Video and images of Nicolas Pepe in Arsenal kit and arriving for medical

So, it is basically official, Nicolas Pepe is an Arsenal player and the official announcement will come at some time on Wednesday, most probably in the afternoon.

The reason we can say it is basically official is the leaked video and images that are doing the rounds on Twitter and in the national media.

This is the video clip of the 24-year-old tapping the Arsenal badge.

These are a collection of images of the Ivory Coast international arriving for his medical at London Colney Tuesday afternoon.

It is also fair that we credit the Sun for the exclusive images

I think we can all agree that short of an extraordinary event taking place, these images and short video clip confirm that Pepe will be an Arsenal player at some point today.


  1. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
    My, oh, my, what a wonderful day
    Yippee! Hooray! We signed Pepe Le Pew and he’s gonna strike fear in the opponent’s defense with his ‘special lethal weapon’ hahaha. ” Monsieur Cb, Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your terrorizer. I will terrorize the sh@t out of you with my speed and deadly left foot”.

  2. One more done, now Kieren Tierney, Everton Soares and a CB to go by the end of the transfer window.

    1. I’ve always had you down as a level headed guy Ozzie but not sure we will get all of those, would be good though.

      1. NMC, “where there is life, there is hope.” I was a professional Civil Engineer and Project Manager; therefore the glass isn’t half full, it’s twice as big as it needs to be.
        Given the structures of the Des so far, I think Edu will have a trick up his sleeve re Everton Soares.
        I also believe that given the issues with Koscielny and Mustafi, Arsenal have greater pressure to bring in a CB. The rumours are on again about Samuel Umtiti and given Raul’s relationship with Barcelona, it is hoped Arsenal can get him. Barcelona are willing to sell, but Arsenal can’t muck around because Manchester United are interested if they Maguire falls through.

  3. Credit to kev! I remember him saying all spring how Pepe will be the primary target and after all speculation of Pepe going to Pool, Napoli, Munich.. and he’s with us!

      1. With all the predictions he made he was bound to get one right that’s for sure!what is his success rate? 1% is it?

        1. Hahahaha…Obviously every kid in the world who plays fifa knew arsenal needed a winger… So all he had to do was have a shortlist of wingers n guess 1 right.

      1. Well he did, a long time ago already. So eat a humble pie!

        Auba – Laca – Pepe


        1. Icing on the cake would be Mustafi heading out and a quality CB coming in right Sue ? utd fans think they have the signing of the summer in Dybala ? if Dybala is so good why do Juve want Lukaku over him ? Red flag ?

          1. It might happen yet, Kev! That is a strange one alright! Jeez Juventus have signed a fair few this summer!
            I do think Dybala is good, but then I thought the same about Sanchez.. when he left for United – and look what happened ?

          2. South Americans don’t usually succeed at utd Fred, Veron, Sanchez, di Maria, kleberson, Da silva bros, Rojo all flops ? they hear (Argentinian) and think anyone from Argentina is amazing and will tear up the PL look at Messi he’s a poor man’s Giroud for Argentina ? the thing is no one wants to come and play for solskjaer and Dybala Rashford and Alexis is hardly gonna frighten you those fans think they have the best forward line in the PL ? not as many as Aston Villa Sue they’ve basically signed a new squad ?

          3. Yeah, they’ve just signed Tom Heaton as well… bloody hell!! ?
            There’s only one Argentinian that tears up the league – Sergio!!!
            Bloody Mancs, hey?! They can’t do any worse than last season surely??

          4. They’re also after Harry Wilson.. have they not seen what happens when you over sign hint hint Fulham ? yes I’m sure they can.. Solskjaer will be sacked that’s guaranteed ? utd are full of individual players pogba Sanchez etc I liked what klopp said when asked about Fernandes he said he’s not on that he’s only interested in building a team! Damn how I wish we had klopp and could have had him ? I like Emery but imo not on Klopps level ?

  4. Arsenal have restructure their bid 25 million deal for Tierney…..great improvement after signing pepe…Tierney will soon be our player

    1. I really hope so mikki will be a great buy and good business these sort of players that will generate more money in future sales aswell as helping us get back to being the force from London ???

    2. The only reason I still think we will sign Tierney before the window closes is because no other club has managed to jump ahead of us and sign him. It can only mean the player has his heart set on Arsenal.
      I’m sure the spuds would have loved to get him.

  5. Welcome to Arsenal Nico,and well done to Raul and co. I haven’t been kind to Mr Kroenke and son,Raul, and Venk but i am more than happy with the business so far, its a good start Lets get that defence sorted now.

  6. Ozil 42 m in Sept 2013.
    Sanchez 37m in July 2014.
    Lacazette 55m in July 2017
    Aubameyang 57m Jan-2018
    Pepe 70m in July 2019.
    ? 90m in July 2020 🙂

    On the wall outside the Emirates it is written
    “We don’t not buy stars we make them”
    Yeah right.

    1. I’m excited about Pepe but I don’t think the price quoted buy the media is the price we got him. I have a friend who lived in Italy and staunch supporter of Napoli. He said awhile back that they agree a fee in the region of €65m for him and going by the statement of the Lille president that he they had received the same offer for from all the clubs that want him and it is left for him to choose where he wants to go. I’m not saying my friend is absolutely right but going by Napoli antecedent and the lie being told concerning arsenal I don’t think they submitted an 80m bid. Their last expensive purchase is Higuain and was for €39m that ages ago. They are club that buys little and sell big like Lyon.

  7. To be honest I am not that sure about this Pepe signing. But what has excited me is that we are now willing to compete for big money signings. Spending more than £70 million on a single player is what has got me so optimistic and hopeful for Th Arsenal Future.

    Let’s go.

  8. Welcome Pepe, now let’s focus on sorting out the defence, A new leftback and centreback. And get rid of the unwanted players.

  9. Probable Starting 11 (subs included)



    Ceballos -> Ozil
    Guendouzi -> Xhaka
    Holding -> *CB*
    Martinez -> Leno
    Maitland -> Bellerin
    Tierney -> Kolasinac
    Mkhitaryan -> *Wing*

    1. CanonSpike, you have Kolasinac starting in front of Kieran Tierney? Is this because he may not be ready for the start of the season?
      I too am feeling more confident about Samuel Umtiti. It would be the best transfer window in a long while, if Arsenal can field the squad you have nominated.
      With respect to the rumours about Sammy Khedira, Arsenal have midfielders and he is currently on about £200k a week. Arsenal have higher priorities and he won’t drop wages.

      1. I don’t think Tierney (if he comes) will be an immediate starter for his first season.

        I really hope we get Umtiti(even on loan). That would secure our defense provided we sort out the defensive tactics and strategies.

        We should be around the same level Liverpool was 2 seasons ago (2017/2018)

  10. Mean nothing til he adapts to EPL and settle. Must watch his dribble, not get injured always.

    Mean nothing without defense.

    1. We don’t buy we complain, we buy we rubbish the purchase. So what do you want we to do..we shaaa???????

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