Video: 9 Years ago today Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-2 (highlights)

I know all Arsenal fans are very upset to see Jose Mourinho struggling in his first season at Tottenham, so to cheer everyone up I thought we should look back to this day in 2012, when we saw the Gunners fall 2-0 behind at home.

But boy did we give up and lie down for our arch enemies? Did we hell!

I can never get tired of watching wins like this in the North London Derby, and we have another one coming up in just two weeks time….

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  1. Wyoming says:

    Different times.
    Man United still number 1.
    Man City yet to win a PL title.
    Liverpool not won for 22 years.
    Poch yet to arrive at Spurs.
    Arsenal permanent CL participants
    and still regarded as a serious title contender.
    Enjoying nostalgic replays of when we were relevant is trending.
    Back when we said it will take time to win our next Title.
    Now 11th is great and it will
    take time to make top 7 🙂

  2. Fuzzy Gunner says:

    The day I brought my new born son and wife home from hospital , parked the car at 2-1 , came out at 5-2. A wonderful day and memories!

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