Video: 10-man Arsenal trail Burnley as nightmare continues

Arsenal are bang out of luck at the moment, with Burnley taking the lead from the corner.

The in-swinging ball from Ashley Westwood, who played a key role in Granit Xhaka‘s sending off not long ago, glanced off the head of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and over Leno into the side netting.

Burnley have never led against our side in a league encounter, but now look on course for a victory.

Can we muster a late comeback to resurrect our side’s form?



  1. Arteta needs to go, this is the worst arsenal team since I started supporting in 2000.

    Wenger cant be blamed, this is all on Arteta

  2. Get Arteta out the door asap get a top 10 manager in give him 200m next summer and forget about this season let face it ontill we spend mega money we not gonna be a top team its impossible to be a top team when all you sign are freebies

    1. Arsene Wenger is not a modern day coach, he’s over 70 years old and was past his best many years ago… Please just move on, he’s never returning.

  3. Today arteta show us the price for gamble with an unexperence manager…same mistakes, boring football and today an unbeleabable mistake taken out laca for Ceballos against a team with 5 EPL goals

  4. Gotanidea did I here u say Xhaka’s left foot…………well Xhaka my foot. Guys don’t blame MA cos everything was on track before Dhaka did what he is good for.
    U are not playing well and u make a useless foul instead of u to keep ur mouth shut to prevent a yellow u showed the whole world how foolish a player u are to get a red.
    If I was at Emirates I would boo so loud that I would be sent out of the stadium for mental check up.

  5. Arteta decided to stick with Xhaka while he was about to leave Arsenal. Xhaka did today the only thing he can do: back passes, silly mistakes and stupid behaviour. Arteta’s first mistake.
    But even after a year at Arsenal, mistakes continue to pile up.
    The general attitude of the team has been a disaster for several matches now. The players seem terrified to make a mistake. They play with the hand brake on, they are slow and clueless. Our captain seems lost.

    Arteta has lost it: he is not able to put this team back on track. And today is a typical example of poor coaching.
    While Willian was useless, he removed Lacazette, one of the only 3 players (with Saka and Tierney) trying his best.

    To have the team react, it is necessary to sack him.

  6. Pathetic.
    Arteta has got NO experience. He is floundering. The football is micro managed rubbish. The players can’t breathe and would be 100% better under a better manager. Wake up…Arteta is not up to this. Not up to Arsenal. Toooooo inexperienced, yes we can go down to the Championship.

  7. We are playing poor and we could be in a much worse situation like finishing under 10 in the table . But I don’t Blame MA for all ,it’s the board who is to blame even AW last 2 seasons it’s the board who never supported him .

    Arsenal board wanted a manager who would do what they say , I doubt MA selects the players for the games . Look at Ozils situation it’s the board who kicked him out of the PL games it’s not MA decision . MA can’t do any thing he is basically powerless. I feel for him . We need Wenger back on board to support MA then he can take this club forward in future. Wenger in for me

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