Vardy transfer snub official – At least Arsenal can move on but where to?

It is not exactly coming to a surprise to Arsenal fans or anyone at the club that our transfer target Jamie Vardy is not going to accept the offer of signing for Arsenal this summer, as Arsene Wenger has already suggested that he thought the striker would choose to stay at Leicester City.

However, for one am glad to see the official confirmation of this reported by the Evening Standard today. The England international forward has agreed a four year extension to his current contract and the Foxes have put the news up on their official website.

Roy Hodgson and the three lions might or mioght not be staying in France and staying in Euro 2016 for much longer but it was being reported that Vardy would not make his decision until England were out so in a way he has done us a big favour by making the rejection of our transfer offer official now.

Wenger now has a little bit more time to get the transfer of another striker sorted, although I am sure that he and his back room and scouting staff have already been working and planning for this contingency. Maybe now the Frenchman will be free to move and make a proper stab at his next striker target, whoever that may be.

Any thoughts on who it will be Gooners?


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  1. Romelu Lukaku is who we should chase,his pace,power is something to behold and he also has EPL experience with a proven goalscoring record!

  2. Turned down by a Leicester player… Great to see the pull that we have as a ‘big’ club.

    1. dont be so arrogant.. you know players are humans too and they have got.. opinions and characters etc. like everybody.. do you think players just change when a more famous club comes? they arent robots.. and i respect vardy’s decision very much and regret that our star players of the past weren’t like that..

      it has got absolutely nothing to do with the “pull” of a big club its just a decision of a human to be proud of

      1. @ Krish – Let me correct you. We were never interested in Vardy. Him and his agent approached us and informed us of the release clause. Seeing the player’s interest we then activated the clause and negotiated personal terms. Remember Giroud stated Vardy wants to join us. If Vardy had been honest about joining us he would have undergone the medical before leaving for the Euros since personal terms were already agreed. But he chose to fly out for the Euros and wait for Leicester’s counter offer and then finally extending his Leicester contract on better salary. I remember a similar situation where Walcott kept us waiting for eternity before accepting a new contract just last year. And both Walcott and Vardy are managed by the same agent. Coincidence…I dont think so. Vardy was just playing us to get a better contract from Leicester. He gets no respect from me.

  3. I’m beyond pissed…not at vardy but Wenger for making us look like fools….as soon as he shunned the medical, we shld have quickly withdrawn our offer….now we look like idiots and take insults from every corner….d only way we cld come out as d smarter party is if we bid for mahrez…he has a £30m release clause, activate it…I’m 10000% sure he’ll pull an ‘odemwingie’ faster than bolt….not like that English cont(permit my french, but I’m angry)

    1. dont be so arrogant.. you know players are humans too and they have got.. opinions and characters etc. like everybody.. why do you insult him for deciding to stay and be loyal?

      and sorry some opinions are just ridiculous, we always demand wenger to be active in transfermarket but you are pissed and blame wenger for making us look like fools???? thats not really intelligent.. you know if you try to buy someone its logical that some will say no and decide against arsenal, if you are too proud/arrogant to accept that.. then stop wishing for new signings and demand no offers from wenger…

      what a ridiculous opinion

    1. I take your point but rvp and fab would say that Vardy had a much easier decision, he had already won the PL, they had to move away to win it, ond in fabs case, win a lot more as well.

      1. yep i agree with you but they make it seem as they werent at fault for not winning it.. everybody shared the blame, its not that they were faultless and it was just the manager or the other players and a legend is somebody who stays with all the premises.. totti, gerrard those are legends, changing for other reasons is okay, i dont blame them i always respect the liberty of players and fans arent that loyal to begin with to demand loyalty of the players.. how many loyal players were hated by a lot of fans of arsenal? ^^ but rvp and fab arent legend material

        1. Krish, I think in rvp’s case in his last season for us he scored 30 goals for us in the PL alone and we still did not win it, what more could he do.

          But you are correct, rvp and fab are not legend material.

    2. Legend for Leiciester maybe but for me he is just a cheat who used us to get a better contract from Leicester. Fatboy was right Vardy was using us all this time.

      1. If that’s the case, it’s savvy dealing on his and his agent’s part. What’s it cost us anyway? Don’t be so hurt, football is a business. If we’d snagged him for 20m, it’d have been a steal. If we really wanted him, we’d have made an offer he couldn’t refuse for 20k/30k more a week, perhaps in bonuses tied to goals scored. Let’s move on.

  4. Just sign Hernandez that’s the Mexican version of Vardy haha

    Can’t believe Wenger doesn’t want to treat himself after spending under 30 million on strikers in the last 10 years.

  5. Got no probs about Vardy, he obviously didn’t like what wenger told him. Meanwhile Leicester are still in for troy Deeney, set to offer £30m!!!

    Sorry he is a £10m Player at best.

    Deeney or Giroud?

      1. lol you have no plan of football, giroud is one of the best strikers in the premier league he is just not the world class striker we demand

        1. Strikers better than Giroud in the EPL:


          1. Welbeck???????????????? I know many people don not agree GRD is better than Welbeck; please check their goal scoring ratio. Actually both of them are average players but Walcot below average

            1. Welbeck never played through the middle enough to have a comparable goal scoring ratio. Yes, he was injured for most of last season but he was way better than Giroud when he played through the middle.

              I never said he was amazing. The point was that even average strikers are better than Giroud

              1. Welbeck is a much better option for Arsenal IMO. First of all he is much quicker than Giroud thus is better weapon for Ozil to use. It also means we can be more effective on the counter. Secondly Welbeck is much better out wide and taking on defenders one-on-one.

                Perhaps Giroud has the edge with link-up play but that is perhaps.
                Giroud is also better in the vanity department with a mirrow and a hairdo.

                They are equally average finshers IMO.

                Neither is great but Welbeck should always star ahead of Giroud in my book,

          2. Dude Bony a better striker than Giroud give me a break. A striker is as good as the system he plays in – apart from Aguero, Kane and Sturridge of course.

            I really think Lukaku will be a mistake- he is just a younger Giroud and misses an awful lot for a striker. On the positive side is young and yet to hit his peak. Would be better than not getting anyone. But in an ideal world Higuain would be my choice

            1. I think Bony is a better striker than Giroud hands down.

              I do agree with you that Higauin would be the best option but he will be too expensive. Lukaku IMO is much better than Giroud and also much faster and stronger. I would welcome Lukaku.

              But then again I would welcome most strikers ahead of Giroud.

          3. You had it spot on until I saw deeney n the rest. Odion Ighalo yes but deeney? N everyone else below him on that list hell f-ing NO Giroud is better than rashford ayew etc! Please! At least be realistic in your judgement! I haven’t wrote on here in almost a year, I only read but this comment made me login n laugh too

    1. what is with this arrogant behaviour of the arsenal fans, if a player wants to stay loyal and dont come to us fair play to him, dont take it so personal…

      1. @ Krish :- Please reply to this post instead of just thumbing me down.

        If Vardy is really loyal to Leicester why did his agents approach us and inform us of his release clause. Check the reports on Jun. 3,2016 . His agents disclosed his release clause to all top clubs. Liverpool and ManU were also interested but only clubs in CL could activate his clause. We then activated his clause and Giroud mentioned in an interview that he had been told Vardy wants to join us. There’s video proof of Giroud’s interview look it up. And after all this drama if Vardy was really loyal he just had to decline our offer. He had already signed a new extension with Leicester in Feb. this year( 70 k per week) which runs out till 2019. Why did he agree to a new contract worth 100 k per week with Leicester. It was always about the money and Vardy played with both the clubs us and Leicester. He haggled both clubs for a better contract that’s all. No loyalty.

  6. TBH I was happy when we activated the clause in Vardy contract … I am not going to slag him now …
    Let’s move on …
    This boring era of Giroud must end …

    1. Auba, Higuain, Cavani, etc …
      The one we sign (if we ever do) must replace Giroud immediately in the starting lineup …

      1. The boring era of Giroud may
        end one day but the boring
        era of Morata , (Giroud 2)
        may just be beginning. Sigh.

        1. I don’t think you have to be afraid Real will let Morata go. And if they were to let him go it would not be for a price in the range we would entertain paying.

          In addition I doubt Morata would want to come to Arsenal. He has been at Real followed by Juventus and now back at Real, coming to Arsenal would be a step down for him I would think.

          My guess is they will keep him at Real.

  7. IMO it was obvious from the beginning (when he left with England without having signed) that Vardy was not interested in Arsenal and who can blame him?

    To me, Wenger will plant the seeds for the atmosphere at Emirates next season, over the next several weeks. If he manages to sign a goal machine in the vain of the caliber of Ozil or Sanchez my estimation is that the fans will stay of his back and support the team next year.

    On the other hand if he does a Wenger and only brings in a project and starts the season with Giroud, we will have trouble at Emirates at the first sign of failure.

    The money invested in a top top striker will pay dividends in so many ways, confidence of the squad and fans will not be the least of these dividends.

    Make Xhaka the only serious investment and you plant the seeds for a repeat of last season.

    I don’t see the majority of fans accept an unknown striker who starts the season on the bench.

  8. Why are the arsenal fans behaving like idiots, we did not sign this player before he went to the Euros, which was an obvious sign of things to come, some of us never actually wanted Vardy and seriously Vardy was not to be blamed for any press information, because it was “THE ARSENAL” who allowed all these articles to go on over and over for several weeks, even the MANAGER came out just last week (not clearly)saying the striker was going to stay with his club. This could ave been sorted weeks ago, by withdrawing the offer.

    Never the less, i am happy its finally over, it is left to the fans to put pressure on “the Arsenal” to get us the quality striker to replace Giroud, because Vardy was not a replacement for Giroud, but a stop gap for Welbeck

    1. Thank you . Let’s get over it ppl. This is an opportunity to go for a better striker. Instead of us taking it to heart it is AW who should feel insulted and splash the cash on a better striker 😉

  9. If the report is believed to be true, it is for good of Arsenal fans as he is a short term service. Hopefully, a better striker with a longer service will arrive soon. Now we have to go for Mahrez, who can be bought with some additional money on Vardy’s value. He will surely strengthen our right wing attacking option.

    1. Honestly never wanted Vardy so no big deal, people can mock all they want it doesn’t phase me. Mahrez on the other hand is who we should be getting from Leciester, he would strengthen our RW immensely. After all what Vardy achieved, Mahrez was still the player of the year and that was no mistake for him to win it.

  10. TBH i think we are so close and thats the frustrating thing, Vardy used us to gain a better contact lets move on. we are two players from competing for every trophy and the options are there we just need to be brave, if wenger is as good as most of you think he is then lets see him buy whoever he thinks and then lets go

  11. Wonderful development. We might spend much more than £20m, but we will get a first class striker this season. Either that or Wenger will get a real deal of hate from we guys this coming season. And he may not know it now, but before next season gets to the middle, Vardy will really begin to regret not jumping at the chance of coming to us. Leicester might even be relegated. Just watch out!

  12. Thank goodness this is over with! Providing we get someone else of a standard we need I’m happy. Personally I didnt want Vardy Arsenal.

  13. @Jansen. Add to this the huge sale of shirts and other merchandise that another marquee Ozil/sanchez signing will bring, (no disrespect meant to Xhaka).
    Though if Granit plays for us like the warrior I’ve seen so far I think He’ll become an Arsenal legend, I for one would wear Xhaka on my back then 🙂

    1. @Ronny – Agreed. Signing a big name nr 9 would be the best thing this club has done in years IMO.

      I think Xhaka will take quickly to both the PL and Arsenal.

  14. Great news. Now get somebody who can actually win us the title Wenger. Or he’ll probably do nothing… that’s very likely.

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