Video: 7 years ago today – Thomas Rosicky scored “one of the best ever” Arsenal goals

Thomas Rosicky, or “Little Mozart” as he was affectionately called, could have been one of Arsenal’s greatest midfield legends if he hadn’t been quite so prone to injury.

But when he did play he was a joy to watch, and this particular goal in a 4-1 win over Sunderland caused Arsene Wenger to rate it as one of Arsenal’s best ever at the time.


That win put us second behind Chelsea in the table, but we ended up in 4th spot in the end.

But Wenger did win one of his usual FA Cups….


  1. Rosicky was one of a slew of talented but injury prone players during Arsenals post 2004 decade and a half searching for the next title which never came. He played during Arsenals slow decline from title contenders to top four specialists and left as Arsenal entered our top 6 stage.
    We are now entering the top 7/8 and relying on cups to save our season phase. Long gone are the direct forward passing attack football of Rosicky’s day replaced by the pass the ball to death side ways and backward style preferred by most Premier League managers today.
    More is the pity

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