Video: Adrian Clarke analyses the key factors in Brighton defeat

Former Gunner Adrian Clarke has gone into detail to break down the factors which led up to Arsenal’s loss to Brighton on Saturday.

I personally done the weekend’s match report, and was rather livid following the final whistle, but upon reflection, Clarke makes some very valid points.

If we had been more clinical with the chances we had, and if Brighton hadn’t been so foot-perfect with a few of their challenges, the scoreline could very well have been very different, and maybe there are some positives to take from the game.

Were Arsenal unlucky to come away from the Amex without any points?



  1. A very interesting and we’ll presented analysis which to some extent eases the pain of defeat in that the result was worse than the actual performance.With even a modicum of fortune we could have been 2/3 goals ahead before the scrappy equaliser,and let’s hope Auba and Lacazette have more luck in their finishing against Southampton.Having watched the game and highlights again, I have to say the contribution made by Ceballos was negligible and I would hope Arteta recognises this by deploying AMN in midfield and bringing back Tierney against Southhampton.In this regard I fully appreciate the need not to overplayed our talented left back after his long injury.

    1. Adrian Clarke’s assessment cheered me up a little bit too but it doesn’t alter the fact that we just never finish a team off. There were plenty of chances to do this but it was the usual story. A great goal to build on but no confidence that is what will happen. I’ve had fingernail biting moments too often with Arsenal over the years

      A well presented analysis I must say

      1. If, buts and maybe’s
        We can all anaylise the game as many times as we want but the crux of it all is we still can not defend.
        3 managers this season and all have not improved our defending, our mentality on win at all cost to build the confidence is zero.
        Give Brighton credit.
        They defended fornthere lives. Bodys thrown on the line to save goals against. If we had shown a small fraction of what they had then we would have walked off with the 3 points.
        MA has his work cut out as a lot of our players stroll rather than run. Half heartedly tackle rather than commit fully. Ball watch rather then man watch..
        Onwards and upwards my fellow gooners
        Please keep safe
        Whilst it could have been a different

        1. 👍 Too bad, the current Arsenal players don’t have the tenacity and commitment of your namesake.

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