Vardy should snub Arsenal and become a Leicester legend!

Many fans, pundits, journalists, managers and players have had their say on the Jamie Vardy to Arsenal transfer saga and although it doesn’t look too promising for the Gunners at the moment, there is still a chance that a deal could be pulled off.

Debates are ongoing with whether Vardy would be a good signing for the Gunners and whilst many don’t seem too excited about the idea of Vardy in an Arsenal shirt, one ex-player who doesn’t think he should leave Leicester, is the striker Emile Heskey. Now Heskey hasn’t just come out of the blue here to comment on this transfer rumour, the Englishman did of course make that move from Leciester to Liverpool (then a top four club) back in 2000. Heskey reckons that although the move was good for him at 22 years old, he doesn’t think things would quite work out the same way for Vardy, who at 29, only has a few years left at the highest level of European football.

Heskey told the Daily Star: “I think he should stay. He’s at the age where he could really set a legacy at Leicester. Sign a four or five year deal at Leicester and really be a Leicester legend. He’s won the Premier League now, is he gonna win the league at Arsenal? At the end of the day he’s a legend at Leicester, he’s loved in the city – he loves the city as well.

I was 22 at the time, I went through two cup finals with Leicester and the play-offs final – in essence I thought that was as far as we were gonna go as a squad. And I chose to move because I wanted to win more – so that was my reason behind that. Looking at it I thought that was as far as Leicester could go but then they go and win the league!”

Quite frankly all this waiting around for Vardy to make a decision is growing tiresome and I think Arsenal should step up and ask Vardy to make his final decision, otherwise we’ll look elsewhere. Arsenal are having to stall their transfer plans for other potential strikers whilst we await a decision from Vardy and although the club doesn’t want to rush the player into a decision, there comes a point where we need to turn our attention elsewhere.

Personally I’m not necessarily excited about the prospect of having Vardy at Arsenal and so by all means I agree with Heskey in saying that he should stay at Leicester and continue his legacy there. However from an independent point of view, away from being an Arsenal fan, what Heskey said does make a lot of sense and it could be the reason for why Vardy is unsure if he should leave Leciester for Arsenal.

Vardy will be a legend at the club if he stays beyond this summer and continues the form and glory that he brought to Leicester last season. He may have left a legacy with the Foxes already, but if he leaves them this summer for Arsenal, I doubt he’ll be considered a Leicester legend. In addition to that, he’s already won the Premier League and he has done so in a spectacular manner, so he isn’t going to beat that glory with Arsenal? As for the Champions League, although you’d expect Arsenal to have a better chance of winning the competition on paper, does Vardy really consider Arsenal’s chances of Champions League glory at a much higher chance than Leicester’s?

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, it is a difficult decision for Vardy to make and honestly I expect him to stay at Leicester this summer. He will of course miss out on that big money move to a top four club that would see out his career, but he has the chance to stay as a legend of the club that are current Premier League champions. Can you really blame him for mulling over a decision for so long?



  1. This is turning into a farce for a player, let’s be honest, is just good but not great.

    When the drawn out rumours for Higuain and Benzema happened then yeah sure they are great and it’s easy to see. But Wenger comes out and says he is staying at Leicester and SSN follow that up with he is undecided. Just a joke

    1. It really isn’t at all… It’s just the media circus.
      Activated clause, negotiated, potential deal was stalled as hasn’t made his final decision. Now he’s at the Euro’s with most of it being speculative BS!!
      He said himself he wants to focus on the Euro’s… But by all means everyone should listen to every other Tom, Dick and Harry putting their two cents in :S

  2. Why is it that each time Arsenal want to sign a player former english footballer will look for a way to stop the player from coming to arsenal?wat really make them to Arsenal this way??

  3. The safest decision is for Vardy to stay at Leicester. He would then have nothing to prove and he would keep the fans there on side. He wouldn’t have to uproot himself and family and all that entails. Plus he would have a nice pay rise too..

    If he moved to Arsenal he would still score, but not the amount he does at a team built around his style.

    So on balance for me, it’s a no brainer.

  4. If vardy was definately staying at leicester I would have expected him to say so by now. England manager would be pleased as he would see it as player being settled and able to concentrate on england. The options seem to be
    1. Perhaps another club has put in an offer
    2. Perhaps he has details to sort out with leicester on their new offer,
    3. Perhaps he does not want to risk not playing for england by going for a medical. Roy has said he doen not want transfers to interfere with england duty.
    4. Perhaps he is sticking to not making a decision untill after the euros. Or at least not making an announcement untill after the euros.

    1. Or perhaps he has missed his window of opportunity and like the reports suggest the buyout clause has doubled so now Vardy doesn’t look like a great buy.

  5. Reality CHECK! Jamie Vardy IS and will always remain a Leicester City Legend, unless suddenly LCFC become the biggest PL of the decade. Not likely to happen. So leave or remain JV IS a LCFC legend.

    As for the transfer, the waters have been poisoned. Arsenal should explore other potential transfers, forgetting JV and let JV convince us if he REALLY wants to come. If he stays all power to him.

    But lets be serious, it is a good move for him. It is the next level. He will be playing with better players, who have far more experience in CL and on the bigger stage. Technically far superior then those he is playing with. With a manager who will know what JV needs to become a better player.

    And the idea of going to the title contenders, who is that? City? United? Spurs? Chelsea? We are all in the same boat. Conte, Mourinho, Pep, Klopp are all supposed to win the league? Even if one ends up winning that leaves 3 losers among these so called winners.

    The season we go into is into the unknown. LCFC themselves have proved that AFC are just as likely to win the PL next year as any other club.

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