Veteran Arsenal fan lets off steam!

Long standing Arsenal supporter has had enough by PH

Hi Fellow Gooners

Last year I gave up my season ticket.

As this season draws to a close I share the frustration of all Gooners. I am sure we are all more embarrassed than disappointed, as we have let a workmanlike but unexceptional team like Leicester clinch the EPL.

What is going on? Are the crowd really to blame for our pathetic 4th, or maybe 5th position? Arsene Wenger seems to want to divert the blame onto the crowd, but this supporter is absolutely livid. I have been watching AFC and spending hard earned money on season tickets and merchandise since 1959, when I first travelled to the old Highbury in a motor cycle sidecar, and now AW has the audacity to blame the crowd at the Emirates for some pathetic performances.

We need to revitalise the whole set-up. AW has certainly had an excellent 20 years, keeping us in the CL and keeping us above the Spuds for that time, but he now needs to produce the goods or to ship out. Why has he not bought a WC central defender? Kos is good, but prone to error, and I still have nightmares about the goal he and the Polish clown goalie gave to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final a few years back. If we had bought Rio Ferdinand (and Rooney) we would have won the EPL time and time again.

We only bought Cech because he was cheap/free and wanted to stay in London, so our so called scouting system has unearthed … nobody.

Why are we playing with a CDM who was considered average at Charlton.? How can we possibly pay 3/4 million a year for a club captain who has not been on the pitch for the best part of 2 years? Who on earth bought Kim Kallstrom (??) a couple of years back, in an attempt to win the EPL, when he was unfit? Who decided that paying TW14 was the right message to send out? And so it goes on. I do understand that every club has to work within a budget, and Arsenal fans appreciate that, but how can the multi talented AFC team be languishing behind relegation threatened Leicester, a weak Man Utd team, a Chelsea team who are imploding, and the dreaded Tottenham? Where is the man management and the desire to win?

The answer?

AW has calculated that to GUARANTEE to win the EPL you have to spend a billion, OK so far, and maybe all AFC supporters would like to see the Arsenal win the EPL without breaking the bank, but we get the feeling that everything is done to increase AW’s bonus and Kroenke’s ranch buying ability. Every year we are promised the earth, but the fans know we are short of players of the right quality, and we see only budget buys. Every dog has his day. Nothing lasts forever, so AW, produce the goods, or retire gracefully!

Am I right guys?

COYG v Norwich.


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  1. This is a new low for the Wenger…..blaming the supporters. …I nearly fell off my chair when I watched the interview

    1. u have a chair?

      due to money spent on arsenal merchandise

      i eat sleep and live…on a stool


  2. In as much as I feel sick listening to his nonsense excuses, I am if the opinion that a change is desperately needed in the club. Even the fans need to change. Arsenal fans don’t create enough atmosphere during match day to scare the s*** out of visiting team. The stadium is more often than not like a graveyard during matches. Wenger must go, Kroenke must leave our club, the board and the direction of he club must change and the fans also need to change.

    1. fans need to change- hjahaha u dont get it
      when we left highbury an raised ticket prices to the highest in world football we priced out the real fans
      you want noise…should have seen highbury pal- some of my best memories with my dad were in that stadium

      what you hear now is a nice mix of gooners, day trippers tourists an corporates

      so yeah living the dream baby- living the dream

  3. Wenger can do what he wants. He knows there are no consequences for his actions. Mistakes he can always correct the next season or the next after that or never, after all he built the clubs. This is no no longer Arsenal FC rather Arsense FC.
    The only option for us funs is to support Arsense FC with all it’s short comings or we Fight to get our club back. It’s time for change. Time to get our Arsenal back

  4. For me, AW has now proven he is stubborn and deluded with his shifting of ‘blame’ to the fans.

    Nothing has changed here, but expect a few more years of consistent high level mediocrity – i.e 4th place.

    If he retires before being pushed that would be laudable, but his words would suggest otherwise, unless of course he goes and blames that on everyone else too..

    To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, but I’m really not surprised. My dwindling respect for him is diminishing by the day..

  5. It’s so unfortunate that we have a mediocre board of directors, coach oh I beg your pardon share holder who only think of their pockets and not the interest of the club. Yes the share holder coach the club has as done a lot for the club in 20years, then we should take a statistics and see how many Champions League, EPL, FA Cup, Carling Cups He has won in those 20years. M not comparing but look @ Sir Alex Ferguson He stayed in Manchester United for the same 20years that the chief failure Arsenal calls a coach before retiring. Well I know a lot of Arsenal fans are disappointed just like I m year in year out we are the laughing stock in London traditional fourth place and He come out to blame the fans. Things likes this only happen in APC cause the board of directors and coach are spineless and lack ambition, that is why Wenger will make a stupid statement that it good to know you do not need money to win EPL. It happens once in a life time, Manchester City did not win EPL in 50years and they overhaul the board of directors with their new owners and won EPL twice so who said money can’t do s&%t only Wenger will hide under the umbrella of Leicester City.

  6. ‘Don’t boycott games, come to stadium! ‘No! don’t protest during games.. protest after games’. ‘No! don’t make your feelings know to the manager, for fear you will abuse him and his feelings as he steps out into the dug out’.

    So what should these frustrated fans do then?!

    Oh I know.. ‘Calmly ask/beg the club and the manager to do the right thing’ -which ofcourse they would not do assuming they care so much as to listen in the first place.

  7. I’m still laughing at Wenger’s excuses.
    The bank loan for the Emirates must have been in wengers name ? Why else would they demand that wenger renewed his contract?
    Isn’t half the board members associated with the major banks?

    I’m surprised that his not blaming the kit man for something!

  8. Call it “BLame-shift” …….comes in a state of managerial misfit

    #Anticipating the 12th and 78th minute mass display #

  9. 3 EPL titles and no Champions league trophy for a period of 20years(2 decades). Now what is so extraordinary about that??? Any manager cld have easily achieved even better than he has,remember the guy had no name prior to landing at the highbury stadium from a minor japanese club called Nagoya crumpus or whatever it is… He should either resign voluntarily and leave with whatever dignity is left if any or wait to be ejected by the wrath of our dear FANS!!!

  10. This is the time for change! They say our protest ain’t gonna change a thing. PROVE THEM WRONG.

    For those of y’all who think this protest is bad, or those who love Wenger so much they think it is wrong to criticize him; I say this protest has been planned in such a way that it is not directed to just one individual. It is a club thing. The change must come from the club. It is a call to urgency for the club. A kick up the backside.


  11. Its time for change our darling club we have been patient enough we are not fools, we pay the highest ticket price and yet nothing to show for it, no major trophies is either Arsene go or change in d board room #time 4 change #common fans lets protest for a better Arsenal….

  12. I find it ridiculous someone using the word embarrassed describing losing out to Leicester. As a club, just the name yes you would think it accurate then. When you look at the statistics you get something completely different. Losing just three games in the era of 5 and six huge clubs, this is no small feat. Losing only two or three games a season was really only happening around the time of the Invincibles and shortly after when Mourinho arrived. We have seen teams more recently losing five or six games and winning the title. If you swapped out Leicesters name and replaced it with Chelsea, you would say they are as accomplished as ever, you would compare this season against all the other seasons they won it.

  13. “We only bought Cech”
    Ask Gazidis why more wasn’t added, anyone can search and find out he is the one who took over Dein in the transfers, if you supported Arsenal so long then you should know this simple bit of knowledge.

    “Why are we playing with a CDM who was considered average at Charlton.?”
    Does it matter who he has played for as long as he can do the job?
    Why did Arsenal play with an ex Monaco man upfront? I’m glad previous clubs mean nothing to the intelligent as we could have missed out on some great players in the past.

    Arteta is a bit of a wonder but we all know that Wenger will not abandon a player, I questioned his purchase when it happened and it felt like a bargain basement buy but we bought a lot of players that wouldn’t have been bought if we still had Dein, at least that is what I currently believe from everything I have read and seen.

    Paying Theo isn’t a bad thing, Theo not developing is the bad thing and we should be able to sell him for a pretty penny if we can find a buyer, English Tax can make up for the wages if transfer done right. Lets not forget that Theo has had a lot of injuries which has added to his underdevelopment, he isn;t the only player who has been injured a lot and as such not the 1st to be shown faith in Wenger.
    In past glory years we would have those players as squad players while now they are considered starters, the quality of the squad has dropped due to the lower quality purchases that was made for a decade! Without a major spending spree we knew it would take a few years to rebuild, maybe longer if we didn’t get Silent Stans support in spending as much as Wenger wanted… which is what has happened.

    ” but how can the multi talented AFC team be languishing behind relegation threatened Leicester, a weak Man Utd team, a Chelsea team who are imploding, and the dreaded Tottenham? Where is the man management and the desire to win?”

    We are not behind UTD or Chavski, we are ahead of them this year, care to actually use facts?

    “The answer?”
    Silent Stan is the reasoning behind our drop, have a look at ALL HIS OTHER TEAMS!
    We have had our squad filled with players that shouldn’t have been bought in the first place and this is more of an issue with Gazidis than Wenger, we know Gazidis has gone ahead and bought Welbeck without Wenger wanting him bought, Wenger has said so and you can easily google foo it, it will take less than 5 mins to find it yourself.

    “but we get the feeling that everything is done to increase AW’s bonus and Kroenke’s ranch buying ability.”
    I get the impression that Silent Stan wants his asset to increase in value safely and he rewards who-ever is doing that with a pay rise to keep them, Wenger is doing what is asked from him and we moan at the man for doing what his boss wants… STUPID! We should be moaning about the club not being ambitious enough to try and win ‘championships’, the changing factor for Arsenal was the loss of Dein and as such the loss of a man who had ambition on the board, since his loss we have been a profit making machine for the higher ups.

    “Nothing lasts forever, so AW, produce the goods, or retire gracefully!”
    I will agree that he could retire gracefully, maybe even go out with a bang and make his own book talking about all the stuff that happened behind closed doors so us fans can know his perspective without a boss telling him what to say.

    As for produce the goods, I think this will be harder said than done, unless the board show more ambition then I can see more players declining the opportunity to play for us over another team.

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