Vardy thinks Leicester’s improved defence can help down Arsenal

Jamie Vardy has bee the striking sensation of the season, since coming up through the lower leagues to help Leicester to the top of the Premier League. Now they have their most crucial top of the table game at the Emirates this weekend, and he says that him and his team simply don’t think about any pressure involved.

“We’re just enjoying it aren’t we? We’re just enjoying the ride,” Vardy said. “If you start thinking about it too much it’s going to affect you, it’s as simple as that. We’ll just continue to do exactly the same thing we’ve done all season.”

And when asked about the Arsenal game he replied: “They’re up there, we’re up there, City are, Tottenham, Manchester United might be 10 points adrift but the way this season’s going those 10 points can be picked up quickly.

“We’ll just take every game as it comes, knuckle down and hopefully keep picking points up.”

He said: “No doubt it will be tough, we know the players they’ve got are world class but although we lost 5-2 when we played them last time we did show that we can hurt them.

“I think it’ll be a matter of us tightening up a bit defensively which, as we’ve seen, we’ve kept a lot of clean sheets recently. It’s going to be a good, entertaining game.”

We all know what damage Vardy and Mahrez can do to teams, but if the Leicester defence has improved as well, could we be in for a tougher game than we expected? Surely Arsenal’s defence is better?

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  1. Don’t worry. This will be the best game Arsenal played this season!
    Just watch out for Ramsey and AOC !!

  2. Super Sunday.
    Arsenal v Leicester.
    City v Spurs.
    Who want’s it the most?
    Who are the contenders who are the pretenders?
    Arsenal 4 Leicester 1.
    City 2 Spurs 2.

  3. This game will make or break our season and this mentality should flow to the veins and heads of all our players! I’m as nervous as excited for Sunday’s game but I have alot of faith our craftsmen will turn up against Leicester! COYG!

  4. Vardy is on some hot form so he can speak on his team and the defense…How things has changed for them in less than a year.

    Only an ignorant fan won’t respect Ranieri and his players for achieving what they have got so far this season…

    Having said that, with all due respect to the league leaders’ Arsenal will definitely bring their A-Game to the party. I just hope they A-game turns into a victory.

    Arsenal All The Way!

  5. off topic= Our Stan Kroenke the major share holder of Arsenal has just spent $750’000’000 buying a farm and his laughing his a..s off

    i for one will stop buying Arsenal merchandise until we win the EPL and we are in the finals of CL

    and all you ostriches out there take your heads out of the sand and see where our beloved clubs money is going

    1. @Tas
      You need to get off of whatever it is you’re on dude. Stan was a “Billionaire” long before he “invested” in AFC. He can well do as he pleases with his hard earned cash, just as you do with what little you happen to scrape together week to week…

    2. Fantastic Tas;
      Only fools will support this club as long as Kroenke and Wenger in charge. They charge the highest ticket price in the world with not much to show for it. 11 years without EPL or Never had ECL, isn’t that enough? Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice Shame on me, Fool me 11 times !!! shame on all of us. We deserve this misery.

  6. i have been reading online all about the other clubs whinging about the price of there tickets going up, but if you want to progress as a club and build a bigger stadium, and barrow money to do it. the banks want something to secure against the loan like massive long term tickets sales(like us) or some high substantial level of growth in revenue in a few years time from the loan.
    (unfortunately banks dont buy in to we will win the league for the next decade to give out money) from the cub before they lend then shed lots of cash, and this unfortunately leads to clubs putting up there ticket prices to reflect the cost of big progress, so people sometimes have to realize that the club has to find a way to make club grow, and if they dont have deep pocketed owners then they have to pitch to the banks for a loan, like we did all those years ago an we are just over the worst of it now we have paid our dues and are now getting back among the big boys again.
    but it cost dearly though, and that is sometime the price you pay to get success in this league. a lot of it is massive risk management. we are lucky we have bankers on the board who can at least work out over the longer term, how to risk mange the club through the choppy waters and for that i am grateful to them.

  7. stan kronke is rich enough ($6.7 billion) without having to use the club as collateral for any ranch buying he would use his kse company to sort out any money it makes to sort our this kind of stuff.
    anyway the club is run independent of his ownership it is arsenal holdings plc that runs the club not stan kronke he is just the majority shareholder in the club so he just has his money in the club not investment purposes but just as a shareholder just like in any business shareholders want to make sure there value is increasing in the clubs value so that the club is doing well. it is the the broad runs the club as a whole not just one man and they would out vote him if he tried to doing anything to wreck the club financially. i have noticed its very easy to target kronke because he is perceived a certain way by some supporters of the club, but he hasn’t damaged the club in any major way that i can see on the face of it.

    kronke pros
    – brings a wealth of experience to the board in the marketing trade and can grow the club franchise in america/china/india quicker the anyone else. that we have on the board.
    – doesn’t seem to use the club for his own means on the face of it, any payments made to his kse comapany are for business services rendered, and goes towards his employees i suppose to pay there salaries. for making us grow our revenues, as the board say it is a “in house service” that wold be much better than getting someone else in.
    – seem to never be at al the games and makes people question very easy his overall motives for the club, and the fact he is “silent” doesn’t does hid rep with club fans much help either. just say some thing every so often that sounds good would be a start.
    – he doesn’t use his contacts with walmart family very well for potential sponsorship deal with us as a club am sure walmart would like more exposure over here as asda store company owner. maybe a £100 million 3 yrs deal would be nice.
    – is also quite old and not long for this world, so makes long term planning for the club with him in the board quite tricky.

    1. if you say the pros why not finish it by saying the cons as well.!!!
      He makes money running it like a big club but the results are putting us in lower tier. 11 years without major Trophy, NO EPL, no ECL understood or still pretend that you are an idiot.

  8. Just as Jamie Vardy said we should just play the match has it comes and lose sleep over it., another thing we should not be over confident course we defeated them @ their own home it might just be our on doing. Everyone thought Manchester City will win them but was the other way round all we have to do is play them the way we did in the first leg of the match and who knows everything will fall into place.

  9. They have tightened up defensively. Huth is reason for this…That is why we need to roll with Olivier up front instead of Theo. We need as much height in the box on both ends as we can get.

  10. Leicester: if they play open game we will outplay them..if they play counter attacking football, then the match will be very tough

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