‘Very Soon’ – Fabrizio Romano states that agreement extremely close with Arsenal

Fabrizio Romano insists that Granit Xhaka is set to sign his new deal with Arsenal ‘very soon’, after his move to Roma fell through this summer.

The Swiss international was strongly linked with a move to join Jose Mourinho at the Stadio Olimpico this summer, but the Giallorossi seemed unwilling to meet the asking price of our club.

Xhaka now looks set to extend his stay in North London by signing a bumper new deal, and Fabrizio Romano insists that an agreement over the salary and length of the new contract have already been agreed.

The 28 year-old was one of the standout performers at Euro 2020, after playing a key role throughout last season for us, but there was an expectation that we would be bringing in another central midfield partner for Thomas Partey this summer, a scenario which may not happen now with Xhaka set to stay for the foreseeable future.

Could Granit and Partey build a strong relationship in the middle in their second season together?


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  1. That will be incredible…Xhaka parternering with party.i was shock when I hear that Xhaka was going to Roma but unfortunately the deal never materialized.he’s important in our midfield very strong energy turf.same as party we will need the two in our midfield.

  2. Very very very vey very strange decision, no pressure to give him a new contract and he isnt saleable because nobody wants him.

  3. the 7th sign of the Arsenal apocalypse…this club needs an GD intervention asap so that this doesn’t come to fruition

  4. For me this is the straw that broke the camels back with MA. SINCE XHAKA FIRST ARRIVED I have thought him actively harmful to the team. His immobility and extreme slowness of thought and action when moving the ball has regularly held us back, not to even mention his rashness and errors.

    I cannot agree tnat keeping him is wise nor sensible. It is a disastrous mistake and I have lost all confidence in our manager.

    I will however, being a real supporter, refrain from constantly calling for MAs head. The main reason being that under Kroenke we will not attract any top world class proven name, as they will demand vast spending and a set up that is fully professional, including the owner. Ours is not so, IMO!

    No such name would take the job and I feel we are going to have MA around for a while yet, whatever any of us privately or publicly says or thinks.

    So I will continue to hope for a better outcome but will not join the many who disgrace our clubs fanbase and good name by their appalling lack of support and lack of football reality where our club is concerned.

    Until we can somehow escape the evil Kroenkes clutches, there will be no vast and sustained improvement, though we MAY, just may, rise a position or two . Three at the most but not more than that IMO, at least not this season.

    We MAY well also find ourselves lower than 8th, as we have no God given right to stay near the top. That is football life I am afraid and we must face its reality.

    1. Why big names who wants to spend? Arteta is the worst manager I have ever seen even worse than Sam Allardyce and Pulis! Get a manager than actually develop youth and works with what he has! Ten Hag for example! Stop making it sound that no one better than arteta would come to us that’s just straight delusion as he’s not any good to begin with and most managers out play him

  5. This is not good. Watch his performances dip the moment he puts pen to paper. he should be gone!

  6. Nothing good can come out of Xhaka than to cost us goals from his usual mistakes that is why I was happy when there was roumors of him leaving the team to Roma.Arsenal needs a defensive midfielder due to Partey’s injuries since we can not depend on Xhaka and Elneny and for my opinion Bissouma is the best option,he is another Kante

  7. This is not good, definitely not good!
    For f*k sakes, arteta n edu get the hell out of this club. Both this guys are killing the club, one with his ego, I know it all Mr trust the process n one con man (Edu) with his trusted lieutenant kia.

  8. Arteta is as arrogant as it gets. The guy must for some reason think that the club belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to do not taking into account anything/complaints/suggestions that the fans or any beloved Arsenal fc legend (Mr Ian Wright) might have. The sloth does as he pleases.

    Just a pity that I’m located here in South Africa because I’ll definitely parade a “Arteta Out – You are CLUELESS & A WANNABE manager” banner next time we play a home match.

  9. Complete lack of Creativity, poor strategy finally poor line up. Where was laca, Auba even reject willian could have done sth to save us the shame of getting a beating from an underdog. Ozil was our brightest spark in creativity but since his freezing and departure i have seen only two defense splitting passes leading to goals
    Odegard- Chambers (Westham)
    Saka -Auba (Benfica) ie we have too much sideways passing. My Q When shall we ever face the goal and put the balls in the net? Just my view.

  10. MA should blame himself for mis mismanagement and not given Saliba chance rather than spending €50m on defender again when we need creating midfielder and good attacking forward. EDU and Arteta should resign because he didn’t give us better player and they are not tactically sound.. we lack tall defenders at back, lack tall goalkeeper, CM, tall striker, we need more attackers.

  11. Xhaka fans should be on cloud-nine by now. The best thing they see in our midfield is Xhaka.
    Especailly, someone like GAI and his obsession with leftfooted, pivot blah blah blah….

    For me, the vicious cycle continues. No one is learning anything at Arsenal.

      1. Anyway sue I see we both have 7points in the predictions league so far ,said to myself if I get 8points a week that would be good .

        1. 😆👍 I’m happy with 7, Dan. I had a few dodgy scorelines (especially ours!!), so to come up trumps with Chelsea and the scousers – that’ll do!
          It makes it so much more interesting, don’t you think?! 🙂

  12. Mancity-Fernandinho, Rodri, Gundogan, Foden, De bruyne, Silva
    Man utd-Pogba, Fernandez, van De beek, Fred, mctominay, Matic, Mata
    Chelsea-Kante, Jorginiho, Kovacic, Mount, Havertz
    Liverpool-Fabiniho, Thiago, Henderson, Keita, Milner, Ox, Jones
    Liechester-Ndidi, Tielemens, Maddison, Soumare, Barnes

    And people think we can challenge for top 4 with our current squad, managers irrelevant although Arteta isn’t good enough. Don’t care what anyone says when Xhaka is the lynch pin of your midfield you know your not challenging for anything serious. Partey keeps our midfield respectable amongst the footballing fraternity. We need him to stay fit because (stupidly) it doesn’t look like we are going to sign a top quality central midfielder this window.

  13. Supporters got rid of Arsene Wenger so don’t complain. Arteta will come good but I can’t see it this year.

    1. Supporters were right to get rid of Wenger so don’t start that old if Wenger was here we would win the league chestnut

  14. Ya gotta love it. Xhaka flips off the fans in frustration, he gets a new contract. Guendouzi takes up for a team mate by throttling an opposing pliers who injured them and he gets exiled. Wow!!!

    1. Yep- good point that. Arteta certainly did not want that naughty naughty boy so out he went. Xhaka tells us what he actually thinks of us and is now here on a rise in pay for 4 more years. And just weeks after the club would have sold him to Roma. You just could not make this up. We are a laughing stock at the moment and it ain’t getting better any time soon

  15. Surely the club have to act now and sacked Arteta ,given him more funds just for the sake of it is going to plunge this club further in the sh1t.
    Talk of Both our senior strikers this morning going and not being available for Chelsea, in talks to sign Odegaard ,just got embarrassed by a newly promoted team playing football that hasn’t change one bit since last season .
    Now to top that all off is to resign Xhaka on increased money and being made captain .
    Very very worrying for any Arsenal fan TBH
    Next up 2 favourites for the title which could potentially see us bottom of the league with a goal difference of minus 10.
    Suppose you have to blame some of the fan base for excepting this and making excuses for him last season .

  16. 50m spend on a defender would have been better spent on Madison who is epl proven and saliba given a change in that defense and coached properly t o suit the tactics deploy at hand.
    Retaining players like xhaka who did worse than guendozi. I wonder if vanpersie n viera had play under arteta he would have flog them off without given them any chance.

  17. Wow
    Really, remember Ozil and now Aubameyang. As fun I would rather see the kids play than Xaka. Bumper deal, you kidding me, this club becomes a joke and apparently people who run the club making sure of that.

  18. If Xhaka is here to stay for four more seasons, does it mean that the manager who’s dishing out the extension is also gonna be here for the next four seasons too?

    “Could Granit and Partey build a strong relationship in the middle in their second season together?”

    If Partey can find the will to give up the comforts of the treatment room and find his way to the pitch.

  19. It has gotten so pathetically bad at Arsenal that I don’t even care if we got relegated.
    I am just wallowing in my disappointments of my beloved Arsenal football Club.
    No vision, no clue, no idea, very confused and deluded management.
    I’ve become the laughing stock of my neighbors and friends simply because I am an Arsenal fan.
    Pathetic Joker In The Park.
    Same old story Evey season, God!!! When will it end ?.

  20. Does the club just enjoy to torture us the fans?
    Always making these stupid money wasting decisions on signings and player contracts.

  21. As long as we keep buying jerseys, merchandises, and high attendance/viewership, nothing is gonna change from the board. I mean money will keep flowing in to the kroenkes regardless the footballing results, so why would they care..

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