Venkatesham expected to brief Arsenal stars in European Super League plans today

Arsenal chief executive Vinai Venkatesham is expected to explain the club’s decision to join the European Super League to the players today, reports the Standard.

The Gunners are one of the teams who have decided to be the founding members of the competition that replaces the Champions League.

The participating clubs face an uncertain future in the Premier League and other domestic competitions.

UEFA has also warned players that participating in the competition will affect their chances of playing international football.

The decision to form the new competition appears to be without the agreement of the players for the participating teams and the clubs will need to get their message across to them now.

The Gunners will train ahead of their game against Everton later in the week and the players expect a visit from Venkatesham, who will brief them on the situation today.

He will also be open to answering all the questions and concerns that they have about the threats from FIFA, UEFA and other bodies.

With the other football bodies fighting hard to make sure this new competition fails, it will be interesting to see how Arsenal players react to the news.     

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  1. How about briefing the fans? A year without fans and I think they may have forgotten what we look like.

    1. They only want the fans money for their grubby little scheme. Well not me. If this goes ahead i will not be going with it.

    2. An excellent and apt pont you make. Fans are more important as a body to clubs than are any players. That may surprise some but if you think about longevity of fan support compared to longevity of any player, it becomes clear.

  2. Now that’s what a dodgy used car salesman looks like ☝️
    You wouldn’t trust him selling you a car so please don’t trust him trying to sell you a 5 billion pound project .
    No offence to used car salesmen .

  3. And there Michael the fxxk Owen just had to talk about ‘what if Arsenal fc gets relegated from the premier league but will have a confirmed spot in the Super league’ 🥺

    The guy just had to go there 😡😡

  4. So far, most of the staff of all these clubs involved, when told about it, were not very impressed and showed dissatisfaction. I think the owners are disconnected from their own clubs.

  5. It will be very interesting to hear the voices and views of South American international players who are so passionate when it comes to representing their countries. A few players from Barcelona and Real Madrid have spoken out against this. Sir Alex Ferguson summed it up perfectly in his written statement of his anger and frustrations towards Manchester United and its American owners. And that man would feel gutted and betrayed. And he stated that he had no hand in Manchester United making this decision to play in the super league. We need to wait for the dust to settle. It’s very hard to see this going ahead. There are far too many ramifications. I would entertain the idea of all 6 Premier League clubs to be given a 2 year ban from playing in all competitions under FIFA and EUROPEAN governing bodies for bringing the game into disrepute. This is as serious as DRUG CHEATING. Severe penalties need to be handed down. Club owners need to be held accountable for their actions. Maybe a way to rid Kronke family out of Arsenal Football Club once and for all

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