Video and comment – Calum Chambers sublime equaliser for Arsenal

Calum Chambers has gone from being a fringe player to making a serious claim for a starting spot after getting his name on the scoresheet against Aston Villa this afternoon.

The 24-year-old started on the bench but was brought on at the start of the second half following the first-half sending off of Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Chambers certainly took the opportunity to shine.

It was not a perfect performance as he readily admitted to Sky Sports: after the game

“I am very pleased. I hold my hand up to their second goal so I had to put things right. We stuck in there and worked hard and deserved it in the end.

“The win is massive for us as a club and team, We have the quality and the spirit. We dug in deep to get the momentum going.”

It was a well-taken goal, Guendouzi put in a great pass into the penalty area and Chambers after beating one man dinked the ball over the keeper to make the score 2-2.


  1. Guendouzi needs a better midfield partner else he’ll stagnate if he keeps playing alongside Xhaka.
    The boy is clearly raw and sometimes has a lot of maturity far better than our midfielder.
    He needs a better coach to help his game and he needs to be fielded with the right players.

    Chambers needs to start against United, not for his goal, but he’s far sensible than the wrestler. He should start alongside Luiz, I feel maybe they could compliment each other as Chambers is a calm player when compared to the wrestler.
    When Holding gets back, they should be our pair CB.
    Clearly it’s obvious even if we spend a billion on defenders, with the way our midfield is always set up, we’ll conceive stupid goals and be exposed.
    Emery should fix this issue, else make way for Freddie.
    Aubameyang is clearly the saviour this season.
    The perfect poacher, man he reminds me of Inzaghi. No matter of long they disappear in games, they deliver on the most important front. Scoring the goals

      1. Yep nice Sue & Eddie but Niles is out next game, Chambers will play LB as today, Holding may be ready and should start for Sokratis to pair with Luiz. If not, bring Mustafi instead with Luiz

        Damn i got scared when Sokratis hit ball with shoulder, close one.
        Until we get central defensive right, we on scary Land.
        aïd it few days ago; we need to score 3 in order to not lose, at least.

        Holding & Bellerin back, we are in better shape, try this 6 players defensive line up:
        Bellerin – Holding – Luiz – Kolas
        Chambers Gendouzi

        1. Until Emery realize that Luiz and Chambers are our best CDMs we will never move on from the Wenger era. Defense is NOT arsenals issue its midfield

        2. Article us on Calum, Man of the match. We were in huge trouble, game’s turning point is when he came in, then when Xhaka came out for Willock.

          Sue, u right, Sokratis & Luiz are as scary but Luiz offers more; headers, passing, shots, conducting which makes him more useful and bit less scary than Sokra…

          We miss a strong DM, Chambers did well there as Luiz would do better than no DM today. Play him or Chambers next to Gendouzi would work.

          These 3 complete each others, with Holding, it will be tuff to get in the middle of our defense, or over on set pieces.

          That’s our main issue this season as last year, but Emery is the one incapable to fix it. We all saw as millions worlwide, Chambers was a real plus in Frankfurt, Mustafi better than Sokratis, Willock best option than Xhaka who plays out of position.

          How can Emery starts without these 3 players?

          What we needed to take from this game is these 3 players are a plus…

          And that obviously, a very high number of chances created against us. To reduce this, we need to lock that DM, but have none, therefore CB, good on air, hard on player who can also pass ball works best. Chambers did well there last year as Luis, no surprise, they got those quality more than a Torreira or Xhaka who is not a DM.

          Bellerin – Luiz – Holding – Kolas
          Chambers Gendouzi
          Ceballos – Willock – Nelson
          Auba Saka

          We will score 2 goals in first half and not conceed. This is Supersonic team, with all players working hard, defensivly, chasing, pressuring oponent, full of energy. Sub Martinelly for Nelson at 60th. Pepe for Saka at 70th, torreira ceballos at 70th. Keep youth involve and team concerned or loan them…

          But we all know our Emery catastrophy will always find a way to not put such team but Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil if not injured, Sokratis, Pepe. Each cost more than Chambers, Willock and all put together…

          Pepe needs to be benched so he can see how Auba runs his behind off, defending and well deserve to score for that.

          Reality, without mischief of losing Niles, playing at 10, Chambers would not have come in nor probably Willock. We could have lose at 11. Hope Emery learned, knowing that Chambers was his only option to fill up Niles, im not sure, he didnt mean to.

          To get excited over this game would be for what we learned only; Willock, Chambers must start and Pepe benched for his shaddy lazy Diva behavior.

          Please not that losing would have us 12th, draw we’ll be 7th with 9points. If we lose or draw next week, upon other teams’ results we can be 7th or 12th.

          Hopefully Bellerin Holding are back in team next week, Chambers and Luiz on as CB or DM with Gendouzi; lock that that center defensive area, or we will remain a Swiss cheeze ready to eat up.

  2. Chambers in for Niles, Holding in for Sokratis and Xhaka must be benched against utd bring Willok in.. Torreira must also start.

    1. Hey Kev..yes Chambers has to play. I’d dearly love Xhaka to be benched, but we all know he’ll start. Gonna be a nail biter next week ?

      1. That’s a very real possibility Sue ? for the first time I have to say AMN is out of his depth at RB I remember Lauren was a midfielder converted to RB but that ain’t happening with AMN is it ? nail biter next week ? It’s a nail biter every week ?

          1. Probably just as well Sue he needs taken out plus Bellerin should be back in a few weeks ? Haha yeah good result for them Sue ? the nephew happy then ?

          2. I can’t wait for Hector to return, Kev!!
            Oh yes, he sure was (nearly as much as me ?)
            I wonder who Darren Farley will do tonight ?

          3. Solskjaer? ? Did you see the one with Harry Kane before the Belgium game and Phil Jones sleeping in the bed with one of his crazy expressions ??? nearly as much as you ?? Sue Lingard will start against us next week ?

          4. Well he’ll have to, as they ain’t got many to choose from!! I’d better have a vomit bowl handy ?
            No.. will have to look out for that one – ewww Jones’s expressions ? gross!

          5. It’s hilarious Sue Farley gets the expression spot on ? haha you’ll need it if he scores again he has what 4 goals against us ? Did you go to the game today Sue ?

          6. Yes i did, Kev.. was sat by the drum.. it was great!! I sounded very hoarse by the end of it ? my son was laughing at me, because i went absolutely mental when Auba scored & carried on jumping up & down even after the restart!!! ?

          7. Good job it was only Aston Villa Sue ?? I bet your feeling a little achy today after all that commotion ? well Sue next stop our favourite destination Old Trafford ?

          8. Only 2???!!! ???
            He sure did, Kev.. we got our money’s worth ??
            All joking aside, it really was a great atmosphere, one of the best i can recall.. and i really think the drum has helped!!

          9. I’m not sure about the drum but if it improves the atmosphere I’m all for it as the Emirates is a library ? we should have stayed at Highbury ? well your still youngish yet ? have you seen kick-ass Sue ? It’s really good ?

          10. As long as tjey don’t bring in a trumpet – couldn’t deal with that ?
            Not all of it, about half, but liked what i saw.. been
            bingeing on Netflix again, need to watch more films ?

          11. Haha Sue what next a brass band ? ??? Pete Townshend doing solos at half time where does it end ? watch them Sue you’ll get a laugh ? you’ll need to if you wanna rival me for Alex Zane’s position on sky cinema ?

  3. So what did willock do better than Xhaka?

    I know the guy has had a ton of bad games but the mistakes he made today were made by everyone else on the pitch as well.

    1. What does Xhaka do well is the better question. That’s the problem. He’s useless and doesn’t make us better. Just because he didn’t make an obvious mistake like usual doesn’t mean he was good in the slightest. He slows us down tremendously, got the ball stuck under his feet several times and killed counters. Leaves space for opposition midfield to operate between our defense+midfield ( Emery is largely at fault for this though and has done nothing to correct it). Emery needs to decide what he wants this team to do. Guendouzi was probably worse than him first half, but we know he can at least turn his performances around like today.

  4. We are a work in progress.
    Emery is a genius to have us 4th place.
    Bellerin and Tierney both injured.
    Wenger’s 43m Mustafi is not good enough.
    Mislisntats old man 30m Socratis tries hard but is not up to it.
    Wenger’s 130 k p/w Kolasinac is Socratis on the left flank.
    Wenger’s 30m Xhaka is steady but not good enough.
    Torreira is just not good enough a fighter yes but…
    Ozil, Mkhitarian financial requirements
    plus Ramsey going on a free cost the club 150m and so
    is a huge impediment to us building quality.
    Wenger made so many bad errors late in his
    time at Arsenal and left the club in a terrible mess.
    What illness does 350k p/w Ozil actually have?
    If he has mental health issues hey no shame.
    Just stop hiding the truth. Get well soon Mesut.
    Lacazete is injured while Pepe/Ceballos are only 5 games in.
    Unai has been given a horror squad to work with and is
    achieving miracles keeping us in the fight for top 6.
    When Unai is allowed to get rid of the garbage he got lumbered with and if he is allowed to select the players he “really”
    wants Arsenal could make top 4 which would be incredible.
    Till then he is doing a great job.
    In Unai we trust

    1. This has to be the most stupid comment for this week. I’m sure there’s nothing anyone else will say that’ll be far worse than this for this month.
      So the fault is Wenger and you claim Sven’s 30Million Sokratis?

      The same Sven that pushed for us to get Abdou Diallo but the club refused because he Emery came straight away and said he wanted experienced defenders. You guys won’t always say the truth, you’ll say stuffs halfway and try to make Emery look like a bloody genius. The same Diallo that the club refused to get because your wanted experienced defenders, that same Diallo was bought by Dortmund to replace the wrestler, a year later, PSG splashed the cash and bough him from Dortmund. Not to mention adding Litchsteiner’s experience to the defense, all massive failures.
      No I won’t stop there yet,
      As delusional as you and the coach are,was and is obsessed with getting his Ex players, the same man wanted an old age Nzonzi and Ever Banega as our midfielders. I wonder where we’ll be right now with both players finding it hard to run down the pitch.
      Oh don’t forget signing David Luiz, you think it’s a coincidence we went for David Luiz instead of getting another option?
      He’s been doing a very poor job as a coach but no, don’t blame him, keep blaming Wenger who left and Sven who’s not even here

    2. This is the same genius who allows Watford 32 attempts on goal.Frankfurt 26 shots on goal.Two down to Spuds.Capitulation v Liverpool.Behind against a Villa team who are utter garbage.
      You are far too easily pleased PAL.

  5. Oh my god what a disastrous situation we’re in,we won with 10 men may be not with style but still won, spurs, Chelsea,man utd all lost,we are 4th same points as Leicester in 3 th, we are above the teams I just cited,we still have our injured defenders still to come back, Lacazette is also injured till October,we won our game in Europe 3-0,still people have nothing positive to say, criticising Guendouzy, Auba, Leno who could do nothing about the goals,Niles who didn’t deserve the second yellow get slaughtered for playing out if position and getting stuck,we came back,won with 10 men.. reading some comments I ask myself how come some of you are not playing professional or managing in the PL??by your comment it looks do simple and you also seem to know more than the manager himself,criticism is good when constructive but some of your comment s are ridiculous,don’t even make sense, using stupid clichés even my son can make better comments, don’t worry I know people think I know everything and I don’t give it a.,..!

    1. I know a few thing this Manager most likely doesn’t seem to know.Its all quite simple.He is not a Coach.He is proving to be a third tier manager.He is unable to get a defence to defend.He is not capable of stopping our midfield from being overrun.He continually plays players who do not deserve to be in the side.He should be eternally grateful that Aubamayang is an Arsenal player.He is tactically inept..He will not be at the Club this time next year.

    2. So because Manu,Chelsea and tots lost we should also lose? Or be happy with a crappy performance? I watched few of Arsenal’s game this season, we are a calamity to happen. I pray this is fixed before we face man city or any other elite club with potent goal poacher.

    3. Wrong said Fred, we were total crap against a newly promoted side, who dominated us for large parts of the game. Hope you watched the match.

        1. Exactly but nobody made a meal out it, Chelsea drew against Sheffield, Newcastle beat spurs I could go on,people who think that we should win a game even before kicking a ball are stuck in the 90,s,even English small clubs have bigger budgets than most European clubs, receiving nearly 100M a season between tv revenues, sponsorship,.,yes the coach is not perfect it is the players who go in the pitch so you can’t blame him for individuals mistakes, underperforming players also criticising Guendouzy, Auba really if Messi was playing for us some people would still manage to blame him!

      1. I agree we didn’t play well but slamming our team, not finding any positives, criticising our best players come on,when I talked about Man United, Chelsea, spurs losing it was to demonstrate their supporters behaviours compared to ours,they put us to shame even though we are above them and have injured players defenders to come back and Lacazette our best player and people don’t see any positives! that’s why I am angry!!

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