Video – Arsenal 1-1 Wolves depressing match highlights

Video – watch another disappointing home performance from Arsenal as they drop more points

There is clearly something wrong with Arsenal these days and the match with Wolves yesterday confirmed that to brutal effect.

The really sad thing is that the draw we witnessed yesterday at the Emirates was no surprise.

This was a game that Arsenal could have both won and lost and it should never be like that, not at home.

While these highlights videos tend to be fairly short there is still enough in them to get depressed about.

The Wolves goal was so soft that if I had more hair I would pull it out. However, there was one positive to take from the game, Aubameyang’s 50th goal.

Anyway, this video is from the official Sky Sports youtube channel. I would say enjoy but we know that is simply not possible. But the video is still worth a watch to see where it went wrong.


  1. Do we have to?

    This is like extensive torture already. It’s called “The Emery Treatment” and it’s mentally painful!!

    1. Where are those who just few days back were singing that we are 3rd in PL, just 1 point behind Man city, just lost once! Where r those who were not being tired praising Emery for that. Sometime team can be so unlucky and lose points despite playing good. But we were lucky to have collected those point despite playing bad. Now we r getting what we deserved. If we assemble strong team, result will come automatically, but it doesn’t seem in Emery hand. Arsenal have made oceans of poor decision by letting personality like Ronaldo, messi, ibhrahomovich, yaya, varane, klopp, guardiola and countless others slip through their nose. Now please make one good decision. Appoint one sensible coach please.

  2. For me Emery’s comments are the proof he is not up to the job. He said the tactics worked? Letting them have 25 shots on goal was the plan?

    His tactics are to kill off the attacking football that we’ve built the club on last 20 years?

    I admit the demands at Arsenal are high; to win while playing exciting football. Clearly this is beyond Emery, but not other managers.

    Arsenal seem to always miss the final piece of the puzzle. It appears it is a manager/coach to knit things together.

    1. The man’s just effacing what’s left of the Arsenal identity, that brand of football that made us known as the Arsenal. It’s just sad really

    2. Sometime Emery think Ozil is not deserving of playing even carabao cup, now he think letting opponent register shots after shots in each game is right tactics. Now he thinks drawing with team like crystal palace, n wolves is an achievement n that too in home ground! Basically we have mentality of relegation struggling team. What a shame for team like Arsenal to b in such state. If it goes on like this we can only read about Arsenal in history books, not in real life. So all the fans out there in England, if u want Arsenal to regain its pride then fly one banner outside Emirates writing ‘Emery Out’

  3. No sir…. not putting myself through that.
    I just hope Emery won’t remain in charge by the end of this month, I don’t want Mourinho though, boring football is what we’re complaining about, so why bring him in, even though I admit, we’ll be better off with him, and we might even win a trophy, but then, he’ll probably lose the dressing room in two seasons too, and we’re back where we started. We should just go for either Erik Ten Haag, or Brendan Rodgers. I feel we’ll be set for the long term with either of these two. attractive football plus trophies.

      1. NY Gunner very sensible suggestion. He gets results with youth, which seems to be big on our list now with bringing up youngsters.

        Ten Haag got good results in CL despite not being in one of the top big leagues.

        An arguement can be made for half a dozen replacements that won’t cost us a fortune.

        Can a decent argument be made to keep Emery?

      2. He’s my favorite too. And like Durand rightly pointed out, he doesn’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to get us playing “total football” again.

  4. Not happy but glad that people who abused Wenger are now getting it in their face. Lol!. Most of the fans were saying there is no progression under Wenger, we is stubborn, follows olds ways, our team has no clue and club is going downhill. It always made me laugh ….you never realise what you have untill you loose it. The behaviour and attitude fans have shown against Wenger, disrespecting him n abuse him…they deserve this suffering.

  5. Arsenal became great n world brand because of Arsene wenger. He was a genious, bigger and better then any manager there was and will be. Not only on the field but the way he conducted him self off the field and what he achieved off the field for Arsenal as well. The guy literally set up what we now call Arsenal. Old fans who have been with club for generation will argue and I understand their point but they can’t deny that Arsenal became known out side only when Wenger took over.

    1. Moshan there’s no doubt Wenger was quality in his early years he is and will always be a legend at the club but people need to move on from Wenger he’s a pensioner now 70 years old, you didn’t think he was gonna manage Arsenal untill he was 90 did you? Let’s not forget Wenger brought some wonderful players to Arsenal but also some absolutely dreadful players too he wasn’t without his flaws, he had many! We were giving some great football but also some massive beatings including a 8-2 drubbing at Old Trafford, that alone is a stackable offence! Yes we replaced Wenger with a clown but he did need replaced unfortunately Emery too needs replaced but Wenger is never coming back I know that’s hard to accept for some of you guys.

    2. Mohsan, it was Arsenal who took the game around the World as far back as the thirties, Check your history mate.

      1. Don’t bother Kenny, agendas are rarely tied to reality. His reality is that Wenger created Arsenal,(despite inheiriting solid defense and others from Graham), built Emirates, and so on.

        Wenger was great, but Mohsan only tells half the story. Forgets the bad that got Wenger sacked; ego and arrogance, stubbornness, etc…

        1. @Durand
          He wasn’t sacked, he quit. Yeah, he had an ego, who doesn’t. But arrogant he wasn’t. The board worked against him in the end. And when they saw their bottom line threatened by lack of CL money, they panicked… But by then, they had already infected the place with their rot. Now, they have 3 muppets trying to act as if they have AFCs best interests at heart. They hired a guy who just got sacked from his last job, where he couldn’t take a bunch of superstars over the line in the CL. He’s here now, powerless. They buy players an force them on the “coach” to make good with em.

      2. Kenny, are you saying that Arsenal was a well known brand before wenger arrived then you must be joking or you have never set foot out side England. The old suppoters of the club always argue that we were great even before Wenger arrived but that’s not true and any one who believes that is delusional at best. We played boring football, neither we had a good stadium n neither a football fan base around world …n yes there is a world out side London mate!

    3. Mohsan, Arsene Wenger also started off with some great players in his back 5, one Dennis Bergkamp, one Patrick Viera and one Ian Wright, plus any number of other players who would walk into the current team.
      Where have all the tough, physical, hard nosed Arsenal players with a winning mentality gone?
      Arsenal currently has, with few exceptions, a team of highly paid mentally and physically weak prima donnas, who don’t seem to care whether they win or lose. Arsenal needs to look for players in the lower leagues with ability, but have fought for everything they have, or stop pampering self entitled players through the Academy.

  6. Apart from the Wolves goal for which Ceballos was clearly culpible ,the sight of Jota running past Luis and Socratis makes me cringe at how they will cope with Vardy next week.A clean sheet is beyond us I’m afraid.

    1. Me too Grandad, me too. The question is are those guys really that bad. The other thing that makes me cringe was seeing our defenders allowing opponent players getting into our box easily.

  7. This fellow is without doubt the worst, the most inept, the most clueless manager since Billy Wright. We have some excellent players but if you think it’s bad now, believe me, it’s going to get worse. Get him out ASAP.

  8. Emery is a joke,

    1)what do you expect when you use a 4-4-2 like the way he played yesterday without a natural winger?

    2)How do you make a substitution of Tierney with Kolasinac when you want the team to score?

    3) How do you introduce Saka into the game replacing a defensive midfielder Torreira when you are leading instead of defending?

    4)How do you bring in Saka, a youngster 18 years old leaving out Pepe a much more physical and skilled guy?

    5) how do you decide to change the central defence of Sokratis and Chambers when you know they are the only pairing that brought a clean sheet away from home?

    6) Can any one tell me how many systems we have used so far after only 10 games?

    7)what the hell has Emery seen in 4-3-3 when he knows he has no players to effectively adopt it? at his early appointment he used a 4-2-3-1 and has brought the success going 23 unbeaten games, now he has abandoned the system and now struggles have succumbed our team.

    Emery gets me sick every time I see him coaching our beloved team. I will celebrate the day I will see him out of the door.

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