Video – 18 years ago Today – Arsenal’s Invincibles win the title at White Hart Lane

It has been a long long time since Arsenal won the Premier League title, but we certainly did it in style 18 years ago today, whilst playing at the home of our greatest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

Not only did we win the League, but we maintained our status of being undefeated in the whole 2003/2004 campaign through goals from Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires, with stars Thierry Henry, Ray Parlour and Martin Keown also on the pitch.

After watching the goals, you can watch those last three mentioned reliving the excitement and recalling what it meant to them, the fans, Arsene Wenger and every single person associated with the famous Gunners.

One of the greatest days in our proud history…


  1. The perfect season, that will never be replicated. Legends!

    Crazy to think that it was all downhill from there.

    1. So true Jonbo, anyone who thinks it was downhill from then, must be crazy!

      I guess spud fans might think like that though, considering what they won versus ourselves, along with the CL years they participated in versus us – Arteta versus Conteh looks as if it will be a much closer contest.

  2. Great players, great personalities on the pitch and none should rob their achievements. Kudos to all the players who took to the pitch during the entire season. Our time will come again, Mikel has started the process, he needs our support and help from the owners. Stan should feel the privilege of owning such a great club and rightly so started backing the manager. With Mikel and Sean, Stan cannot go wrong.

  3. Sol always wanted to win the PL at WHL and he had to join us to achieve it.

    🎼Double, Double, Double, Sol Campbell has won the Double 🎼

  4. It was after this, that the PL changed forever.
    The Russian roubles and then the oil money, along with the Emirates and kronkie meant that the landscape was irrevocably transformed.

    Billionaire owners who had no idea what being a supporter of a club meant.

    There will never be another achievement that matches the Invincibles and we can be proud that it was achieved with a style of football that introduced so many new Gooners to our club.

    I’ll take this way of winning over any of those achieved since then and thank Arsene Wenger, David Dein and every squad member, all of whom were THE outstanding players in their own positions during this season.

    I count myself as one lucky Gooner who witnessed this and, now, look forward to seeing Mikel Arteta achieve the best he can in this crazy PL he finds himself in.

    Thanks for the memories JA!!!

    1. Got to love how the first 2 posts were from Thirdman and LC Ken .
      An article about the greatest season in PL history and OFC they try and bring it down .
      You couldn’t make it up ,or could you 😂

      1. As I’ve said many times DK, the man and his Invincibles are written into football folklore and what AW achieved after that was just incredible given the circumstances.
        I jut shake my head in amazement at their complete lack of understanding as to what went on after the Invincibles regarding the PL.
        It’s like listening to petulant children crying “I want I want because I’ve already had it!!”

        One thing that I have to admire about the support given to our noisy neighbours down the road – they’ve stuck with the club through thick and thin.
        So called fans like TMJW and Jonbo think it’s a god given right for The Arsenal to be successful – go back to the 50s and 60s and they would REALLY know what supporting the club through unsuccessful seasons really meant.

  5. Billionaire owners who have no idea what supporting a club really means….ie kronkie and his son, as the latter has admitted.

    1. Thank Dein for that then, as he was the one that got Kroenke to buy Granada tv shares in The Arsenal.

      1. Yes, probably the only two other mistakes he made, was wanting to move to Wembley and supporting Usmanov (?) – but as far as I’m told , there’s only been one person who has trod this earth and not made a mistake.

        The real pity about our club is, for different reasons, neither DD or AW will ever be recognised by the owner and a section of the fan base for what they did for The Arsenal.
        The perfect partnership in every way and two people to be admired for their love and support of the club.

        1. I don’t know any Arsenal fans that have never recognised what Dein or Wenger did at Highbury. Wenger has a bust in the Directors area and a statue is being planned. Surely that is recognition by the club ?

          1. Not really, in my opinion.
            First of all, where’s the recognition for David Dein?

            As important to the club as Wenger when they were partners.

            As for AW himself, the bust means little, if the majority of fans can’t acknowledge it – the statue itself?
            That and a stand named the Wenger / Dein stand would be perfect

            1. How many people saw the bust of the great Herbert Chapman at Highbury? Didn’t stop the fans appreciating him for what he did for The Arsenal.

              As for a statue, if anyone deserved one then surely it should be Sir Henry Norris, as if it wasn’t for him there would be no Arsenal for us to support.

              The Arsenal have never named a stand after any Director or manager as you well know, shouldn’t start now.

              1. The HC bust was part of the renowned marbled entrance to Highbury, as you well know.
                How many “normal” fans were allowed into the hall to see the bust?
                The days of the privileged few is long gone.

                If it’s just about “appreciation” why have any statues?
                Adams, Bergkamp, Henry, Chapman were all appreciated by the fans/supporters were they not?

                Sir Henry Norris was not the person one would associate with being an upstanding member of the public, or someone who epitamised what The Arsenal Way meant… in fact, he was said to be a crook!

                I guess GG will be the next suggestion for legendry status?

                Of course, The Arsenal existed under different names before Norris, so the claim that there would be no Arsenal to support if not for him is wrong.

                Why does the fact that the club has never named a stand before, mean it couldn’t do so now?
                The club never named walkways to the ground before, but Ken Friar has been so recognised and the world didn’t stop turning because of it.

                I suggest the likes of United etc have honoured their greats, so why not our club?

                1. No it’s not wrong about Sir Henry Norris. He spent his own money taking us out of voluntary liquidation ! Without him doing that the club would’ve folded.

                  I, along with others, saw the bust of Herbert Chapman when we did a tour of Highbury in the mid 80’s. Pretty sure there were many others “normal” fans that did the tour.

                  Don’t tell me you believe the bung story about George Graham 😂. If he was going to meet an agent to accept a bung then surely it would be in a private place, not in a bar that’s co-owned by one of the Directors of The Arsenal ? Also he wouldn’t have haggled down the asking price for the player, as sticking to the price the agent was asking meant there would’ve been more money for him ?

                  Dein and Wenger have been rewarded enough.

                  1. Yes, one had to take a Highbury tour to see the HC bust,
                    One could do that in the 60’s and 70’s, so what?
                    It was still not available for the normal fan, if they couldn’t afford to do that.
                    Compare the way one had to wait for hours to get a Polaroid picture of oneself holding the fa cup, taken by Jack Kelsey at the North Bank shop, on a weekday, to today, where fans can have virtual tours of the ground and the museum.
                    Fans demand and expect so much more today and rightly so.

                    Of course I believe the bung story regarding GG – he was caught and sacked because of it.
                    Trying to defend the indefensible is ridiculous, even GG accepted the fact that he took a bung and you trying to rewrite history is laughable. 😂

                    I notice you don’t dispute the Ken Friar example, along with other clubs acknowledging their legends both inside and outside the ground.
                    Just because something hadn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done period.
                    Just look at what Herbert Chapman changed, both at the club and within football itself.

                    As for Norris, he was as I described and you have no proof that the club wouldn’t have survived without his money – other clubs have come back from the brink.
                    There was even a dispute as to whether he actually put any of his money in to raising us out of liquidation…. as I’m not privy to the actual facts (and history records no one was) I just read about the man’s history and what was factual about him and based my opinion on that.

                    I find it really weird that you call out Dein and Wenger as liars, but support Norris and Graham, who both fell foul of the club for the self same thing and in the case of the former, died a lonely and bitter man, cast aside by Arsenal Football Club.

                    Still, you have your opinions and I have mine.
                    Dein and Wenger have not been rewarded enough for what they did for The Arsenal and deserve to be recognised both inside and outside the ground, along with Bertie Mee, Herbert Chapman (inside) and the Invincibles.
                    There you go – all four stands accounted for!!!!

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