k p/w Wallclott.

  5. Can’t judge a player on a one off game, neither Vardy or Ramsey.

    Though it did delight me seeing Ramsey have a blinder and Vardy flopping when he looks like he is about to reject us.

  6. It should now be Wenger telling Vardy that Arsenal have changed their minds about signing him…and pull out of the deal asap…
    It’s already an embarrassment, so the quicker it’s put to bed the better…
    We have the money, so ionstead of aiming for the bargain basement, Wenger should just pay the 60 million asking price for Aubamayng and show some class for a change..

  7. I’m pretty tired of thee Vardy talk… I want him but we need to move ahead.
    go all out for AUBAMEYANG.
    even if it means we sign no other player, Fine!

  8. Personally, I don’t think the deal is off. It is hold on secret for the time. Any way time will tell us and we should keep on searching an alternatives what ever the out come.

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