Video: A reminder of Ozil’s contribution to Arsenal on last day of his contract

Mesut Ozil will no longer be an Arsenal player come tomorrow, with his final contract set to end today.

The German joined the club in 2013, and spent eight years under contract at the Emirates, and while he became somewhat of a villain in his latter years, by no fault of his own, it is sometimes important to remember the good times that we shared celebrating his true brilliance.

The former German international joined Fenerbahce on loan in January, and has since agreed a permanent deal with the Turkish giants, which could well be the final club of his playing career.

Which was your favourite Ozil moment?


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  1. I’m surprised it took this long to appear!! I think there will be a lot of corks popping today…. 🤣

  2. His eye for a pass is unrivalled IMO by any Arsenal player I have had the privilege to watch apart from Dennis but 2 very different number 10s
    Shame that some fans only bring up what he earned when he was with us and didnt actually appreciate what he could do .

    1. Cesc?
      And Ozil has been a mostly underwhelming / hot and cold player throughout his entire Arsenal. Hence why some of us had been on his back since 2014/15.

      He is a very good YouTube Clips type of player. Spends 85 minutes in ghost / invisible mode then from out of nowhere makes a very cute elegant pass that people will clip and post on social media.

      To me he will go down as an OK signing that came with this celebrity status that had people excited.

  3. End of an Era.

    Overall an OK / above average player. A rating of 6 out of 10.
    Never came close to justifying the over worship, praise and hype.

    To me he was a panic buy (wrong signing). Was never what we needed. Mismanagement of £100 million.

    But wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

    Let’s move on now.

    “My Opinion of course”…

  4. Great to see some of the work, moves, goals and contribution that made me always excited to watch him.

    Worth the reported £350,000 a week ? No.
    Worth all the criticism he received from a section of our fan base? No.
    Time to move on? Yes

    Thanks for the memories MO – always a Gooner.

  5. His best moment for me was finishing a sublime play of brilliant passes against Leicester at home and against Logorators (I am defenitely not spelling it rightly) in the CL. Loved him.

  6. Love him or hate him we do not have another like him and I also think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing another like him in quite a while. A special talent thanks for the memories. He unlocked Sanchez and made him into a super star.

  7. When i think bout Mesut then i remember that goal against Ludogrets in UCL + that assist to Auba against Leicester city

  8. My most favourite Mesut moment, is an almost no-look backheel pass to Ollie G against Stoke, I think. That was really sublime!

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