Video – Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United, full FA Cup match highlights

Watch a classic FA Cup game of two halves in extended match highlights.

This is a great video from the official Emirates YouTube channel, it is an extended highlights of ten minutes that shows both halves and how they unfolded.

Leeds dominated the first half and can count themselves very unlucky not to have found the back of the net, however, the second half was a whole different story.

Arsenal responded well to whatever Mikel Arteta said at half time with reports that he was a very angry man and rightfully so, that first half was rank poor and the players needed shouting at.

Watch the video, it is a decent length and it ends in victory, what more could you ask for?

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  1. Nelson was really shocking..
    He couldn’t even get good contact with the ball right before him that led to the scrambled goal.
    I really hope this goal will help his confidence cos he needs lots of that.

  2. All in all a great win and off we go to the next round. Hope Nelson has a rise in confidence after the goal. Whatever MA said during half time worked wonders. No wonder Pepp held MA in such high esteem. Crystal Palace on Saturday next!

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