Vardy’s reasons for Arsenal transfer snub backed up by England disaster

Just because he rejected the offer of a summer transfer to Arsenal I am not particularly cheesed off with the Leicester City and England star Jamie Vardy, and I do not blame him for the awful tournament disaster that the three lions have forced us long suffering England fans to endure once more at Euro 2016.

To be fair to Vardy he did at least try to inject some energy and attacking impetus into the awful spud filled England team when Roy Hodgson brought him on against Iceland and he did score a vital goal against Wales in the group games, but it was not exactly a happy occasion for the Premier League star.

Just days before England crashed out to Iceland Sky Sports reported that the striker had explained his reasoning behind turning Arsenal down and even though there were no official quotes it is pretty easy to believe that the source was accurate.

Just as many had suggested when the transfer news broke it was the difference in styles of football between the Gunners and what brings the best out of Vardy for the Foxes that was the problem, and his fears were probably not helped by England’s Euro 2016 in which Hodgson did not start him and then played him out wide as England dominated possession but struggled to score.

We might have seen Hodgson use Vardy as he has been at club level if England ever got the chance to play on the counter but that did not happen. I for one was screaming for him to come on when England finally took the lead in the first game against Russia but Hodgson fluffed his lines. Could that have been the time that Vardy decided to stay where he was? Is he right?


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  1. england should have gone with
    walker stones jagielka baines
    dier rooney
    sturridge kane vardy

    They would have gone alot further

    1. England as a nation don’t produce players of good quality,no matter who they picked they don’t have the class to win tournaments anyway and it’s no wonder English players are not wanted by Real Madrid,Barcelona or Bayern Munich heck even in the big EPL clubs like Arsenal,Man City,Chelsea they aren’t starters but just there for quota requirements

      1. Englad has three problems with their national team and you highlighted one of them. English players do not play in large numbers for the top teams in the league. The top four teams of the last two decades, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, and Man U have a total of six players on the England side while Tottenhamd most often found patrolling the 5th through 7th spots, and Liverpool, who has enjoyed similar success in the Premier League era, had 5 players each in the national team. That’s not a good recipe for success.

        Compare that to Germany where virtually the entire team comes from Bayern Munich (5), or other top European teams (Mesut Ozil – Arsenal, Kroos – Real Madrid, ter Stegen – Barcelona, Schweinsteiger – Man U, etc.)

        England had zero players playing for top teams abroad.

        The second issue is management. The FA keeps picking managers they can control and dictate to. The U.S. did the same for years. Klinsman turned the USA job down twice, until they gave him the control he felt he needed to do the job well. Even when they pick good managers, the FA can’t keep their fingers out of the team selection pie. Arsene Wenger is never going to manage England because to sign him or any other top manager they’d have to cede total control and they won’t. That leads to poor managers; Why, for the love of Pele, was Harry Kane taking free kicks? He should have been on the receiving end. Hodgson was out of his depth, but the FA picked him because he could be told what to do.

        The final issue is selection. Politics keeps creeping in and england’s penchant for picking players who are the flavor of the month over consistency is damning. Vardy at forward over Wayne Rooney? Are you mad? England’s top scorer pushed into the midfield in favor a player who had one double-digit scoring year in the top league. Nuts. Ryan Bertrand on the team not Keiran Gibbs becaue he plays (for a team in the middle of the table) over a player competing for time at a Champions League club. Theo Walcott left home for players like Jordan Henderson, James Milner, and Adam Lallana.

        There was so much youth, Dele Alli, John Stones, Eric Dier, Ross Barkley, Raheem Sterling, the main sponsor should have been Clearasil acne cream for teens. Big trophies don’t go to teenagers.

        The next appointment will tell a lot about England’s chances at the world cup.

    2. ROONEY IS NO MIDFIELDER! Why can’t anyone see this. All the pundits in this country think England have a “Pirlo” in Rooney. He is an awful midfielder.

      Wilshere got panned for pointing all the time and yes he should demand more of the ball but the reason Wilshere points and Rooney doesn’t is because Wilshere simply understands more about the game, especially as a midfielder.

      Rooney doesn’t know where to be. Doesn’t understand where others should be. He can’t read the flow of the game. HE IS A STRIKER NOT A MIDFIELDER!

      1. i totally agree,
        Rooney looked lost big part of the game like Kane and don’t know what Sturage thought he was doing taking on the whole of the opposition, i highly rate Rooney but as a forward and not in defense,

        and one other thing it was a big ask from Wilshere to have almost not kicked a ball in a year and was expected to do wonders,

        in my opinion England’s problem is that we don’t stick to the same team players every time they play its a different team, we cannot pick a team from flavor of the month a team needs to gel,

  2. Vardy won an EPL Premiership.
    Something Gerrard 17 seasons
    at Anfield could not do.
    No one in the present Arsenal
    squad has won an EPL title playing for Arsenal.
    Vardy has nothing left to prove.
    100k p/w for 3 years whether
    he plays or not is a nice little earner
    for his final EPL years.
    Best of luck to the EPL winner

    1. Vardy didn’t win the league, Leicester did. He was an important part of the title winning season to be sure, but it was much Mahrez, Kante, Schmeichel, and Morgan as Vardy. Arsenal offered for him and while Le Prof is rarely wrong on players, Vardy made the right call to stay.

      He had one good season in the top flight, though he actually scored fewer goals per minutes played than Giroud. At Leicester he’ll start, he’ll get every chance to work through any dry spells, and he’ll always be given credit for the title they club won. At Arsenal he’d be just another good player. If he went dry, he’d be replaced. At a big club he’d be a 15 goal player.

      At Leicester he’s a legend. He’ll never buy his own pints again, and with the club offering £100,00 per week for four years, he’ll be collecting big paychecks long after the club is back in the Championship.

  3. England will have disaster after disaster in major tournaments and keep firing manager after manager when the real issue is that English players are simply not good enough it’s not a new thing it’s always been like this!

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