Video Analysis – Dan Smith rates the Arsenal players out of 10 this season

Hi everyone, due to the international break (again!), in this week’s Just Arsenal Show we have decided to do a review of our season so far, and rate the Arsenal players from 1 to 10.

Arteta has given a complete uplift to the squad in the summer, and so many of our team have only recently been playing together, which makes our current success even more remarkable in my eyes.

So, sit back and enjoy the in-depth analysis from our very own Dan Smith….

Feel free to disagree with Dan or add your own ratings in the comments section….

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  1. I thought, broadly, that Dans ratings were perfectly reasonable but it took him 36 minutes to say what could easily have been said in 10. If he spoke less slowly that would help. It is a shame, as some lack patience to sit through all Dans very deliberate thoughts.

    I watched it all but thought why does he not just get on with it, instead of all the pauses! Next time, he would be well advised to work it out first before speaking and then it could be done far quicker. It was simply too slow and deliberate!

    Just trying to help, DAN!

    1. Jon, I think the JA faithfull would love to see you in person, or, at the very least, hear your voice!!!
      Might just shock some of them!!!

      As for the article, I don’t get into this marking of players, as it’s so very subjective.

      I’m sure Dan’s put a lot of effort into making the video, but I believe not one JA person would agree 100% with him.

      Two great articles about the Wenger / Dein partnership making the rounds Jon.
      Been watching for your imput on those two articles.

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